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Monsanto took care of a Federal Lawsuit, now they are Aiming for immunity in the State Courts, first UP - Missouri

Well we all know Monsanto got Missouri Senator Roy Blunt to insert a rider into a budget bill which allowed Monsanto to be immune from lawsuitsfor the products it makes - namely food.

What's new is that the Missouri legislature is about to pass a similar bill in the state of Missouri that will then go to a vote of the people who will be inundated with millions in Monsanto ads pushing to pass the legislation. Thinking California and the GMO law that has millions pour in to beat it.

So if you have a garden or are growing fields using heirloom seed, and your seed contaminates the GMO crop you can be sued or be put into jail if you refuse a cease and desist order to stop growing with heirloom. The bill says the new technology farming "shall not be infringed"

The law does 3 things:

1.) Protects Monsanto from lawsuits

2) Gaurantees that GMO crops and animals will always BE grown and raised in Missouri

3) Makes it illegal for you to have a garden that uses non- "new technology" crops - aka non GMO

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By the way the is a Constitutional Amendment

to the Missouri Constitution - so that it can't be easily changed or modified!!