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How To Profit From ByteTurds Part 1

The biggest knock against BitCoin is that it represents nothing of value, and since we're creating currency, why would somebody trade something for nothing? Without government force, I wouldn't accept BitCoin in trade nor would I accept Federal Reserve Notes. When asked about BitCoins failings the typical BitConner will tell you about how each digital token is "mined", implying that something of value was created by productive human labor.

That makes about as much sense as saying BitCoins are created each time you brush your teeth in the morning. The rest of us DO appreciate it, but we wouldn't pay you to do it. BitCon is doomed to fail. We all see it coming, and even the most rabid BitConner will tell you: "Watch for BitCoin 2.0!"

So, I thought I'd introduce you to it early. I want you BitConners to stay one step ahead of the rest of the digital currency scammers. Yep. You guessed it. What I'm talking about is the latest monetary innovation that's sure to sweep the nation: ByteTurd!

ByteTurd; think BitCoin, only better.

ByteTurd will use the existing framework created by BitCoins, but instead of pretending value was created by some obscure form of digital "mining"(lol), each digital ByteTurd will be created by actual human labor.

This is how it works:

For every one of my steaming turds an Anarchist eats, I will create one digital ByteTurd (Trademark Pending) and transfer it into their digital wallet.


Think of it as my favor to you as an Anarchist. What this means is that all the newly created money will start its journey in your wallet, and from there, it will circulate around within the free market.

I wouldn't trade anything for a BitCoin, but I would offer you something of value for a ByteTurd. I would know that some Anarchist worked hard for it, and I'd know other people would recognize the value represented by each ByteTurd.

I'd also know that ByteTurds can only be created so fast. Even in my wildest dreams, I could only create about 15 or 20 ByteTurds a day. That means they'll hold their value. It'll be nearly impossible for me to debase the current supply of ByteTurds.

It's simply good monetary policy.

Why bother with Greenbacks and BitCoins when you can have a direct line into the scam? Only an Anarchist can create ByteTurds, and the rest of us will consider an Anarchist eating a turd the 'base value' backing up each ByteTurd in circulation. It's brilliant. Finally! A sound digital monetary system.

Not only that, ByteTurds will be something you can actually hold in your hand. Yep, I said it, REAL MONEY.

Just like with Federal Reserve Notes, ByteTurds will exist in both a purely digital form along with paper notes and exchangeable ByteTurd coins. Each ByteTurd will be represented by a unique and encrypted numerical code which can be transferred digitally from wallet to wallet, or in the case of hard ByteTurd currency, the numerical code will be taken out of digital circulation, and thus only traded by means of hard currency. In essence the hard currency will become that numerical code which represents each individual ByteTurd.

Each ByteTurd dollar and coin will have a mark of authentication which you can scan using a simple Iphone app to check and see if it's a legitimate ByteTurd. Just think of it, a thick stack of ByteTurds you can fan out in your hand. Money money money MONEY: MONEY!

On the face of each Byteturd coin, you'll find a beautifully rendered portrait of an Anarchist spooning excrement into their mouth. You'll find an "A" tattooed on the maniacal Anarchists forehead along with a Guy Fawkes mask pushed back from his face into his disheveled hair.

On the tails side of each coin, you'll find a picture of an American Patriot, wearing a tri-cornered hat, squatting down, and filling a paper plate with fresh ByteTurds.

It's fool proof, and born from something we can all recognize as representing value. So get in early. Get em while they're hot. ByteTurds, for the man who demands their currency represent something of value.

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How much does ad space cost at the Daily Paul?

It's almost time to roll out phase two; marketing.

I've been working on a build for some pop up ads. I'm shooting for something that will catch an Anarchists eye and get them excited about ByteTurd. I need Anarchists ready to participate for this to work.

The coin itself will be my best selling point. I need the Anarchists (along with everyone else) to see the shiny ByteTurd coin and want one for themselves.

Here's what I'm thinking, a close up shot of the actual coin including both sides, with a link for Anarchists to get involved.

I've been toying with some slogans for the ad campaign:

"It's Time To Make Some Money!"

"Get Em While They're Hot!"

"The NWO Can Byte Me!"

Alternative currencies revolution

... is a direct challenge to the New World Order. Liberty currencies and barter capabilities are key to the resistance and survival of the looming collapse of the USD. The international fiat banking cartel can be expected to use faux opposition to misdirect påtriots towards dead-ends while gathering intelligence for later. . .
One good EMP pulse or solar flare could BAM ! end all electronic life as we know it. Electronic currency won't do you any good at that point. End the FED !!!!

The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.
- John Maynard Keynes http://quotationsbook.com/quote/20875/

The Fight Against Usury

Willful ignorance

Look here, son, just because you're incapable of (or unwilling to) understand how technology can replicate money AND be secure from a malevolent force, doesn't mean it ain't so.

Hey Jix Man..

Don't waste your time with this dude...

The market will speak for itself.


"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

"Don't waste your time with this dude."

That's right conman. Don't waste your time with this dude. He can see right through you to that ugly little conman trying to sell poker chips as money.

Seeing you for what you are is why I know ByteTurd is BitCoin 2.0.

People will be ready to pay you to eat turds conman.

Boy, you just keep doubling down on your ignorance!

Keep it up! I'll archive this for posterity... and a good laugh someday.

You really are a funny guy, FreedomsReigning, but it's a damn shame you're so pitifully close-minded. Adios, sir.

And you keep doubling down on weak Conman Kung Fu.

"He's Ignorant!"

(block and punch.)

What don't I know?

"He just doesn't understand!"

(Choke hold)

Me understanding IS the problem.

You'll be back soon trying to fight me, but all you'll have is the same weak Conman Kung Fu. It will present no challenge to ByteTurd.

What don't I know about BitCoin?

Like I said, calling people ignorant is a conman's first move, and it's weak Kung Fu.

Son? You're nobodies "daddy". You're a two bit con man trying to get people to invest in a pyramid scam. You're "a little boy" who wants to profit off a another persons losses.

That's what gives ByteTurd its value. People recognize you stuffing turds into your mouth as representing something of value.


What don't you know about Bitcoin? Everything!

Until you can prove me (and everyone on this forum) otherwise, I will continue to refer to you with the level of intellect you possess: that of a child.

Everything? Wow...That's a lot.

I understand the BitCon scam just fine, and that's why endorse ByteTurd rather than BitCon.

ByteTurd is backed up by something of value. BitCoin represents NOTHING of value, nor does it produce anything of value. It is a pyramid scam promoted by a bunch of wannabe P.T. Barnum's who think people are suckers here to fuel their scam.

"I will continue to refer to you with the level of intellect you possess: that of a child."

You go right ahead and do that. It's a win/win situation for ByteTurd.

Only your brand of conman mouth can create a ByteTurd with value, so let it pour out. You can do better than that; child?

Just remember, the more disgusting you are and the more people who'll be willing to pay you to eat turds. You stuffing turds into your mouth is the value backing up ByteTurd.

Running your foul mouth is now all the P. T. Barnum showmanship you need to sell ByteTurd. I'm offering you the chance to stop selling a pyramid scam and to just live free. You can now live an honest life being who you are, and because of ByteTurd, you can now profit from it. So please, start making money hand over fist in ByteTurd.

You'll thank me for it.


Welcome to the CIRCUS

...known as "Bit-Coin Debate"
(will it soon be deBASE?)

PT Barnum is mentioned here also, so to quote old PT:
"A sucker is born every minute".

I'll put my stock in tangible items, purchased with the soon-to-be-extinct dollar...until then...

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I'll exchange your ByteTurds for my ByotchCoins

Let's make a deal: I'll exchange your ByteTurds for my ByotchCoins.

ByotchCoins are an alternative currency in da Hood.

Created by economic martyr Chris Dorner (shortly before he was burned alive for challenging the power of the Federal Reserve), ByotchCoin is backed by REAL assets: bling, ho's, and cars. An' the bullet.

Blessed martyr Dorner decreed bling, ho's, and cars (an' the bullet) are all that life's about for anyone living in da hood. Therefore, why not base an entire economic medium of exchange on them?

Counterfeiting ByotchCoins are impossible: anyone trying to F*** with ByotchCoin gets their A** smoked.

So, whatcha think?

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"


"ByotchCoin." Sounds interesting. I'll have to crunch the numbers. What does each ByotchCoin represent in bling, ho's, cars and bullets?

A digital currency can be backed up by any one of those things, but all of them simultaneously makes me wonder what I'm dealing with. Each element; bling, ho's, cars and bullets have a value independent of the others.

I'm just having a hard time conceptualizing it and I don't barter in something I don't fully understand. Although, ByotchCoin DOES sound better than BitCoin, because all of those things you're using to back up your currency represent something of value.

There's nothing of value backing up a BitCoin.

Holy & Venerable Chris Dorner bequeathed us ByotchCoin's

Holy & Venerable Chris Dorner bequeathed us ByotchCoin's fundamental valuation: bling, ho's, and cars. (An' the bullet.)

"Bling" is the sum value of all precious metals and gems in da Hood, plus market value for nonprecious fashion accessories, which is subject to speculation. However, that volatility is stabilized by Beyonce's wardrobe and jewelry box, itself regarded as twelve times the total value of all pawn shops south of Crenshaw Ave.

"Ho's" is the value of productive labor. There are two key measures: time on your back, and time on your knees. "Time on your knees" is more productive, generally valued at $15 per minute, while "Time on your back" is subject to idle periods, and can run as little as $3 per minute in Edgewood.

"Cars" is the sum of the market value of all Low-riders in South Central divided by the worth of their metal and the resale value of neon tubing, hydraulics, and subwoofers.

"The bullet" refers to the multiplier effect of a Crip's bling, ho's, and cars to resale shops and hustlers after being smoked by a Blood.

The combined total assets of physical materials, productive labor, and inherited bread is what provides ByotchCoin with its stable value.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

The biggest knock against

The biggest knock against gold is it represents nothing of value. Why would somebody trade something for nothing?

Bitcoin is digital gold with all the benefits and drawbacks of being electronic only. Gold is a shinny, nearly useless metal good for decorations. Gold is natures perfect fiat currency. Bitcoin is man's attempt at a perfect electronic analogue. Not perfect, but pretty decent. Decent enough that I believe it will be made illegal within a few years and then we needn't worry about having this discussion afterall!

"Nothing" is a bad way to store value.

"The biggest knock against gold is it represents nothing of value. Why would somebody trade something for nothing?"

Okay let's look at that statement truthfully.

Gold is just a commodity, and the one which historically defeats its competition as means to store, transport and exchange value. It's a reliable and portable store of value, highly divisible, nonperishable, indestructible, and seen as something people desire.

It's okay to desire something when you work for it, and people are historically willing to work for gold. Working for nothing is historically frowned upon.

How about I replace "gold" in your statement with ANY other commodity, ie something that loses to gold in a monetary competition.

"The biggest knock against "petroleum" is it represents nothing of value. Why would somebody trade something for nothing?"(Yes, people have used petroleum as money)

"The biggest knock against "silver" is it represents nothing of value. Why would somebody trade something for nothing?"(Yes, people have used silver as money)

"The biggest knock against "tobacco" is it represents nothing of value. Why would somebody trade something for nothing?"(Yes, people have used tobacco as money)

"The biggest knock against "rice" is it represents nothing of value. Why would somebody trade something for nothing?"(Yes, people have used rice as money)

What it boils down to is BitCoin is backed up by NOTHING. It represents NOTHING of value. It is a poker chip. so let's look at your statement under a new light.

"The biggest knock against "NOTHING"(a poker chip/BitCoin) is it represents nothing of value. Why would somebody trade something for nothing?"

I know I wouldn't. I'd laugh in your conman face and then show you the door.

I think you missed the point.

I think you missed the point. The fact that you can switch the word "bitcoin" to anything else, even gold, was the point of the post.

"Store of value" has never been a quality of money. Can't store value anymore than you can store love, hatred, or happiness, honesty, or any other idea. Ideas do not exist outside of an individual's mind.

Of course, a lot of people WISH that value could be stored, and task those who have violent tendencies with trying to make it happen.

It's kinda like one of the posters here that's always saying BS like "anarchists don't know what threatens freedom". Umm, duh!!! Can't remember who it is, but the messenger doesn't matter. This person may WISH that gov't could protect us, and they probably WISH that gov't didn't use aggression, and they might even WISH that anarchists don't believe in defense, but they will always be wrong, because these aren't actually the beliefs of voluntarists.

You may wish money was a store of value, but it isn't, and there is nothing the gov't can do about that. Value can't be stored.

"I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual."

Give me everything you own now Anarchist.

"You may wish money was a store of value, but it isn't, and there is nothing the gov't can do about that. Value can't be stored."

Give me everything you consider to have value. Why not? You say yourself value can't be stored. Why hold onto all that crap thinking it represents anything of value?

BitCoin can't store value because it represents "nothing" and investing in "nothing" is a bad way to store value. That's why I endorse ByteTurd instead of BitCoin.

People will ALWAYS recognize the value represented by an Anarchist eating a turd.

New York Bar accepting Bitcoins - Not a pyramid scheme

Bitcoins are a developing currency which is increasing in popularity, market capitalization, and finding its market value. As Bitcoins increase in value and ownership, businesses will increasingly begin to accept them. The people buying in now are not going to lose, they are going to win.


No way. I'm not buying it.

Buttcoin is where it's at.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

In the words of Larry the Cable Guy

"That Thar is funny, I don't car who ya R"

But here's the real question.

Why do you care?

If people ACCEPT BitCoins and provided wanted goods and services in return, the how can you say it does not have value?

If the "suckers" who accumulate BitCoins are willing to spend their time and resources to do so, is it not of value to them?

I am a fan of hard currency. I am not a fan of BitCoin PERSONALLY.

That said, I don't care. Why do you?

If OTHER people like them, value them, trade them and provide goods/services for them, who gives a ****?

Why do I care? How can you even ask me that?

Why do you care about economics or Federal Reserve Notes?

Why do you care about liberty, or is it only your own that you care about?

Why would you care when a conman preys on your neighbors?

Why would a snake oil salesman get run out of town?

Because I oppose con-men who prey on people using pyramid scams, and that's why I endorse ByteTurd rather than BitCoin.

That's why I supported Ron Paul. I thought he cared and wanted to expose these monetary scams.

Why DON'T you care?

Federal Reserve notes are broken they leak value, by design.

It's a monetary scam.

Free includes debt-free!

Do you hear me endorsing Federal Reserve Notes?

Nope, but you want to pretend I do don't ya?

It's about degrees of BitCon scumbaggery. I'd be happy to let Ben Bernanke create ByteTurd right alongside the Anarchists.

In fact, I would let him create his own denomination.

It would be kind of like the relationship between silver and gold. The ByteTurds an Anarchist creates would be akin to silver, but the ones Ben Bernanke creates would be Gold.

I'd be willing to wager

an oz. of gold that the general bitcoin supporter's IQ measurement is greater than the IQ of the general anti-bitcoiner. It's just my personal feeling based upon what I've observed from the arguments of the "anti" crowd.

keep hating

and i'll keep stacking silver with my bitcoin profits. these haters must be jealous us bitcoiners are stacking so much silver and they missed out. sorry charlie.

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I didn't say you can't make a profit off a pyramid scam.

You go right ahead and do that, just understand I'll use you to make my points and leave you looking like the conman you are. I didn't say you can't make a profit off a pyramid scam.

Pyramid scams exist for guys like you to prey on people. There's a reason ByteTurds are better than BitCoins, because everybody can agree that YOU eating a turd has value. Byteturd is backed up by something of value, unlike Bitcoin. It's a superior form of digital currency, that is unless what you want from your digital currency is a pyramid scam.

ByteTurd offers you the means to create value rather than just scamming value off suckers. You wanting to profit off nothing is why I endorse ByteTurd.

Why are you so hostile.

You sound like a jealous lunatic psychopath.

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