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How To Profit From ByteTurds Part 1

The biggest knock against BitCoin is that it represents nothing of value, and since we're creating currency, why would somebody trade something for nothing? Without government force, I wouldn't accept BitCoin in trade nor would I accept Federal Reserve Notes. When asked about BitCoins failings the typical BitConner will tell you about how each digital token is "mined", implying that something of value was created by productive human labor.

That makes about as much sense as saying BitCoins are created each time you brush your teeth in the morning. The rest of us DO appreciate it, but we wouldn't pay you to do it. BitCon is doomed to fail. We all see it coming, and even the most rabid BitConner will tell you: "Watch for BitCoin 2.0!"

So, I thought I'd introduce you to it early. I want you BitConners to stay one step ahead of the rest of the digital currency scammers. Yep. You guessed it. What I'm talking about is the latest monetary innovation that's sure to sweep the nation: ByteTurd!

ByteTurd; think BitCoin, only better.

ByteTurd will use the existing framework created by BitCoins, but instead of pretending value was created by some obscure form of digital "mining"(lol), each digital ByteTurd will be created by actual human labor.

This is how it works:

For every one of my steaming turds an Anarchist eats, I will create one digital ByteTurd (Trademark Pending) and transfer it into their digital wallet.


Think of it as my favor to you as an Anarchist. What this means is that all the newly created money will start its journey in your wallet, and from there, it will circulate around within the free market.

I wouldn't trade anything for a BitCoin, but I would offer you something of value for a ByteTurd. I would know that some Anarchist worked hard for it, and I'd know other people would recognize the value represented by each ByteTurd.

I'd also know that ByteTurds can only be created so fast. Even in my wildest dreams, I could only create about 15 or 20 ByteTurds a day. That means they'll hold their value. It'll be nearly impossible for me to debase the current supply of ByteTurds.

It's simply good monetary policy.

Why bother with Greenbacks and BitCoins when you can have a direct line into the scam? Only an Anarchist can create ByteTurds, and the rest of us will consider an Anarchist eating a turd the 'base value' backing up each ByteTurd in circulation. It's brilliant. Finally! A sound digital monetary system.

Not only that, ByteTurds will be something you can actually hold in your hand. Yep, I said it, REAL MONEY.

Just like with Federal Reserve Notes, ByteTurds will exist in both a purely digital form along with paper notes and exchangeable ByteTurd coins. Each ByteTurd will be represented by a unique and encrypted numerical code which can be transferred digitally from wallet to wallet, or in the case of hard ByteTurd currency, the numerical code will be taken out of digital circulation, and thus only traded by means of hard currency. In essence the hard currency will become that numerical code which represents each individual ByteTurd.

Each ByteTurd dollar and coin will have a mark of authentication which you can scan using a simple Iphone app to check and see if it's a legitimate ByteTurd. Just think of it, a thick stack of ByteTurds you can fan out in your hand. Money money money MONEY: MONEY!

On the face of each Byteturd coin, you'll find a beautifully rendered portrait of an Anarchist spooning excrement into their mouth. You'll find an "A" tattooed on the maniacal Anarchists forehead along with a Guy Fawkes mask pushed back from his face into his disheveled hair.

On the tails side of each coin, you'll find a picture of an American Patriot, wearing a tri-cornered hat, squatting down, and filling a paper plate with fresh ByteTurds.

It's fool proof, and born from something we can all recognize as representing value. So get in early. Get em while they're hot. ByteTurds, for the man who demands their currency represent something of value.

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Enjoy your profits Conman. May they sink you.

BitCointelPro? You're losing it conman.

It doesn't take anything but an honest person to break down BitCon as a fraud and a pyramid scam.

It doesn't require 'a BitCoin counterintelligence professional' to point out a conman and his schemes. All it takes is eyes, ears, and functioning mind along with integrity to ones principles. Guys like you who see people as chattel and something to prey on through a pyramid scam PISS ME OFF. You make me want to start serving justice.

Next time around, try to make an honest living. I still have hope for you.

May I suggest you look into the profit making potential offered in ByteTurd?

Since you are into that freaky stuff,

you can probably make some bitcoins eating your own crap right here:


Bitcoin. Byteturd. I'm still not convinced.

So I'm sticking with what I know. I'm shoving all my money into Buttcoin: http://www.dailypaul.com/280885/how-to-profit-from-byteturds...

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

Bitcoin: The Ponzi Scheme Myth

It's a giant ponzi scheme

In a Ponzi Scheme, the founders persuade investors that they’ll profit. Bitcoin does not make such a guarantee. There is no central entity, just individuals building an economy.

A ponzi scheme is a zero sum game. In a ponzi scheme, early adopters can only profit at the expense of late adopters, and the late adopters always lose. Bitcoin has an expected win-win outcome. Early and present adopters profit from the rise in value as Bitcoins become better understood and in turn demanded by the public at large. All adopters benefit from the usefulness of a reliable and widely-accepted decentralized peer-to-peer currency.


There is no central entity, just individuals building an economy

Ultimately that's what a pyramid scam is, a bunch of wannabe P. T. Barnum's selling the scam to suckers because they want to profit off newcomers.

"A ponzi scheme is a zero sum game."

BitCoin represents nothing of value and creates nothing of value.
That's why I say go with ByteTurd. (Trademark Pending)

At least you'll know that your digital currency was backed up by something of value; a conman eating turds.

you're tossing around

claims like "ponzi scheme" without backing it up.

ask yourself what a ponzi scheme is.. it's a system in which a person entices investors with wild claims and requires a constant, steady stream of new investors to pay off the old. NOTHING ELSE

so by your logic, if i held bitcoins, i would be expecting some kind of pay off.. which only a VERY few people are actually doing AND which is happening not because they're being lied to about assets vs liabilities, but because they BELIEVE in the product.

bc fills a very real niche market demand for a certain type of person which is NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS AN INVESTMENT TOOL.

quit boo-hooing about how it's not backed by anything. when's the last time you bought a book from amazon for a god damned gram of gold? either you do not understand that it's not meant to supplant FRN's or you are a troll. simple as that.

That's what it is, a ponzi scheme and a pyramid scam.

"It's a system in which a person entices investors with wild claims and requires a constant, steady stream of new investors to pay off the old. NOTHING ELSE"

Since BitCoin represents nothing of value nor creates anything of value, anybody who takes value out of it knows that it's a ponzi scheme and those who invest value in it are the suckers.

That's why I endorse ByteTurd rather than BitCoin. I'm offering BitCoin advocates the chance to create something of value for once rather than just trying to scam value off suckers.

Don't bother. Troll.

He's an anti bitcoin Preaching it's a "Ponzi scam " and spewing P.T. Barnum quotes on every bitcoin thread here.

Ron Paul brought me here.

Insults aren't something I value.

I suggest you look into creating something of value through ByteTurd.

Is Bitcoin NOT a ponzi scheme? Does it NOT require a horde of wannabe P. T. Barnum's to preach the scam to suckers? If you want to talk about "preaching", let's talk about BitCoin, because that's how profit is created by a ponzi scheme, through salesmanship, by selling a scam to suckers.

What is it I'm preaching about? I'm simply stating the truth. ByteTurd is a better form of digital currency because it's backed up by something of value, unlike BitCoin.

what are you 12?

Go to 4chan if you want to talk about turds.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.


Again, it's not about the turds any more than BitCoin is about "mining". What I'm talking about is getting Anarchists to EAT turds.

My ultimate purpose is to create a reliable form of digital currency backed up by something of value.

Regarding Bitcoin - We Are Asking the WRONG QUESTIONS

Forget about Bitcoin as a currency. Who really cares where this particular technology leads? Who cares if "WalCoin" or "AmazaCoin" has any future as a currency?

The REAL VALUE of any of these currencies... IS THIS DISCUSSION THAT WE ARE HAVING.

We are all spending more time talking about basic economic principles, and learning something important from each other, and teach each other as well. We are OPENING OUR MINDS.

So forget about the question "Should you invest in ____Coin?"


Whether you agree with Bitcoin as a "winner" as a currency platform...

Bitcoin HAS OPENED AND WILL OPEN the minds of many people that were otherwise not yet interested in economics or currencies.

Analogy: Whether you agree with Ron Paul as a "winner" as a political candidate...

Ron Paul HAS OPENED AND WILL OPEN the minds of many people that were otherwise not yet interested in liberty and history.

+1 for humor. Good post.

+1 for humor. Good post.


i don't get it

it's like you think bitcoin is marketed to replace frn's, gold and silver all together when nothing could be further from the truth.

as i understand it, bitcoins main purposes are:
-seamless, free transactions
-dependable base supply

so the value can change depending on it's success, but the supply would be understood to grow at a steady, slow pace.. and not with wild inflation/contraction because no one actually controls is once it is written and used.

there seems to be a pretty big demand for a way to conduct transactions that are low cost, anonymous, direct with dependable value. (consider the premiums on even private-mint gold for a moment)

no one on earth is saying that this is better than gold.

no one on earth is suggesting you sell off all of your assets and dive into an emerging, completely experimental, digital currency.

no one on earth is saying it's a solution to all the problems..

you're completely ignoring the potential benefits.. the very real demand for meeting those criteria. which not even gold does at the moment.

so i don't understand your problem.

seems more like you think you're some kind of god damned genius and everyone else has mush for brains. and you felt like making sure everyone knew how smart and funny you are.

to me, you just came across as a smug, condescending asshole.. which is exactly what i think you were going for. but you certainly don't want to actually change anyones mind with a substantive argument.

so i'm curious, what have you created lately that is so much better than bitcoin?

The complexity of your

The complexity of your ignorance is frightening...

down vote.


What don't I know?

Bitcoin is a fraud just like every other pyramid scam covetous men have ever drempt up. Scams are always born from some scumbag wanting something for nothing.

ByteTurds are better than BitCoin, because we can all agree that getting a conman to eat a turd has value. That's the base value which backs up ByteTurds.

How much would you pay to get a conman to eat a turd? Nothing? Well I say let the free market decide. It's better than tar and feathers, and it's certainly better than rounding them all up and taking their liberty.

Believe me, and I think I can

Believe me, and I think I can speak for everyone here.. There is A LOT that YOU do NOT KNOW... Period.. For it is the wise man who knows that he knows nothing at all...

but I digress..

While you are sitting back on the sidelines, wasting your time attacking a technology you so obviously do not understand, all the while combining it with your failed understandings of economics, the rest of us "bitcoiners" are making money hand over fist.

Its quite laughable to think that you actually spent the time to come up with something like this, instead of taking the same ammount of time and educating yourself to the facts..

Laughable and Sad... all at the same time....


What is it you think I don't know about BitCoin? I understand it just fine and I say THAT'S the problem. A snake oil salesman often runs into that problem.

Eventually somebody who understands the scam explains it to his marks.

It doesn't fit the definition

It doesn't fit the definition of a ponzi scheme, for one.

It does have value, it has value because an economy is made more efficient through the use of "money". Bitcoin, can be moved around almost effortlessly, practically immune from confiscation, etc. These qualities are seen as beneficial to many, thus it has value. It has value as a medium of exchange and a means to transfer wealth pseudonymous.

My favorite part of he bitcoin con-man argument

Is they aways revert to 'you don't understand the technology.'
Apparently, most prople are just too feeble minded to grasp it.

Yep. It's weak conman Kung Fu.

It's a way to make people feel small and stupid and to just trust the Conman. Those who DO take the time to understand are usually the kind of people who don't care that it's a pyramid scam, and CHOSE to use it to their benefit.

Calling somebody "ignorant" is weak Conman Kung Fu.

Your original post states

Your original post states that it has no value because nothing went into it... Thats not entirely true... Value is created because people GIVE it value... Gold has value becasue PEOPLE GIVE IT VALUE... Bitcoin has value because people give it value.. Same with FRNs... The ammount of value may be questionable, but the fact is I have made a boat load of cash in the last few weeks because I'm willing to take the risk....

What have you done besides waste your time on shit thats never going to matter?

That's what makes it a pyramid scam.

"Value is created because people GIVE it value."

That's what makes it a pyramid scam. Pyramid scams always start with nothing of value and what follows is a long parade of suckers who want something for nothing. You know perfectly well that the more value that's "given" to the scam and the more you can get out of it.

That's why BitConners are so rabid is their salesmanship.

They know demand is the only thing creating value. What value is there in a gifting club? None; until people give value to it. Eventually the pyramid scan dies because there aren't enough suckers left willing to fund it and too many wannabe P. T. Barnum's trying to use it to get something for nothing.

What's the base value backing up a BitCoin. Nothing.

ByteTurds are better because there's something everybody recognizes as having value backing up each token.

No. What makes a pyramid

No. What makes a pyramid scheme is that multiple people claim the rights to the same asset. When it all goes bust many people lose out. Bitcoin is not anything like that, it is the opposite of a pyramid scheme. IS Bitcion currently over-valued? Are people buying Bitcoin in order to make a profit and leave? maybe, but there isn't solid proof of that right now. It could just be gaining in popularity due to its usefulness.

In a pyramid scam, the guy at the top profits off nothing.

In a pyramid scam the guy at the top profits off those below rather than creating something of value where they all profit. That's why the DP is now filled with Anarchist conmen trying to sell each other on a scam. They want to profit off people they see as suckers and who'll buy their crap

That's why ByteTurds are better than BitCoins. I say let a conman create something of value for once by EATING crap rather than selling it.

"Are people buying Bitcoin in order to make a profit and leave? maybe, but there isn't solid proof of that right now."

I don't need to let the scam play out to recognize it as such, because I recognize the players and the game, and know investing in NOTHING is a bad way to store or create value.

In a pyramid scheme you need

In a pyramid scheme you need a constant supply of newcomers who give money away in the hopes of getting something back later. Multiple people are told they will eventually get a large sum of money, but there is only enough money to pay a small percentage of them at any time. With Bitcoin, you put money in and you have your Bitcoin, you can then exchange your Bitcoins for Gold, electronics, etc. There is no scheme, it is a growing market. It isn't an investment in nothing, it is a developing currency.

You misunderstand what Bitcoin is and how it works.

You just defined BitCoin as a pyramid scam.

"In a pyramid scheme you need a constant supply of newcomers who give money away in the hopes of getting something back later."

Since BitCoin represents nothing of value. Any value created comes from newcomers who hope to profit off nothing. Since nothing of value existed in the first placem nor or means to create value, the only way to profit is to bring in more newcomers.

A fresh supply of suckers are a pyramid schemes lifeblood. Suckers are how profit is created.

Nobody in their right mind would trade you any Gold or electronics for BitCoin because they'd know you're trying to buy something with nothing. I would laugh in your face.

I am about to sell 1000 grams of 14k gold

for 320 Bitcoins. I guess I'm not in my right mind. I see it as currency just as I would sell gold for frns when my business needed it.

You are nothing short of a moron. Bitcoin is means of exchange simple as that. It's not a pyramid scam. It's price is fluctuating now and I'm sure its because of speculators and people looking to get rich just like there were people that bought silver at 49 an ounce and have now lost almost half the money they put into it. It happens the same way I didn't recommend buying gold at 1900 and ounce unless you were getting it deeply discounted and unloading it quickly I don't recommend trading bitcoin right now unless they are heavily discounted and you can move them quickly. Stop being an ass and let people transact in whatever way they want.

Like in ANYTHING ELSE there will be winners and loosers and unfortunately there will be loosers in bitcoin but if you are educated enough to know how to conduct business you wont be one of the idiots that gets burned.

Even in business there are people that will loose even if they produce something of value. Either because they didn't understand the business they didn't put in the time or they didn't put in the work. Economic activity will continue to occur and if you do decide to start your ByteTurd currency you can bet that I will be there to cash in when the timing is right.

Now stop being a jerk, dick!

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    For once in your life, you'll understand that everybody can win

    BitCoin is a pyramid scam offered as a solution, and those who advocate for and participate in pyramid scams always get what's justly coming to them. They either get ripped off by a conman, or remembered as a conman trying to rip people off.

    "You are nothing short of a moron."

    It's statements like this that give ByteTurd it's value. You running your mouth is why ByteTurd is better than BitCoin. People will always recognize the value represented by you stuffing your mouth with turds.

    "Like in ANYTHING ELSE there will be winners and losers."

    As in "anything" else? Do you understand that not everything is a pyramid scam where nothing of value is created and there needs to be winners and losers? There doesn't always have to be winners and losers, but there will ALWAYS be losers who want to participate in a pyramid scam because they want to win at the expense of others rather that create something of value.

    That's why I endorse ByteTurd, so for once in your life you'll understand that everybody can win.

    Will I profit from you eating a turd? No, but you will. From there we can start bartering the value you've created. It's a win win for both of us.

    No, you are listening to half

    No, you are listening to half of what I said. A ponzi scheme involves people being told there is an eventual payoff when there isn't enough money to pay everyone. Multiple people are making a future claim to the same money.