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Newtown parents and family vow lifelong mission.Upcoming 60 Minutes episode.

Had to share this with you all because believe it or not there's something very encouraging to see. Not the article itself mind you, but the almost 400 comments following the article. Have a look see, read 4 or 5 pages of the comments, you'll be encouraged as well. I was delighted.


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lol, that reality show on the "news" is getting pretty sickening

Seems to me there are some serious questions as to whether or not the Sandy Hook incident was a staged false flag event.

There is much evidence to suggest that the department of homeland security used an exercise drill to enact this event. It would also appear that almost all of the major national media has been conscripted to sell the lie.

All of this could easily be cleared up; not by calling those with the questions crazy, but rather simple things like some explanation or clear proof to the contrary (i.e. disclosure of evidence, video of the incident.. etc.) The reluctance to disclose information in light of the questions being asked indicates something is very, very wrong.

Anyways, keep trying to inform people with evidence even if it gets heated. Be calm and reasonable, the media has instilled much emotion about skeptics. The one's who staged Sandy Hook should not be allowed to get away with it.

It is encouraging to have seen more than 11 million views on just one video showing Robby Parker laughing and smiling, then doing his actor breathing exercises to get into character before beginning his heartfelt "lost his daughter now we need gun control" speech.

It is also encouraging that many, many people I have talked to also know the whole thing is scripted and staged. You take away the hypnotic media trance that the crooks behind it have over the people and it's over for them. There is not one single American who see's the truth about it, that wouldn't want the men behind it all in prison and out of society.