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Bill Maher says Ron Paul and Rand Paul have ruined libertarianism, also confuses Paul Ryan for a libertarian

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Bill Maher is Ann Coulter with a vagina...

and that's all I have to say about it.

That's all you need to say

well said! Thanks for the lol

Uninformed twit

But he's not interested in learning the truth, therefore, he will remain a cloddish dolt.

Just stop watching these people, including internet republished

videos. Don't give them any more air time. Bill Manure Maher certainly doesn't deserve any ratings for his consistency of spewing out lies. Stop sending these people your monetary votes. Let the democrats and progressives (only in name) have their little bubble of bullshit. When it pops and their worlds built on fake wealth all comes crumbling down, they will be begging people like us for the necessities in life. Promise you when the feds start raping Manure Maher's bank account his pretentious ignorant ass will be singing a different tune.

On no

Here is another conspiracy theory.



Liberty = Responsibility

Watch how the paid stooge

Watch how the paid stooge, hyena Mr. Maher laughed about the Ruby Ridge Massacre. This was back in 1992. He has been one of the minions for a long time. Fast forward to 33:46, but I would suggest anyone that hasn't watched this video to make time for it.


only one of the three pictured

is a libertarian: Dr. Ron Paul, who would destroy Maher in an intellectual debate, and he knows it.

What the heck does

commie Bill Maher know about libertarianism? Who watches and supports this puppet idiot? Turn him OFF.

Just what is in that nightstand Bill...

A Dildo you and Glen Beck share together?

even his lame audience didn't

even his lame audience didn't seem to want to clap when he started to diss Ron Paul.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Bill just trying to keep his audience

from leaving his Obama loving show.

"Hey Bill" no one cares about your show.

I suspect they know paul ryan

I suspect they know paul ryan has nothing to do with, whatever you wanna call this,........... us?

leads me too two choices

Incomptence vs agenda

Neither one shining a good light

Social Security / Meat Inspectors

Maher thinks social security is compassionate but ultimately when the music stops on the ponzi scheme (a.k.a. "we run out of other people's money"), it leads to the opposite of compassion. That's where Maher is missing the point. He thinks that social security is an actual solution. It's not.

As far as meat inspectors, I think he did get the point at least. The free market will cause companies who are using unsafe practices to go out of business. He wasn't impressed by that point though.

I used to watch him quite a

I used to watch him quite a lot and really enjoyed the show, but his pseudo-intellectual arrogance slowly engulfed the air and I couldn't pretend it wasn't there.

Anyone notice he sounds great in all his rehearsed lines and arguments where he can pour his condescending half-serious-half-apathetic drivel over his words so his audience thinks he's saying something so true and meaningful, and when he's debating his guests where he has to actually use his intelligence, his main rebuttal to their arguments is "Aw Come on..."?

I'm not surprised he suggested Paul Ryan was a libertarian, Maher is simply one of them guys who declare themselves liberal because the GOP is full of crazy people and he wants to be associated with the opposite.

Bill is "sort of intelligent, but not really"


Hey Bill, you communist... I got another oxymoron for ya'...

Obama: Tyranny Impossible Because "Government is us."

Blind muthafukka

No Bill, clearly you just

No Bill, clearly you just shudder at the thought of personal responsibility and accountability. This is rich coming from someone who gave a million to the Obama campaign this past election. This is so typical, he threw a bone to the movement went it was in a state of rebirth and was still struggling to grow legs, but abandoned it and dismisses it now that it is gaining traction as a major ideological movement. He sums it up pretty well, he was a libertarian when he misinterpreted the movement as being about legal weed and privacy, but was scared away at the notion that with liberty comes responsibility and living within our means. Who is it that you say is stuck in their teen years? Sad to see how he progressed, especially considering he showed Ron Paul a lot of respect in the past.

I'll Give Him Credit For This

Even though I would have liked to have been able to respond to his points, I'll give him credit for these 2 points:

-At least he brings up rational points. The stop light and meat inspector things were legit concerns that many have. And him liking social security also seems compassionate (even though he doesn't understand it ultimately leads to tears).

-He does put his money where his mouth is (donating $1 million to Obama).

I think we should address his points one by one and maybe email the show? Probably won't do anything but I just wonder if Bill Maher is simply misguided (but at least not a shill).

If so, aren't these the types of people we have to win over intellectually?

here's your answer for traffic lights...


I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

i couldn't get past the first

i couldn't get past the first sentence.

did someone post this before ?

did i say i couldn't get past the first sentence ?

anyways. i'm not listening to maher after the first sentence. not worth my time, it's more worth my time to type that it isn't worth my time.

Happy Easter everyone.

i know it was about 6 days ago. But i'm still feeling the effects from it.


Bill Maher does not know the

Bill Maher does not know the first thing of libertarianism. What he calls "libertarianism" is actually "liberalism."

actually what he calls libertarianism is actually called

statism. He thinks that an entity with a monopoly on force, has the right to take your hard earnings and give it away to someone who has never worked a day in their life.