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Just enrolled my 4 year old son into the Ron Paul Curriculum home school program!

Thank you Tom Woods and Ron Paul! I just finished watching Tom explain the new Ron Paul home schooling program and what it entails. We have already made the decision to home school our boys and this was like a sign of something meant to be!

Example of some of the curriculum besides the typical courses.

- Liberty vs coercion in western history
- How to defend the freedom philosophy
- How to start a home business (instead of being trained to be low earning slave to someone else.)

The program begins September 2nd for Kindergarten. My 4 year old (who is extremely intelligent) and his 2 year old little brother now have the best to learn from. I am very excited about this!

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Why not Gardening and Mechanics?

If/when (?) I have kids, I'll most likely home school them till middle-or-high school. Even having them those first 6 years would be enough to give them a strong foundation.

However, even though I agree with "home school freedom" as the Dr. may put it, it seems that most home schoolers here simply focus on politics and history (albiet, great subjects to get straight).

To me, the promise of home schooling is to have my kid out in the garden with me in the morning, learning about science and nature and health. Using their body instead of sitting in a chair all day.

Gamified education (khan acadamy, code acadamy, duolingo, even free ed. like EdX) will make any "sit down at a computer" time that much more productive. I'd figure I could help my kid get through most high school requirements by the age of 10 (I was doing advanced arithmetic at 6, if I had a free education I bet I could have had trig. done by age 10 easy).

I want my kid to know how to grow their own food more so than I want to teach him (or her) about Austrian economics.

Jack Wagner

Agreed. But why not teach all of it?

At least one musical instrument as well.

Oh, wow,

I was hoping that was about to come out. With Ron Paul speaking at the Homeschool Convention in Cincy soon and all.

Defend Liberty!


That is awesome. Being a parent is the greatest gift ever given.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Hey, can you tell me what

Hey, can you tell me what curriculum you have access to for you child? I just looked into signing up but it doesn't look like they have the K-6 free curriculum developed yet. I wasn't sure if the available info would benefit my young kids yet. It wouldn't allow me to register without paying yet. I wasn't sure if it would be worth it if there is no curriculum to use for that age group. So, what did you find?

The website

was just launched this morning and there isn't much there, yet. I've been through most of it (I registered, as well), and I have found nothing for K-6 so far. From what I understand, most of it won't be available until closer to September. They are targeting homeschoolers for the next academic year, so I assume they are just giving us a "heads up" that everything will be up and ready to go soon. Personally, I'm glad they did, because I'm not going to waste my time looking through other online curriculums, now. Of course, that's easier for me to do than some, because my intentions were to un-school (using online lessons to explain math, science, etc instead of textbooks when applicable), anyway.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

I am leaving to run some

I am leaving to run some errands but when I return I'm going to scour the site and I'll report here what I find. I understand what you mean so I will be on the lookout for anything for younger children (pre-K).


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