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Woman Body Slammed By Cop for Groping TSA Agent

This lady was hardly doing anything close to being called "attacking". She looked drunk.

EVEN if she was "attacking" she was doing what all travelers wish they could do to the TSA but don't have the balls to do.



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ABC "News"

can offer no information, but wants you to watch the raw video they found, while their anchors gawk and laugh.

Are you kidding???

The media would champion slavery if it were in the name of state.. oh wait... but I repeat myself.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Self defense. Sue TSA, sue the cop, sue the federal government

This has nothing to do with security, it is security theater. The actors are tax parasites but hey are not immune to constitutional constraints.

Not a single person in Congress who approved these laws were elected by a majority of the eligible voters.

This tyranny of the minority makes government a democratic fraud.

Free includes debt-free!


First - It looks like she was trying to attack that TSA agent, although not doing a very good job. If that is the case, she should have been stopped as quickly as possible. We shouldn't support violence against anyone, even if they are TSA agents.

Second - "The entire incident was captured on the airport's surveillance camera." - Why don't they show how it STARTED if the whole thing was on tape? Wonder if the uncut version is floating around somewhere because this could have been self defense for all we know.

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