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Atlanta Music Liberty Fest - April 6th All Day Live Stream

FOR those of your in GA - we would love to see you at the show! For the rest - Enjoy this Live stream of the event!


List Of Speakers and Artists Here: http://atlanta.musiclibertyfest.com/?page_id=378

It would be great if y'all could repost this info on your websites or Social Network Pages. Thanks

General Info:

On the heels of a successful Music City liberty Fest on Nov 3rd, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee, Liberty Train founders Barbie Dunn and Dan Hagen have planned Atlanta Music Liberty Fest for April 6th, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia at Center Stage Theater. Doors open at 3:30pm and event is scheduled for 4:30pm-12:00am.

Inspired by the gains made in spreading the ideas of liberty in Nashville, we are planning a more impressive event in Atlanta. While hundreds of people attended Nashville’s festival, with over a thousand watching the Live Stream of the event in real time, in Atlanta we would like to grow our numbers in attendance of the event and those viewing the live stream to even greater heights with an all-star national and local line up of talent.

The goal is to bring We the People together in all of our diversity to celebrate and educate about Liberty with a diversity of music and speakers.

We will have a homeless clothing drive for vets at the event to encourage people to donate and bring clothes for vets and families of vets in need.

We are looking forward to making a difference by spreading the principles of Liberty on a local and national level. In GA we will work with Wayne Walton of Mtn Hours to introduce a local, non-usury barter currency called Peach Hours to help GA move towards currency independence.

We will also be featuring local and national vendors/businesses at event. Vendor table opportunities will be limited. Contact Kristy Foote for more info on vendors/sponsors: foote.k@gmail.com. Contact Dan Hagen dan@danhagenproductions.com or Barbie Dunn smartpanz@aol.com with any other questions. For Artist/Speaker line-up and more information, visit Atlanta.MusicLibertyFest.com.

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JUMP! errr......

BUMP 4 Jack And his show. The guy has one of THE best alternative talk radio shows on air and is doing a great job for this country.

He is sharp, fast, funny with a bit of raunchy thrown in for good measure.

Told one guy that. He said he'd give it a listen cause he liked the raunchy part.....

Listen here:

If show is off air, pod casts are available 24/7

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Jack Blood...

Is a Daily Pauler?! I didn't know! Too cool! Great to see you here Mr. Blood! I talked to Alex Snitker today, he's driving up to Atlanta for this event - wish I could be there too!

I will be there though! - http://neverquitnever.com/

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When will the Ustream start?

Nothing there ATM.

An alternative to the MSM Machine http://freedombroadcastingnetwork.com/
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Schedule is in Eastern

Schedule is in Eastern Time
Artist/Speaker TIME

Barbie Dunn 4:30:00
SOSy 4:40:00
GA Carry Organization 4:50:00
Carter Kessler 5:00:00
Minnie Murphy 5:10:00
Lauren Sandwich 5:20:00
Yung Glynn 5:30:00
Joe Fuller 5:40:00
Hart Sawyer & The Love Project 5:50:00
TMOT 6:10:00
Robby Wells 6:20:00
Axis Experience 6:40:00
Richard Gage 7:00:00
Tatiana Moroz 7:20:00
Cynthia McKinney 7:40:00
The Industry 8:00:00
Kristen Meghan 8:20:00
J Roy 8:30:00
Luke Rudkowski 8:50:00
Dan Hagen 9:10:00
Wayne Walton 9:30:00
Cat Beach 9:50:00
William Coley 10:10:00
Jordan Page 10:20:00
Jack Blood 10:40:00
Rebel Inc. 10:50:00


No one there

It's less than 20 minutes until its supposed to start and there is no one on that page and no video. The channel indicates "Off Air".

An alternative to the MSM Machine http://freedombroadcastingnetwork.com/
Ron Paul friendly news: http://www.newsetal.com/

dead as a doornail

has it been cancelled or something?

An alternative to the MSM Machine http://freedombroadcastingnetwork.com/
Ron Paul friendly news: http://www.newsetal.com/