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Why I FIGHT for True American Liberty!

So my oldest son, and his friends, and their combined cooperative intellect is NOT captured, stolen, restricted, and imprisoned by some damn dictator and their crony fascist handlers; subject to NO pay, NO further opportunities, NO hope of prosperity, and NO free choice to give back voluntarily and liberally which MOST American children have it in their heart to do when they taste success, and their hard work, critical thinking skills are rewarded and encouraged!

[their bridge weighed approx. 6 grams, and collapsed at over 9kg!]

Under our current system, these brilliant and budding engineers(perhaps) have only government jobs at frozen and severely limited wages to look forward to, and that should piss you off as an American!....and I don't ever want to tell him where we're headed versus where our founders wanted us to go as a free & prosperous Republic!

This is WHY I fight for Liberty! I'm doing my part for them, and your prodigy...how about you? Our posterity demands this of us, regardless of past mistakes personally or nationally.

These are 6th graders...get OFF the fence...to do nothing is inexcusable!

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ecorob's picture

Excellent class...

and one where the students are actively engaged in learning.

Confidence. Knowledge. Synergy. Respect.

These are some of the ingredients needed for America's new "awakening".

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

at the 8,000 gram mark...

...you can hear the teacher say "this is....awesome"(3:50 mark on the video)

2nd place one held about 6Kg according to my boy...

nite bump...