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You've Never SEEN Organizational Capability Like This! Why Haven't We Been Using This All Along?

Friends and countrymen (and women). As a claim-er... I am not in any way affiliated with Basecamp in any way other than having used them about 5 or so years ago... and having opened a 60 day free trial with them about a week ago.

Since then I've created 5 projects, invited 8 or 9 people to join... and have been just working on getting them back to the various projects once or twice to get their juices flowing.

Imagine a dozen of us crowd-sourcing a document whether it be a flyer, mission statement, court record, or a local newspaper or any other kind of document where "two heads are better than one," right here online. We're all logged in looking at the same page and while I'm typing you're watching the page change.

You're editing the paragraph above while I'm working on the next one. Organizational to-do lists with check-boxes that you can drag and drop to re-order. Discussions on each to-do - create calendars, set meeting times/schedules. Upload files and there's really just no way I can put into words how awesome and VITAL a Basecamp account is to YOUR efforts. I don't care if you're trying to find better catfish or save the world.

You can try it free yourself @ Basecamp or join us @ americanherofund and get involved in one of our Basecamp projects (particularly at Oak Roots Club) - or create your own. Click here and send me a message via the DP for direct access to what we're doing at Basecamp.