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Jeffrey Weinhaus, gunned down by Missouri Hwy Patrol, needs additional $3200 for lawyer fees

Contributing $25 myself and I hope you'll consider a donation and repost the following:

URGENT! Want to send a message to law enforcement that they'll be held accountable if they choose to fire on citizens? Donate a few $$ on WePay so that Jeffrey Weinhaus can pay his legal fees. New evidence makes his case stronger--it's totally clear that he was carrying, legal in Missouri, but NOT threatening-- but he MUST HAVE a lawyer, and a previous prosecuting attny has agreed to begin work for a reduced fee. Additional funds are still needed, as one of his main benefactors dropped out at the last minute, but enough has been raised that the lawyer will be able to begin very soon. The new chip in shows the total amount needed no later than April 23rd. PLEASE try to chip in a little, no matter if it's only $5. Thanks to all who have donated so far!


If you want more info on how he was gunned down by an officer in the Missouri Hwy Patrol


I am very concerned about the police actions in this matter. And knowing Jeff personally before he was shot by the MSHP, I have been staying abreast of the case since the beginning. There is no longer any doubt that the police were NOT justified in shooting, and most especially in the way that they did.

There is much to be investigated here, since Jeff was a reporter who spent years searching out law enforcement and judicial corruption before his computers were taken by the police last August. On Sept. 11th he was told to meet the police to get his computers back, and instead he was shot. What needs to happen now is to make sure that Jeffrey is not locked up for life, as he may be if the lies of the officer who shot him are not exposed in his trial which begins April 30th in Union, MO. Please plan to attend the trial if you are in the area.

Already one month in the hospital and more than 5 months in jail! Because HE was shot and almost killed by police!


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for the cause




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Just chipped in $25

Wish I could give more but I have to pay the greedy government robber barons over at the IRS a HUGE tax bill this year. :-( Hope it helps!

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Money from the people

-> Attorneys -> Lobbyists -> Politicians -> Legislation -> More rights go poof. At some point in this equation the people have ALL the power.

Any questions?

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Any last minute help?

I donated last night but I see the total is still only $830. Need more to help this guy. Any of us could be in a similar situation.

Beware the cult of "government"...

Let's stand behind this family when it really counts.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

Not much, but I donated to

Not much, but I donated to this cause. Out of the $2500 requested by tomorrow, donations currently total ~ $720. We'll see if they can receive an additional $1800 by tomorrow.

How Come No Lawyers

ever just volunteer to do these things for free for the sake of what's right?


what is to win?

If there are any compensation to win in the trail, then there should be not difficult to find a lawyer. Easy case - easy money.

good luck Jeffrey

Tried to donate

but the system was rejecting the billing address
on my card for some reason - hopefully they
will get back to me.

Seems very legitimate, though - let's try to help
Jeffrey out.

This is legitimate

Please donate if you can. Jeffrey is also know as Bulletinman. His house was raided by the MSHP and they seized computers and other equipment from his home without a warrant because local sheriffs misconstrued his call to action as a threat against local law enforcement. He agreed to meet with them to recover his stolen items at a gas station in St. Clair, MO. He was carrying a gun, but never threatened or drew on the officers. They shot him multiple times, at least once in the head, and he was in a coma for quite some time. He was arrested in November and has not been able to get the medical care he needs in jail. His bail was set too high and the charged are trumped up. His cell phone was on speakerphone the whole time, so there is a recording of the call.


I don't know you or

I don't know you or "Jeffrey."


I hope it's not a scam!

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

It's real.

I live in Missouri, he was a member of the cop block...or something like that. From what I've read...he was set up and shot. It's the cops testimony vs his. I did hear that he had his cell phone on and recorded the incidented.

If his case is solid, lawyers

If his case is solid, lawyers will be lining up to represent him. I don't believe in jumping at requests for money like an Olympian responding to a starters pistol.

That is simply not true.

These people had three attorneys take their case, calling it "open and shut" and then a few days later, drop the case with no explanation.


The only "Ron Paul" attorney I know in the state would not even consider taking the case. Attorneys like money, not taking risks.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.