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When Zionists Speak,What DO You Hear?

Here is an interesting email i received today from the nextnews network. This just in - hot off the press.

Remember when Republican George H.W. Bush first announced the birth
of the "New World Order" on September 11, 1991?

Well you won't forget April 5, 2013 when Democrat VP Joe Biden
decided that his administration's "affirmative task" would be the
same as Bush's... to "create a 'New World Order."

There's ZERO doubt - the conspiracy is FACT - Dems and Repubs both
have the same goal - deliver America to the Globalists.

Send this to your favorite Democrat or Republican and ask them to
explain why both parties are calling for the same "New World Order."

Link below.

Forever - For Liberty,

Gary Franchi

All i hear is effluent splashing at his feet.

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I hope Gary Johnson has a plan...

...to court Joe Biden's welcome to his Party.

I Thought Gore Was Dumb

then I saw Biden. No big surprise there. I can't stand looking at that moron. Glad to see he will stand in a room full of people and SAY that though. MAYBE some of them will decide that we aren't conspiracy theorists after all hearing it from the horse's mouth, or in this case the horse's ass!