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The Big Question When Do We Stand And Fight, Answered! A positive, non-violent solution

When do we stand and fight? This seems to be the most often asked question. Well other than Piers Morgan asking why we need 30 round mags. But, let’s talk about this seriously. I think the first thing to mention is that we as members of a constitutional Militia are as stated in the Constitution a defensive force by nature and by law. I understand we all want this struggle to be over, so do I but, if we were to become an offensive militia we would be violating the same Constitution we are struggling to keep alive.

How can we defend the Constitution if we abandon even a part of it and maintain any shred of honor? I have seen a lot of angry people and I will not say their anger is not justified but, I will stand firm in saying that the militia and I myself cannot condone nor allow people to act on that anger. Let me explain why; First off no war has ever been won without public support. Second, for the people to fix what’s wrong in this country be it in court or in armed conflict we will need support in fact, it is proven that in an armed conflict each combatant will require a minimum of 7 to 9 supporters. These supporters will be needed for aid in supplies, food, water, shelter, medication, harboring wounded patriots and intelligence gathering. The List can go on and on.

The media can portray us anyway they wish to and we cannot stop them, the Constitution we defend offers them that right. What we can do is get our groups out in the public eye and show them by our actions that the media has been and will continue to lie about us in order to demonize us and gain support for the Government. So, what we need to be doing is to counter that false portrayal of us. If we get our groups out and take on community services like cleaning parks, cleaning trash off streets, taking the elderly or those without transportation shopping or cleaning up their yards for example or anything of this nature the truth about us will spread in our neighborhoods and that is what counts.

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Nice Post

many of us have been fighting to defend the constitution and many of the great suggestions you wrote about are things which the good samaritans already do. It is also my opinion that most of the people here on the DP would agree with you that the media and the rest of Americans are protected by the first amendment to have free speech.But one part that got me thinking "How can we defend the Constitution if we abandon even a part of it and maintain any shred of honor?" Slowly, we are losing that very constitution that we love so deeply, 1st amendment,(recently)2nd, 4th amendment, states rights, etc and it is our duty to defend and fight for. I know many are working hard to repair and fix the situation we are currently in without war. (I personally feel it is a goal that we can accomplish and currently is gaining momentum.) If history has taught us a few things though, sometimes battling against an encroaching and growing authoritarian state is inevitable. But great positive post and words of encouragement! May God bless His creation.