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Two Felony Counts For A Seven Year-Old Boy

Wasn't sure whether to post this under 2nd Amendment or Weird Stuff. Here we have a seven year old boy being charged with 2 felonies for accidentally shooting cars with a BB gun. I have a hard time trying to wrap my mind around a 7 year old being charged at all much less with felonies and over a BB gun? By accident? What planet are we on?

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Throwing a ridiculous level of charges

at people is pretty standard in a lot of counties. It's terrible, but that's what you get out of terrible statism when the voters don't pay attention to the humanitarian crisis their prosecutors are perpetrating and just babble "tough on crime".

Having said that, some parents who have tried to get certain types of mental health help for their children will end up getting no real help and feel they need the force of the courts to push the local resources to help. This means they either have to wait until the child does something that has to involve charges or push to get charges applied for something more minor. Pushing for charges over something more minor is as close as they can get to taking control of a situation that they're sure is on the path to someone getting really hurt. Other parents who have been down that road may be the source of the advice to get the courts involved, but if that's what happened with this mom, the advice left out crucial information about only going that path in some counties.

Defend Liberty!

His mom called the cops, they charged him with a crime

They dropped the charges. Not really all that unusual. It'll sure teach him not to "accidentally" shoot cars.
I "accidentally" shoplifted as a youngster and learned a lesson in a very similar way.
He's actually lucky these days that they didn't kill him.

boys will be boys

you'll shoot your eye out, kid.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Aw, but he was just trying to shoot the house across the street.

Like that somehow makes it better.

Not sure about the felony charges against a 7yr old or the classifying of the bb gun as a firearm, but these stupid parents need a reality check when their 7yr old is running around with a bb gun unsupervised shooting high speed projectiles into traffic and at other people's property.

The Parents Were Negligent

but is that any reason for a 7 year old to have a felony record? I mean come on! HE'S 7 YEARS OLD! Should an infant be charged for peeing it's pants? I hear that some people think so. What does that say for the so called ADULTS in charge of everything?


Perhaps you missed it in my comment...

...but I did question the felony charges against a 7yr old.

Also, your comparison of this shooting into traffic to a child peeing their pants seems to dismiss the seriousness of this situation.

P.S. I don't think it was spelling that auxag was referring to below, but rather the inclusion of the word in question.

I Don't See What's Wrong

with having the word accidentally in the sentence. What exactly is wrong with it? Please enlighten me. I must not understand the English language very well.


I can't speak for him, but including that word in this instance

...strikes me as akin to saying someone was ~accidentally~ hitting cars with the rocks they were throwing rocks from an overpass.

Are You Kidding?

You make it sound as though this LITTLE KID acted as a teen or something and decided to go out shooting for kicks. NO, this was a CHILD only thinking about shooting at an abandoned house without premeditated thoughts of shooting cars. GEEZ How in the heck can you even begin to bring throwing rocks from an overpass into the conversation? Are you thinking of stuff YOU did as a teen or something? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT AN INOCCENT 7 YEAR OLD for crying out loud!


Simmer down, skippy.

You asked me what was wrong with the word "accidentally" in the sentence and I tried to give you an example to illustrate why I agree with auxag who suggested you omit the word. If my example doesn't work for you, look at Lawson's post or ask auxag.

The kid was running around with a bb gun unsupervised shooting into traffic at something he shouldn't have been shooting at in the first place.

Thankfully no one was hurt and hopefully a lesson was learned in all this by him and his parents. Onward...

Simmer Down Okay, Right

Let me ask you something, are you a parent? Have you ever been around 7 year old kids? comparing a child of 7 to someone that is old enough to PLAN and engage in standing on top of an overpass tossing rocks or eggs or whatever is really not being reasonable if you have had experience with kids. I don't think I need to simmer down. I think people need to stop expecting CHILDREN to act and think like ADULTS. However, it seems to me that most ADULTS nowadays think and act like CHILDREN! Geez, the point of my post is whether it's right that a 7 year old should be charged with freaking FELONIES, and as usual everyone changes the point to some stupid pointless crap like the parents being douchebags or the poster needing to simmer down. Where is the outrage about our kids being treated and CHARGED like adults? What is wrong with this picture including the reaction by people on DP?


You seem to have accidentally

You seem to have accidentally added a word to this sentence. "Here we have a seven year old boy being charged with 2 felonies for accidently shooting cars with a BB gun." You might want to omit the word accidentally from that sentence.

Thanks For The Correction I Guess

You are the new spelling police. I would take your comments more to heart if you didn't go all over DP saying "people eating tasty animals" everywhere.


Too bad

To bad he did not choose his parents better.