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Video Response To MSNBC Regarding Children

I respond to Melissa Harris-Perry about "collective rights" and how we need to erode the concept of individual responsibility in the name of collective responsibility - which means NO RESPONSIBILITY.


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I don't know why people like

I don't know why people like Melissa Harris-Perry, Joe Biden, Obama, the Rothschild's family, David Rockefeller and family, Henry Kissinger, et al are trying to Will this Hellish New World Order into existence for us. Is it just because they think they can?

Is there someone here who can explain this to me?

Someone needs to explain this whole collectivist shit to us and where these people are coming from. They've been using the psychological "Double Entendre" language on us with "Climate Change", "Global Warming", "Sustainable Development", "Smart Growth" Agenda 21 language with hidden meanings in those terms for so long, they think they can brainwash all of us with that language. For what purpose? Did they really think they were going to get away with it?

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I can only believe that they

I can only believe that they must believe that they will be separate from their desired plans or concepts. Because no free individual could willfully advocate for a system that essentially makes individuals slaves to the collective will of thugs who group together. The ONLY person who could advocate for such a thing is one of the THUGS.


Megalomaniacs feel the need to control. They are diseased. But because people misunderstand their underlying psycosis, people mistake the disease for self-confidence, leader-ship qualities and end up putting these magalos in seats of power.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

"Collective" is a two sided coin my friend.

If as a "collective" we as parents, fight against the desensitization of Hollywood and Video games, the early sexualization of our children, the sweet candy flavored alcohol, the "allure" of elicit drugs,consumerism, and all the other crap that is forced down our children's throats for the profit of a few mega companies, then that is GOOD collectivism.
However, if the collectivism is for the good of the UN then it is Bad.
Fight it!

leave my video games alone.

being a parent means you decide which games are right for YOUR family, not which games are right for me.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

Too true.

But when your kid is playing away from home, do you still have that control?
Or when your child is holed up in his bedroom playing on the computer?
Or when your 16 year old is out at a party, can you be certain that there will be no alcohol, and there will be other parents there.
We all know that most teenagers push the boundaries,we know that is is now the "norm" to be your child's "friend" 1st, and parent 2nd.
If all of us kept a parental eye out for our friends kids, and our kids friends, then maybe 16 year old comatose drunk girls wouldn't be raped by teenaged football jocks, and have the event plastered all over the social media.
That to me is collective parenting, that has everything to do with kindness, care and consideration, and good old fashioned values, and NOTHING to do with government.

Thanks, that article was spot

Thanks, that article was spot on.


Thank you for posting! So true! Can't upvote you on youtube because I deleted my youtube account for google demanding info from me I didn't care to give. BTW have you read or watched Charlotte Iserbyt's "The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America"? Sounds like you have from you video.


No, I've not seen her work

No, I've not seen her work but I shall check it out. Thank you Mr. Skippy.