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Republican Prez canidate in a chatroom Humor!

Credit to Lil teep on his/her blog at(if you like it make sure to go to the site and comment at the bottom of the post):


This is some pretty funny stuff...we all need a little humor sometimes.

Welcome to Irc chat#Rebublican 2008

Tom Tancredo: Has joined the channel.
Sam Brownback: Has joined the channel.
Duncan Hunter: Has joined the channel.
Mike Huckabee: Has joined the channel.
Willard Mitt Romney: Has joined the channel.
Rudy Giuliani: Has joined the channel.
Ron Paul: Has joined the channel.
John McCain: Has joined the channel.
Jim Gilmore: Has joined the channel
Tommy Thompson: Has joined the channel

#Tom Tancredo has changed handle to Tom_T1897
#Willard Mitt Romney has changed handle to Mitt Romney
#Sam Brownback has changed handle to fArMeRsOn2008
#Duncan Hunter has changed handle to hunterhunk08
#Mitt Romney has changed handle to MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008
#Mike Huckabee has changed handle to Huck4b33
#Rudy Giuliani has changed handle to 9_11_h8r_4_eva911
#Ron Paul has retained handle dr_no1776
#John McCain has changed handle to bsh_lovr_war_vet2939

hunterhunk08: ASL all?

Tom_T1897: 62/m/co here

Tom_T1897: u?

Tommy Thompson: sup peeps?

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: lol dude nice name

fArMeRsOn2008: 51/m/farmers son from ks

Tommy Thompson: shut up >:(

fArMeRsOn2008: me? whatd I do?

Tommy Thompson: no the other dude

Tommy Thompson: were cool bro

MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: lol hay guys

Jim Gilmore: hi everybody

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: hey evry1 today isnt 9/11 is it?

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: um no...

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: y?

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: ok just chekin

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: brb have a phonecall from my wife

MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: hello every1

MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: ;)

Jim Gilmore: has left the channel

MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: can u guys plz comment on my new pics?

Tom_T1897: everybody here from the us?

fArMeRsOn2008: yeah im a farmers son, from kanas

hunterhunk08: i am!

MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: im a christian. hey guys did u comment on my pics yet?

Huck4b33: hey everyone do u lik good things?

Huck4b33: i like good stuff and hate bad stuff ^_____^

dr_no1776: Hello all

dr_no1776: whats up? Im prolife and Im a doctor.

MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008 has changed handle to pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: im back, whats goin on is it 9/11???!?!?!

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: no lol shut up.

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: 9/11 was bad…i should kno i survived it

fArMeRsOn2008: i agree! my dad thought it was bad!

fArMeRsOn2008: he was a farmer

fArMeRsOn2008: im his son

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: 9/11 was bad, who here is a war vet?

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: LOL! look at these pics of my dog!!

dr_no1776: umm, thts gross dude

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: wow reminds me of 9/11!! Ur sick!

Tom_T1897: ummm nws that bro!

fArMeRsOn2008: more like nms am I rite?

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: :(

dr_no1776: lol seriously you guys, we gunna talk about som issues or wht??

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: umm dude uncool

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: i have issues with 9.11

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: r u sayin 9/11 was good!!?!?!!

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: ur sick bro

Huck4b33: yeah!

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: shut up huck4b33 y r u evn here? u werent even born on 9/11

hunterhunk08: hay guys remember me?

Huck4b33: dude chill im running for vice pres

Huck4b33: lol opps i mean prez

Huck4b33: not vice

Huck4b33: stupid keyboard

pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: O_o did u guys just see that?

pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: I won the iowa straw poll!!!!

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: um yea i would have been there but 9/11

Huck4b33: I came in second!! ^^

Huck4b33: *hugs pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008*

pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: dude ur startin to creep me out

Tom_T1897: um so nobody here is illegal rite?

pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008 has changed his handle to legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008

Tommy Thompson: this is boring.

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: rotfl ur just jealous cuz you didnt win the iowa poll

Tommy Thompson: whatevz bro

Tommy Thompson: this is boring anyway u guys are lame

Tommy Thompson: where the girls at?

fArMeRsOn2008: wrong party bro

Tommy Thompson: has left the channel

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: so did you guys comment on my pics yet?

dr_no1776: I hate taxes and the military industrial complex! =D

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: whateva bro

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: did u guys see my new haircut?

Huck4b33: yea i did

Huck4b33: lookin sweet ; )

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: 9/11 wasnt sweet!!!!

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: brb have to take a phonecall from my wife

fArMeRsOn2008: my dad was a farmer...his wife was my mom. I'm from kansas

hunterhunk08: lol guys im bored somebody talk to me?

hunterhunk08: *sits in a corner all alone

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: hey guys remember that time i fought in a war and you didn't?

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: i remember that time

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: i dunno if u guys would thou b/c u weren't there

dr_no1776: u guys we should totally get out of iraq 4 realz

Huck4b33: dude r u high?

Huck4b33: what a/b our honor?!?!!?!

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: loling @ dr_no1776

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: brb phone call

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: its from my wife

#Fred Thompson has entered the channel
#Fred Thompson has changed his name to lawl_n_order

lawl_n_order: sup guys

lawl_n_order:just lurkin

dr_no1776: lol guys any1 else a constitution luvr?

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: hey guys i just posted new pics

Huck4b33: commented ; )

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: ummm ‘nice abs’ dude r u gay?

Huck4b33: naw bro its cool im not like that

Huck4b33: gotta wife lol

fArMeRsOn2008: pics or its not real

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: yeah im calling bull on this one guys

hunterhunk08: *sings a little tune to himself*

hunterhunk08 lol guys im still here

hunterhunk08: *bakes cookies for his friends*

dr_no1776: the war on drugs is SO not working, dont tell me u guys are still into that.

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: lolling @ dr_no1776

dr_no1776: dude whts ur problem?

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: lol nothing dude jus remembering a really funny joke

dr_no1776: um sure

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: brb my wife is on the phone

Tom_T1897: so who here doesnt like mexcians?

Tom_T1897: u guys?

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: im back hey whered tommy tompson go?

fArMeRsOn2008: dude he left like forever ago

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: lol what a faggot

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: I mean homosexual

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: stupid keyboard

Huck4b33: lol sup stupid keyboard brother!

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: dude go away

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: im back lol

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: 9/11

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: 9/11

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: 9/11

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: 9/11

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: 9/11

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: 9/11

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: dude stop spamming

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: 9/11

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: 9/11

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: 9/11

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: seriously bro stop it!

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: lol brb wife on the phone again

Huck4b33: hay lawl_n_order u gunna talk or wht?

Huck4b33: dude?

lawl_n_order: its all good man just lurkin

Tom_T1897: who here likes Ronald Reagan?

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: me!

Huck4b33: me 2nd lol ;)

fArMeRsOn2008: didn’t he play a farmer in a movie or something?

fArMeRsOn2008: my dad was a farmer so i love tht guy

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: my wife (lol shes on the phone now) sayshes her hero

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: he survived 9/11

dr_no1776: u guys r all posers

dr_no1776: I liked him b/f it was cool

#Alan Keyes: has entered the channel

# Alan Keyes; has changed his handle to black_republican

black_republican: hay guys im playin 2 now

Huck4b33: hi black_republican!!!!! <^_^>

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: dude ur L8 we started w/o u

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: 9_11 an i already called top tier

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: ummm no wait

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: i called that when i came in

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: lol ur jokin rite?

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: sorry bro were playin calvin ball rules

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: first one to call top tier 911 times gets it!

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: top tier

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: top tier

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: top tier

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: top tier

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: top tier

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: shut up u lil moron

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: top tier

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: u wanna fite me in war?

Huck4b33: if anybody has honor here its war_vet!

Huck4b33: cant we all just get along? ^_^

Huck4b33: sends luff to everyone*

black_republican: this is teh gay man i dunno y im here

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: dudes what the crap u see lawl_n_order on leno?

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: dude wht r u doin?

lawl_n_order: im playin now 2 lol

lawl_n_order: lol i call top tier!

fArMeRsOn2008: no fair!

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: dude u cant do tht!

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: as people that lived throu 9/11 my wife and i take offense 2 tht!

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: u wanna tke it bak bro?

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: or mayb i should come ovr there an kick ur butt

lawl_n_order: lol internet tough guy

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: seriously dude i can get ur ip address and track u

lawl_n_order: lol im so scared

hunterhunk08: o crap u guys! thrd quartr is almost up!

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: o crap crap crap crap crap!

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: lol whteva dude im just gunna give myself some more bux

Huck4b33: lol I 4got to get anything

Huck4b33: wanna share? ;)

legal_pr0_lif3_MorMAN_hottie_4_u_2008: has blocked Huck4b33

Tom_T1897: ummm any1 who doesnt like mixcians giv me money plz?

fArMeRsOn2008: any1 wanna buy som crops?

hunterhunk08: brb gotta ask my mom 4 some money

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: my wfe says u shud all give me 9.11 bux

bsh_lovr_war_vet2939: no way dude r u nuts?

dr_no1776: lol chck out my website!!!!

Huck4b33: a million bux dude no way u r hackng!!!1!11

9_11_h8r_4_eva911: lol lamee u cheat worse then 9/11

black_republican: u guys wanna give me money?????

black_republican: plz check out my wishlist lol

black_republican: Ill giv u free ipod

Tom_T1897: is it made in mexico?

Tom_T1897: crap gtg soon guys maybe

dr_no1776: lol

dr_no1776: so law_n_order u gunna talk a/b som issues w/us?

lawl_n_order: ummm

lawl_n_order: dude im busy rite now

lawl_n_order: afk

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that is too funny!

still laughing!

That was incredibly

That was incredibly immature, but im laughing my ass off so.

Ron Paul 08

Ron Paul 08