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"Why hasn't Obama closed down Guantanamo bay yet ?"

A friend of mine asked this question on Facebook. I ask you this question, because you guys know better than I do about the reasons that the Obama Administration has failed to close the prison as it had once promised.

One reason that was given thus far was:

"Its actually hard to close down given that basically US courts have said the that they wont process the cases. The issue is where do you host the trials or send the people. There arent enough places to detain or hold trials. Obama signed an executive order to start closing it as his very first act and has been working on it ever since. its a tough and terrible situation but no easy path out."

He cited this article as a reference:

While it's the strongest argument of that discussion, it strikes me as sounding apologist for the Obama administration. I'd like to know if there is a better explanation than the one given.

Your thoughts?

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Wewease Woger...

Wewease Brian!

let them go, if they were criminals in the first place, the courts would hear their cases...

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