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Retirement Account Grab - The Probing Begins

Proposing a $3 mil. cap on tax advantaged accounts. This likely doesn't affect 90% of Americans but it's the start of their probing to see how we react.

Government sometimes chips away at us little by little so most people don't notice the change. This is part of the beginning of the war on the last source of liquid wealth left in this country - Retirement Accounts.


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Alex Jones Predicted This

months ago.


You aren't kidding

"Government always chips away at us little by little so most people don't notice the change."

Oh you mean like taxes and liberty? (sarcasm)

Of course, this will NOT INCLUDE....

Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Wall Street elitists, Bernanke & his cronies & the families who own the FED--JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Rothschilds, England entities, and anyone else they want to shield from this atrocity, etc.

But, it will be unfairly for everyone else they want to target.

change always to "sometimes"

change "always" to "sometimes" then

No, I actually agree with your statement in its original form

. I wasn't being sarcastic "towards" you, but in general. Sorry if you misunderstood.

Ah, no problem I actually did

Ah, no problem I actually did read it that way. I guess I've gotten so used to be people acting hostile on here.

Thanks for the comment ecard71! :)

The Elitist Agenda Has No Boundries

They float their social, communist ideas in front of the unsuspecting population to gauge the reaction. It's like they are mad doctors injecting cancer cells into the minds of America. Will the malignant neoplasm take hold? Will the inherent immune system of liberty and freedom rebel and kill the cancer?

The oligarchs and plutocrats have declared perpetual war against the body politic. They will contrive every possible means to steal, subjugate and enslave all of us if we do not resist them.

Close your commercial banks accounts, sell whatever equities you have in the phony casino financial markets. Get your money out while you can or be prepared to experience the American version of what has happened in Cyprus.

Never, never, never trust the government or their media controlled propagandists.

Not a grab but

rather a backdoor to inheritance. I had a discussion once with a liberal. He believed I had no right to inherit any wealth my parents had accumulated. This is just an attempt to tax a retirement account prior to death.

As it stands now you are required to start drawing on an inherited retirement account at a minimum of 10℅ per year IIRC. This gets taxed as regular income. We are the first generation to inherit retirement accounts. Seems the master is getting antsy and wants his cut now.

They want the monopoly on building family wealth.