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That's not how to end the NWO, THIS is.

(Disclaimer: I'm personally working on some of these but am not fundraising here.)

The Common Problem
I do not see it as a possible solution one bit to awaken the masses and call for them to rally behind any solution. The only solutions that will work are the ones which can be implemented by much smaller groups. If around 10% or less could make a significant change in one area by themselves, then that has a shot at both it's goals and waking up more people. However, if we rely on big strategies that take 51% or 80% or whatever, we are doomed.

Most solutions generally focus on telling people to compromise something to do the right thing and the result will be bliss. Maybe ignorant bliss. There's no way simply telling people to do the right thing will work. As I detailed out in another comment, in all those battles, we can gain all we want, but the other side is gaining upwards of 7,000 people each day. Every day. (This is the attrition number of our population entering and leaving each stage of life.)

The other aspect is that people will not compromise until they see the whites of their captor's eyes behind the sights of a rifle. They currently live in a world where they KNOW that all things have been tried before, with no success, so why try. If you want them to do the right thing, you must find a way to give them incentives that appeal to them right now. Ask yourselves how to get lots of people to do a specific change while competing with the existing materialist market that they live in.

For example... Take the GMO / HFCS / Pharma / Chemtrail / Fluoride / Food Shortage front. We know the solution is to get people to eat locally grown, organic foods. We know this leads to locally grown meats and dairy. We know that by doing this they not only increase their own health and self sufficiency but it decreases TPTB power in this industry. If only there was a way to make gardening viral?

If this is the scenario, which I believe it is, then why not create a very attractive solution that has so much appeal it just might go viral? Why not produce a solution which removes the big hassles and regulations of gardening and replaces it with saving enough money to excite people. Why not sell them a fully automated garden in a box?

They could simply plug it in, add seeds and return to harvest foods like vegetables and fish. We could even include solar to plug it in to.

It's hard to argue that if we could provide such a magic box at a low price that people wouldn't be falling over each other to get one. At first, only the hard-core preppers and activist types would be onboard. After they mentioned how much money they were saving and how many benefits they now had to their neighbors, more people would be buying one. As this progresses, hopefully at some exponential rate, the related industries will lose much of their control.

But we're still stuck with producing such a box. Well, that's where there's good news. In every area that you can find a set of problems, there has been created such a solution. I've tracked these exact type of solutions now for over 2 years and I cannot find one problem that hasn't already been solved. More on them later.

So why aren't they taking off? Because solutions like this get, not support from investors, they get manipulated towards going bankrupt. Time after time, these innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs get involved with some investor that takes control of their business and "helps to commercialize" it. This never ends well for someone trying to provide a comprehensive solution at a low cost to out-compete an entire industry. Think of it like the cold fusion black box looking for funding from a bank that holds stock in oil. It's not only not going to happen. It's going to get co-opted into oblivion.

Our job, now is to get these people the support and funding they need to get on their feet. Most often, it isn't even that much. We just have to remember that they are producing these solutions on their own dime while trying to survive the same family struggles that the rest are wrestling with.

Let's briefly investigate some of the problems and the solutions trying to make it to market. I'm doing the first two, so I'll start there to give an idea of why progress is stagnant with them and others' technologies.

Self Contained Aquaponics In A Box
The food solution I mentioned above is pretty easy. I have not 'found' a perfect solution out there so I was forced to create my own. As I see it, the solution is a grow wheel that rotates plants through vertical space, above a fish tank with a compost bin attached and all runs automated, from purified water that's generated from the air, lit by efficient LED grow lights, powered by solar and that has a fully closed life-cycle. It is not ready for prime time, but it certainly is compact, self sufficient, out of the chemtrail/GMO air (it's designed for indoors) and works nicely. I've got most of that working (rebuilding it again now) but it still needs some external fish food. Maybe chickens or more duckweed should be added but that would take much more space than the 6 foot cube I designed it for. Even the hassles of aquaponics are planned to be solved because I'm building a controller that monitors pH, nitrates/nitrites, ammonia, EC, temp and controls temp, water flow, lighting, and some mineral balancing. Using an Arduino processor, this should be easy but it's still out of my current budget.

Solar Heat Powered Home Energy
About 12 years ago, I designed my first new Stirling engine that breaks the barriers of today's existing engines. Now I have 3 well proven versions that are capable of numerous configurations.

They can be powered from stored heat that's concentrated from the sun or created some other way. They generate either shaft power or direct electricity. And they waste some heat in a controlled area where it can be re-used for heating things like water, homes and heat-driven air conditioners.

If used on a house, I have two mirror configurations that fit well with different home designs. One is a roof array (low profile and nice looking) and the other is a 15' satellite style dish from the 80's. These both have heat storage that can be sized up for many day's worth of energy as well as being topped off by any auxiliary burner.

If used in a car, a suitable fuel can be burned in a very efficient, controlled manner for high density electricity production. This means that you could easily replace a V8 engine and transmission with a Stirling generator, a thermal buffer and an electric motor. This would yield quite a fuel savings, as well as offering multi-fueling capability.

If used on a massive scale in the ocean, it could generate vast amounts of power for around 10% of current costs and provide tons of free waste byproducts of salt and desalinated steam. Steam in this continuous quantity could be piped on-shore and even inland for hundreds of miles before it condensed, providing coastal fresh water that could alleviate them suing inland states for their river water.

I have all the principles proven and most of the parts made. I have very crude looking versions that worked but had this or that bug. What I don't have is a full working model that shows the entire process so people can see it. I've partnered with two different companies for funding and we're making progress but the numbers are now topping 8, 9 and 10 digits. Kind of makes it hard to keep it a low cost solution. :(

Hydrogen Storage
This is the single key to powering cars from a cheap and clean renewable source. It should not be thought of as a source but more like a battery. If you make the hydrogen in your garage from solar (under a thousand dollars), you get half that power available in your car. People think this is bad efficiency but they do not realize that no fossil fuel is higher than about 15% total efficiency when the entire cycle is considered. Some are as low as 3%. The problem is in storing enough energy in a light, small and cheap system.

This is where the guys at www.switch2hydrogen.com have solved our problems. They created a hydride powder that absorbs (like a sponge) hydrogen in what I describe as a condensed state. Placed inside a scuba sized tank, it can hold over 120 miles range for a traditional car and does it under no pressure. They have to induce a little heat to get the H2 to boil out, so it's inherently safe under all accident scenarios. It takes the maximum from 4 such tanks working in parallel to fuel a V8 so there's no danger of any buildup in the system. It is cheap and can be mass produced but requires an element that China has a monopoly over. Recent geo-political events have effectively shut down this progress. I can't help but think that with the right support, this could be brought to market rather fast. Their initial price (pre-politics) was $10k to retrofit an existing car and that even included the solar panels and garage tanks.

Mass (commuting) Transit
There are two very viable solutions available here.

First is www.skytran.net where they have designed a rail that can be hung on power poles to provide individual maglev access to the neighborhood level. This solves the last mile problem (getting to a train station) while providing extremely cheap transportation with no up-front costs to the end user. The system is fully automated, silent, fast and can even be directed through larger buildings such as factories, stadiums, malls and schools. It needs less maintenance than roads do and are cheaper than a two lane road. The beauty of this can be seen in so many areas but to the end user, the biggest one has to be that when you include all stages of the trip (driving, parking, tickets, boarding a plane/train, traffic), this is the fastest way to travel any trip of less than 400 miles.

Unfortunately, the funding game (and the railroad monopoly) has driven them to other countries so unless we step up, we won't see this one for another decade.

Second, with the above 'last hundred mile' solution available, we could pair that with ET3's Evacuated Tube Transport system at http://www.et3.com/ to extend those pod-cars' range internationally. This would be pretty simple to do from the technical standpoint and would increase the 200-250 mph speed limit of the pods to over 4,000 mph for long trips.

Currently, there have been no proposals to marry these two yet but I feel it's inevitable.

Money And Banking
Many here already know of the solutions I'm going to promote here so I'll just list them. When viewed as a group, it's easy to see them displacing entire financial industries from banks to investing to loans and even to insurance.
Dwolla is a payment processor like VISA which charges 25 cents.
Bitcoin is an alternative, anonymous, encrypted digital currency.
Kickstarter and Indiegogo are donation, pre-sales and support sites.
Kiva and Prosper are micro-loan sites, operating peer-to-peer.

There are too many other partial solutions to mention that each fill in some missing piece of this pie. Some may survive and some may not, but the overall direction is clear. Money is rapidly losing it's monopoly over our everyday lives. I'm still waiting for the solutions to crop up that kill's it's monopoly over our economy but I think breaking into the market of worker paychecks would be the death knell.

Communication, Education, Information
The internet has ushered in so many alternatives in these areas that I doubt anyone exists that can give a comprehensive overview. Between sites like Khan Academy and universities offering their courses online for free... between alternative media, petitions and collaborative groups... between the encrypted TOR network and the various mesh internet initiatives... these movements have now transformed into non-controllable forces of their own. There is now no way to shut down the entire internet because it has morphed into something that can survive over Ethernet, fiber, phone backbones, cell phone signals, ham radio, telephone line BBS and if need be, even physically transported flash drives.

Election Accountability
I posted on a solution to this a while back. A solution I believe in is to get one 'change' made in the federal election reporting process. I'm not sure if it's best to push for an amendment or a law or just a regulation change but surely, one of those could be possible with enough public support.

The change would simply be to have the FEC require a standardized format for states to report their results in. By mandating this to be a one-way-hashed code that's publicly available, it means that there are no more transparency issues. Since these codes would not allow personally identifying info to be traced backward to any individual, the entire process would be opened up. It would be fully secure to even allow private entities 'calculate' your vote to be sent to the FEC. This makes it attractive to struggling municipalities because the entire process can be voluntary. People could instantly verify their code was accepted at every level from county and town to state to federal.

Since it does not relate to how states decide to structure their voting, it has no Constitutional roadblocks. It is merely an accounting path that runs parallel to their existing ones. However, the effective result is that the people gain the power to see all errors (and corruption) in the system instantly. You can find the details at: http://www.dailypaul.com/252505/support-the-rules-change-and...

Many more to come...
There are many more solutions in many other areas. A few industries which will soon not be a problem are clean water, desertification, deforestation, landfill and sewage waste, marine depletion, cancer / autism, over population and many (not all!!!) rare element shortages. I could list them for another hour but you get the idea. To keep up with them has become virtually impossible. What this means is that there are no longer technical problems but activation problems.

What all these solutions have in common is a few very specific factors. As I mentioned above, they are all cheaper and provide more benefits to the end user. This makes them attractive on an emotional (read that as viral-capable) level. But the other attractions they have should not be overlooked. They each have a sound business model to remain in the black. That means they are not dependent on debt financing, the perpetual growth model or external control. They each are distributed (sans the implied mass transit pun) meaning they can start anywhere and everywhere at once making them hard to control. Most importantly, they each can be started by a small group that's awake and offered to the public on their 'materialistic' terms without waking them all up first.

This is the critical point in all this. Since it's impossible to wake up enough people to get them to make large changes, we should be gathering the small groups it takes to bring these type of solutions to market. Then they can be adopted by the masses simply because of a personally beneficial decision. That's how you make an entire society change quickly. And that's how to leverage a few small groups of active, aware people to win the war with the NWO.

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deacon's picture

iron deficiency?

why? a good friend told me to put a few rusty nails
in the mix :)
i just hope the lil fishies don't step on them

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Your friends got you covered!

Something about metabolizing nitrogen, if my rusty memory serves me... but a few rusty nails, or a bit of liquid chelated iron are the usual fixes.
Maybe you should get the fish a tetanus vaccine just in case? ;)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Do tell us all

How exactly do you test for those 'other things'. Do you buy test strips or chemical drops over and over for each test? Are they free or $10 each/month? Does that cost add up or do you tell people it's a minor occasional cost? Would a scientific "gadget" that displays all of them all day long eliminate this ongoing expense?

What about pH? YOU say to check this every few days but did such an expert as yourself know that if your pH drops for a few hours or rises too high for half a day, it can set your harvest back 3-10 days? No? Do you know how many things can build up before starting to change it, making it change within 3-4 hours? Well, maybe there's some room for a little science here. I may not know every interaction between each factor yet, but at least I'm learning more all the time and trying to put that into practice.

What about media? You insinuate that the numerous problems with it can be dealt with by soaking it. Since you are the anointed DP expert and you did come here to critique MY system, if you had actually read my OP with a non-critiquing, open mind, you would know that no medium is even used. I'm sure you've heard of aeroponics though so I won't explain it?

Off the top of my head, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Iron, Sulfur, Molybdenum, Boron, shading, too dense of planting and not enough air to the roots. Those are the minerals and problems that could be deficient if the leaves look yellow. Each has a different color, location and pattern showing so you can't simply say "yellow is lack of iron". Every different geography on the planet has a different make-up of water. How would you feel if you told someone to add iron for yellow leaves when their problem was actually just the Potassium? As I said above, that one took a year to figure out (I think I said it was phosphorous though.)

Do you see yet how a little actual research and science could help people more than just saying, 'this is how I did it and it works so don't mess with it'? Like I said before, I'll say again so you don't get anything in a bunch, I'm not arguing against any of your methods or techniques. You came here to assess my system and you haven't said one good word about it yet and you end up saying I have "no experience". Well, that's arrogant, ignorant and just plain rude. You've said you have been doing this for more than 2 years. I've been at it, albeit following a different path, for nearly 4 so take your condescension elsewhere. You might check some of your ego by reading the other comments. HTH

BTW: Your attitude a long time ago on this is why I won't post any pics until it's perfected. Just sayin'.

It's kind of hit and miss

I've spoken with people who have water that didn't work so well. Others could use straight tap water. It's kind of a guess. Sounds like you got lucky, like maybe 60% from what I hear. At my house, I have way too high of phosphorus, nitrogen and chlorine coming from the tap. I learned quickly how to aerate the chlorine out of it but not how to change the other mineral levels. Then they sprouted but quickly went dormant right afterward. When I got the bacteria process going to create nitrates from nitrites (from ammonia) and added fish, it killed them in days. It took me almost a year (wanting to give up many times) to figure out what was going on. I ended up using only rainwater (after completely flushing every pipe, ironically with chlorine). So, as a result from talking to many people from this country and a few others, I learned that if you want a 'more' foolproof system that everyone can use, it really is helpful to see those numbers.

EC is electrical conductivity, aka - turbidity. It means the amount of particles in the water. Different plants have different tolerance and some of the other factors can even affect that range. Some people measure it in PPM but that's just the scale (parts per million) of how many particles are in it. I used to automate waste water treatment plants and they have high dollar monitors for turbidity so I knew there were electrodes that could measure these things. That's what led me to try and create a universal controller that could handle it all in one.

If you're interested to see just how complicated this CAN get, check out:
http://youtu.be/ICUB3eZrJD4 and

Those guys in the Netherlands are so exacting in everything, they monitor 56 parameters for EACH PLANT in all those beds on all those levels, every 30 seconds of it's life. It's a massive computer database you can eat, LOL.

I prefer to do things on a smaller scale but I still wanted the high growth rates and high area density so I started with the concept behind the Omega Garden at http://youtu.be/84zh7XL15n8 . Then I added just enough automation to cover the most troublesome pitfalls without increasing the cost that much over the grow lights.

1) Global Government Tax

1) Global Government Tax Failure(carbon tax), Check.

2) US Gun grabbing Failure, Check.

3) Muslim Control Failure, Check.

4) Western Banking Failure, Check.

5) Growing Anti-New World Order crowd massive, Check.

6) MSM viewership rating Failure, Check.

I could go on.

How do I bookmark this post?

How do I bookmark this post?

Right Mouse Click

and then "Bookmark this page"

Aquaponics has been in a lot of talks

here at the DP. I've been looking for all kinds of ways to save money and your post gives me more motivation to do it.


There's a commerical rain tower for $500, but I think building it would be more fun, plus, the obvious savings.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

If you have $500 that you're considering spending

put that into LED grow lights. The price is still dropping but the output of the latest "CREE" brand is nothing short of phenomenal. Unless you have a greenhouse in a very sunny location, you're most likely going to be shortened by seasons or daylight lengths. With grow lights, you can pare your crop down to just producing what you need each week of the entire year.

As you might guess, I'm not a big fan of canning. Maybe it's the memories of getting sent to that creepy old underground root-cellar when I was a kid?

deacon's picture

these bulbs are cheaper

even for getting 25 for 50 bucks
mix red/blue together 3 to 1 ratio,with the red 3 blue 1
and these will be able to work with my solar panel also

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Cheaper but dimmer

A few things to consider...

Those bulbs are 3-4 lumens (amount of light) and cost $2. That's as much as 200 times less than the intensity of a single 100 watt incandescent bulb.

Sure, they only draw .06 watts so you can add lots but not at $2 each. To get to a typical grow light intensity of 8000 lumens, you'll spend $4k. Even CFLs will run $2k but there's a different problem.

One wonderful thing about LEDs is that they produce only one exact color. Plants totally ignore all colors (like green - they reflect it) that they don't use. So why spend money giving them anything but royal blue, dark red and orange-red (430, 620 and 660 nm)? When buying grow lights, just buy those colors and save cost, wasted heat and power.

I went through this 2 years ago and found that the product offerings was lacking in those colors but now there are many more options. There's also much higher output - they're approaching 200 Lm/W. Price is plummeting and others are beginning to make very creative assemblies to put them together. I originally paid $500 for 104 watts, yielding 8,800 lumens in just those 3 colors. A quick search finds that prices are half that and power consumption can now be 60% of that.

Normally, this much light would cover a smallish grow bed if it was laying flat. The system I'm using in the OP actually wraps the plants around the light and rotates them hourly. This provides light to roughly 3-4 times the number of plants. In essence, I get 120 sq. ft. of 'footprint' covered by a light designed for about 6-8 sq. ft. It's pretty cool, but best of all, it speeds the growth up as much as 3-4 times as fast. Not bad when you're indoors and aren't restricted to seasons anymore.

Here's a few links to get you thinking. Reading a little first might help understand how it all relates. Hopefully soon, you can simply buy it complete.

www.omegagarden.com (look at the FAQ regarding light coverage and 'orbitropism'.

That's exactly

what we have to do. I live in WA and it's only sunny maybe 3 months out of the year.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Cyril's picture

BUMP. Hear.



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

The probelm is the State.

It is through government that people like these are able to force their agenda on others.

Government is nothing but force, in the market all exchanges are voluntary.

A business can't force you to buy from them, a government however can force you to buy from a business.

A business has to gain your voluntary consent, the government does as it pleases, whether you consent or not.

Without government as a coercive tool, corporations and banks would have to compete for your business, when government is involved they can simply force competition out of existence through lobbying government.

The State empowers people like this to institute their agenda at the point of a gun, without the State they are powerless.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

That's kind of the reason for this method

Using the food system as an example, if the government wants to control food, the people can buy local.

If the government puts restrictions on sales of any food, they can grow a garden themselves.

If the government still wants to regulate gardens, as in the MN couple that were fined for a front yard garden, or even kill them off with chemtrails and GMO cross-pollination, the food system above allows them to bring the system indoors (away from government eyes).

It even reduces the heat, water and supplies load so government can't identify it as being above normal usages. (Think power bill and heat cameras to identify growers.)

If they come after those selling such a system, the entire design is something that could be downloaded and built by the homeowner. Most of the other solutions are built around these principles to varying degrees.

Which government force do you think they will stop with? Which step will the people stop with?


the words out of my mouth great comment!

Albert Camus — 'The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.'

Love it!

Like another commenter said, many of the details sail over my head. But it's good to know we've got folks like you on our side. Hopefully I can find a clever way to contribute as well in some way.

You could start an investment site?

Whether you do the work or you coax some programmer friends into doing it, you could offer an online place where people can 'invest' in businesses under a non-regulated, open platform.

Say someone wants to raise money to get started. They could post their rough business plan on the site. Others could critique it on merit and financial soundness and other factors. Then it could go into an offering stage where the deal is offered. For example, "I would like $150k up front with a line of credit open to $1M and I am offering 20% of final profits for 2 years, capped between $2M (pmts out to 5 years) and $20M (should things really take off). Then people can decide if they want to risk some ownership for 2-5 years with a certain risk that they'll lose it all, a different risk of getting doubled and yet another risk of a 20:1 return.

Currently, for such an offer, the investors I've met have wanted 4 of the 5 board positions, 80% share ownership, no exit where the entrepreneur can keep ownership and they wanted a guarantee that the initial $150k was all they had to invest. This stuff has killed many technologies.

However, the above deal would eliminate the cause for most small businesses to close their doors in the first year (investor greed). This would mean more become profitable and could reach that 20:1 return level. But even if they only were able to pay back the 2:1 rate over 5 years (barely surviving), the investors would be getting much a better return on their money than had they invested in the stock market via a brokerage.

I 'personally' know of more than $3B worth of investment potential for companies that would jump on this if they trusted that existing restrictions weren't still in play. If only there was an anonymous money that could be exchanged where bank regulators couldn't restrict it...

You nailed it!

"people will not compromise until they see the whites of their captor's eyes behind the sights of a rifle...If you want them to do the right thing, you must find a way to give them incentives that appeal to them right now. Ask yourselves how to get lots of people to do a specific change while competing with the existing materialist market that they live in...This makes them attractive on an emotional (read that as viral-capable) level...Most importantly, they each can be started by a small group that's awake and offered to the public on their 'materialistic' terms without waking them all up first."

I've been thinking along these lines for some time. Most in the liberty movement are concerned with "waking up" people. How effective do we really think it is to tell people they've been stupid and gullible for years and all their heroes are stealing and killing? (see video below) TPTB have been very good at gaining the support of the sheeple even though most DON'T support TPTB agenda; I don't see why we can't harness that same power.


Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

I remember that movie--

and I remember how it made me feel--

Thanks for the reminder--

I think that (and I didn't post this directly under the OP for some reason) some of us are just too worn out to follow our dreams. We tried; we tried to do everything alternatively, and then we lost a lot of money (after 9/11) and got old--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Solar power is already all

Solar power is already all the rage in Germany and definitely here in India.

My mother spent a lot of time designing my parents' house. It has 24/7 hot water through a solar heater. There is a constant breeze because of solar chimneys which is a very new concept. Every room, every lobby has doors and windows facing outside, and the guest room where I generally stay actually has one whole side covered with wood and glass, facing the pool.

The pool uses a perennial river to constantly refresh a third of the water everyday and so they don't use harmful chemicals like bleach to keep it pristine and blue. For security they have a beautiful, healthy German shepherd. For power savings, they use LED lights, so the bill, even in summers is the equivalent of $15 a month.

They seldom need air conditioning because of the ventilation and because the roof is painted white to reflect most of the heat.

I will be honest, I don't care much about the whole NWO thing, but I like the garden in a box idea. Can you give me some more information regarding the kind of investment you are looking for, your market and infrastructure required to get such a venture going? If commercial farming in my country could be supported by subsistence farming implememting better utilization of land it would be a great help to our vast agricultural population.

That's awesome.

Great comment! My kudos to your mom (and parents) on their house project. It has numerous features that I want to use in my dream house so it would be interesting to learn more on it. I've been collecting solutions like those for many years, waiting to get to put them all together.

The way it is currently laid out, it uses one big draft chimney in the middle in a way similar to how the southern plantations kept those big homes cool (70 deg F all summer) by pulling air from either underground, the north side or the pool area. I assume yours is using the same principle. My difference is that I'm not using direct sunlight or even firewood exclusively (it's an option) to heat the chimney. I'm thermo-siphoning my excess solar heat to a zone that just heats the fireplace chimney. When choked for air, it heats the house. When the draft is allowed, it cools it. My auxiliary house blower is routed to simply enhance this effect but hopefully it will rarely be needed.

Being an automation engineer, the zoning becomes very simple. A person can even do this really cheap now by using a wireless router called the "Almond +". It basically allows someone to start a whole-house automation system in a $100 box. You can see it on kickstarter. It has a touchscreen interface that can talk to zigbee, Z-wave and WiFi devices (the open-sourced automated devices like switches, relays, thermostats and dimmers). Add a little Arduino controller and ala-cart a few of the thousands of code modules (that 13 year olds have written) and you can control just about anything. See the list of mix-and-match modules at www.ros.org - it's scary what there is already code written for!

(Side note: For about $300 and a compressor, a person could piece together a face tracking, turret mounted, 2400 FPS, 3D printed, fully automatic, air rifle with complete remote control. ...but who would want such a thing?!!!)

My pool design is pretty ambitious too. You may have heard of 'natural pools' where they use specific plants in channels around a regular pool to purify the water. There are no chemicals involved. Just grasses, plants, algaes on pottery and sometimes even some fishies. I'm planning to change that up a little. I want to create a gentle flow between two pools. One is for swimming and the other for a garden. The solar system has a large reservoir of heat which needs to be cooled to 90 F or so. So after it heats the house stuff (water heating, etc.) at 130 F, it goes to this water flow. It heats the water after the pond cleans it, and sends it to a hot tub section at 110 F. From there the water falls into the pool and then circulates back to the pond. Make-up water can no come from virtually any source (that's non-toxic) and start the process at the beginning of the pond. (Google ram pump) I hope to have at least 4 species of fish included.

Indoors, the grow-wheel somewhat follows what they're doing at http://www.omegagarden.com/ . I'm doing everything in a different way, like to hold the plants, to power the wheel, self balancing, feeding and even watering, but as far as the plants know, it's the same. I've eliminated all the consumables by doing it this way. Since my root watering now takes place 1-3 feet above the fish tank water line, the drops aerate the water too. This allows me to fill the tank almost 2 feet deep with no active aeration. Roots that get too long get 'trimmed' by the fish. Leaves, roots and other cuttings collect on the water and get 'encouraged' toward a simple conveyor that lifts them to a compost barrel. Think of this like a concrete mixer with a screen at the bottom. Turning this once per day with two big river rocks inside, chews up the material slow enough that I can host some black fly larvae inside. These little guys speed the composting process up to 24-48 hours while they eliminate all odors. Amazing stuff. Interesting also, is that just before they are ready to change to flies, they first climb to high ground to escape compost heat. With a ramp in their location, they will climb right over it and fall into the fish water for a high protein supplement to the worms the came from the compost screenings. Cool, huh?

The entire system takes 20-175 watts (depending on whether the LED grow lights are on) and less than a gallon per day make-up. It yields the equivalent of 150+ sq. feet of grow space in about 50 sq. feet of footprint. Due to rotating the plants, fruits and veggies are much meatier and the harvest cycle is shortened by 15 - 60%. Who needs food storage when you get a continuous crop every few days all year long?

Unfortunately, I have let that project go a little bit. My investment headhunting team wants me to focus more on the solar application of the Stirling. We've rewritten the business plan over a dozen times in the last 8 months and it's getting tedious. If you (or any other readers) PM me, we can skype and see what all might come of it, but I'm not going to discuss funding stuff here.

This is an excellent post.

This is an excellent post.

The only ONE solution to NWO is KOG

Thanks for sharing! Let's keep sharing the Word.

You may enjoy also http://relate4ever.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/replacing :-)

Download inspiring vibrant housemusic for the Ron Paul liberty revolution from http://theremixlabel.com

ah, our friend from . . .


Good to see him again.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

What is the hydride?

Does the NRC regulate lithium?


Free includes debt-free!

Oh, yes.

Lithium-VI is the actual isotope, I think. That is used somewhere in the nuclear process so yes, it is regulated. However, there is a huge loophole. There are many restrictions on buying and selling it, but none on making your own and using a different final product (like the hydride here). So... this guy, who is an ex-nuclear engineer, built his own personal particle accelerator to create the stuff. Talk about DIY! Unfortunately, it still relies on something else that is almost exclusively mined in China. That's all I know on this front.

I thought I recognized that Corvette

I think he was transmuting beryllium into lithium.

Cool stuff.

Free includes debt-free!

Tamckissick, You're a Credit to Your Profession

I like many of your ideas because they represent what engineering can do when a problem is analyzed and possible solutions rendered. I admit that much of the science you write about is over my head because like many people, I'm an 'end user' of products and services, not a developer.

At least your concepts of what can be done do not involve violence. Your ideas don't threaten anyone, blow up property or kill people; they represent viable answers to the fundamental material needs of a society. That's says a lot. You are a gear-head and I mean that in those most complementary way. The country needs men (and women) like you who can put emotion aside to think and reason the root of a problem and devise alternatives to make things better.

Unfortunately the main challenge America is headed towards in these contemporary times is financial ruin due to the profligate self-serving polices of a run-away central government. We have reached the economic Rubicon that will rapidly push us towards the event horizon of a dystopian black hole that will inevitably swallow us whole.

The only way to slow it down is to disconnect from the federal government now, as much as possible. Get out of the casino stock markets and draw down your bank accounts so that you only have enough to pay recurring debt. Accumulate cash. Your idea of self-sufficiency (aquaponics) makes perfect sense and to that I would add the long term storage of food and water and whatever hardware (you know what that means) is available to protect yourself and your family.

The end of everything is coming. I know it sounds preposterous, unbelievable and frightening; the rant of an old man. Imagine; we should be exploring the galaxy in this 21st century yet government leaders around the world still cling to 11th century barbarism.

At this moment in time it's not about politics or religious conviction. It's about survival and the future of civilization.

Prepare now.