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Police State Horror in Omaha


Tactix94@yahoo.com for any questions about the video
Video recorded by Michael S Lynch II.
The two males were seeing why the vehicles were being towed. The male in the blue truck pulled up late after getting out he asked officers why the cars were being towed, cops asked him things which i wasnt able to hear he moved towards the front left fender then towards the front bumper when he started walking back towards his drivers door it seemed to appear thats what he was either directed to do or was doing out of free will. Instantly the officer from behind him pursued a takedown forcing extreme force just to cuff him. The office put his knee in his back and neck taking multiple punches also the brother was recording and the officer seen him as to close to the other officers while doing so they proceeded with all that he moved to the side walk the rest of what he did was on the video but when the man filming took off towards the house to give the camera to his aunt, who is handicapped and wheel chair bound sitting in the hallway the whole time when he got into the house she was knocked down. Later admitted by the officer arresting him outside. I was not able to hear much more then the camera itself so everything they said was not heard.

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Why So Many Cops

Just to abuse 2 guys that weren't even criminals? The cops just keep getting crazier and crazier. You would have thought they were after Charles Manson or something.


Arrest the cops

We need to start working towards developing security forces that will arrest cops that commit violent crimes. Clearly the system will not enforce itself. The system clearly does not know the meaning of Equal Justice under the Law or the Golden Rule. What would happen if we treated cops this way? The cops would kill anyone who did unto them as they do unto others.

It is everyone's responsibility to uphold the law (I don't mean unlawful codes and statutes, I mean Common Law Breach of Peace or Breach of Duty) and if We the People are going to continue to allow the lawlessness of the police state to grow unabated then we deserve the tyranny that will result.

I think the police state issue is where the liberty movement can work with inner city and minority communities to build large diverse coalitions that shatter the class warfare paradigm and shatter the false claims of racism. This can also enable us to build large and diverse security forces and intelligence networks strong enough to let the cops know that tyranny will not be tolerated AT ALL!

We can combine the intent of these coalitions as both the positive aspects of self-sustainability and self-independence of high density farming as well as the need to build large intelligence networks that will work together to route out dangerous psychopathic criminals whether a "cop" or otherwise.

We need to begin building our own publicly available intelligence dossiers that identify, track and document criminals claiming to be "government". This system should be structured for the purpose of building criminal cases against any of them who do not ONLY respond to consent of accusers who are members of the governed (not government) accepting liability for their accusation against another. They need to see that we are organized and focus and watching their every move. They need to know that we understand law and that the contracts they volunteered for put us in the seat of authority NOT them. They need to realize that we are explicitly seeking to identify and target for justice any criminal who Breaches the Peace of anyone else for any reason and that we have means and organization to do so.

When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

I love the public dossier idea!

Sort of like the SPLC, except it would be an organization that is actually righteous.

The video was very troubling.

The video was very troubling.

First of all, why are the cars being towed?

Second, why was the first guy assaulted by the police?

Third, why did the second guy get in trouble when he was merely freely speaking his mind in a natural way?

Fourth, why did the cops enter that guys house?

Fifth, why did so many cops come? Was that a police helicopter at the end?

Sixth, why the fuck is this happening in our country?

This is what cops do now. They think they are immune from the law. We need to make public servants legally liable for violating our rights. The current laws are rigged to let cops do what they want, but we need to change that.

I think there should be a law that all cops must have video and audio at all times, and everything they do on the job should be live streamed and stored on the internet. Failure to provide video for any arrest will result in the automatic release of the detainee.

This is the type of BS they try to do in CA. Sitting in your own tax payer funded park is apparently a crime where I am.

This is the type of shit that motivates me to be a DA when I graduate from LS and arrest every single one of these cops for sever violations of the law. If these guys weren't cops and they used that type of force, it would be called assault, organized crime, breaking and entering, etc etc etc. Those cops should be ashamed. Why are there that many cops in Omaha? There had to be 30 cops there. The average cop in CA makes around 100k a year. Assuming this is true there too (there was a range of lower ranking and higher ranking cops there), there was probably 3 million a year worth of cops for two non-violent citizens. Am I the only one troubled by this? Instead of raising taxes, why not cut the police force in half?

I'm going to work to get this

"I think there should be a law that all cops must have video and audio at all times, and everything they do on the job should be live streamed and stored on the internet. Failure to provide video for any arrest will result in the automatic release of the detainee."

I'm going to work to get this on the agenda at our local town council meeting. I'll probably get arrested for trying!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

That's a pretty great idea, but I can see a downside-

Like sometimes for routine interactions w/citizens, cops can "let you off" for whatever offense you did, but, if it's all livestream then the cops' command structure would just reprimand them for not executing the proper procedure in a given situation. And also no one would want to be a cop if every movement they made could instantly make them liable in a court of law. But it sure would clamp down on bs like what happened in this video.

Oh, and then people would also shoot down the idea due to claims that a lot of law enforcement actions need some level of secrecy so as not to tip off the criminals.

There shouldn't be many laws

There shouldn't be many laws other than firm laws that have to do with protecting the life liberty and property of the population. Although, this should be decided on a local level.

People get let off a petty things, like speeding a little, rolling through a stop sign, etc

None of those should be laws anyway. I think stop signs should be yield signs. I don't like speed limits because they are arbitrary. I think a law simply stating that you can drive however you want as long as your not endangering the rights of others. In other words, going 90 in a school zone is a crime, not because your going over an arbitrary speed limit, but because your hurting the rights of others.

Even if these petty laws were still in place, I would much rather never get off with a warning than have the police start searching my car in the middle of asking me if it was ok to do (this is a real situation). If I had this on video, I would have sued that sheriff.

Perhaps behind the scenes investigations have a time period before they are posted, or they have to be posted online after the case is over. If they are going to steal my money to harass me, at the very least I want full transparency.

I think cops should be liable in court for violating rights. Like if they break into a house without a warrant, they personally should be liable. If they break the constitution, they personally should be liable. While I'm at it, public school officials should be personally be liable too.

Cops do have some leeway in

Cops do have some leeway in whether or not they let someone go, besides, there isnt much they let someone go with a warning for other than traffic violations. I think video like that would mostly only be used in cases that arnt clear cut.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Ya know...

If Google can do streetview and capture a pic of every street in the world (est.), we should be able to do something cool too.

There's a company (MS, Google or other - I can't remember) that has a web site that finds all related pictures of some public place. They 'stitch' these pics together to create a sort of 3D view (from whatever's available of that place). The result is that a site visitor can now view the location by scrolling around to see any view a pic exists for. It's really cool.

How about someone do the same thing for video? Create a service that searches for all video of a place and stitches it together. Just adding a timestamp syncronization would allow people to play the video and still switch between different viewpoints.

To do this really well, one of those black-screen to internet video uploading sites could be used. If you haven't seen these, with one click on your cell phone, it blanks the screen, turns on recording (audio and video) and streams it directly to a web site. Some even have strong password protection via button choices to get the phone to even show any signs of life.

Just another free-market thought in case someone wants to make a few million credits.

They don't Just Do Street Views

They do EVEYONE'S BACKYARDS too! Who gave them the right to take pictures of yards with privacy fences without ASKING anyway?


This is called Photosynth.

This is called Photosynth. Its by Microsoft and anyone can download and play with it. I once took pictures of one of the moon missions and stitched them together. Its been quite a while but when I did it, it wasnt as good as it could be, wouldnt let me manually specify that certain pictures should go together.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Camera more powerful than the

Camera more powerful than the gun!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

wow that's crazy.

If I were that guy's buddy or family or whatever and I was near that scene (and I don't give a #### what the guy did wrong) I'd run full speed at those cops out of rage and/or be throwing bricks, rocks, any object that can really hurt those cops.

Only Way That Would Work

Is Like This http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qdxh-KaSBSg

Problem is the guys here have guns.


death wish??

... and then they would kill you and get away with it.

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

"death wish" or not.

Sometimes emotion or instinct move a person greater than rationality or fear. Depends on the character and nature of the bystander, his/her relationship to the victim, the prior situation that started the entire thing. Yeah, in the right circumstances I or others might abandon reason just like that. It happens *routinely* in fact, just not in the U.S.

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lets not become like the cops.


Google is government.