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Goooooood Mornin' New Jersey! (and everyone who may know someone in NJ)

Okay, so it's not morning but, a new day is dawning in the State of New Jersey!

Great news! The former NJ HQ for the grassroots Ron Paul campaign is back and is sponsoring a seminar that is vital to our efforts in New Jersey. Here's the body of the email I received, for anyone interested in getting out there and doing something to help our cause:

Sign up for FACL's Political Leadership School, sponsored by Campaign for Liberty New Jersey!

"An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any government or any army."
- Rep. Ron Paul


Everywhere we look, the liberty movement is picking up momentum!

Nationally, the election of Thomas Massie and Ted Cruz, Rand Paul's now infamous filibuster and straw poll victory at CPAC 2013, proves that our ideals are unequivocally moving forward.

This is precisely the reason why the New Jersey Campaign for Liberty is hosting a One-Day Political Leadership School hosted by Kirk Shelley, an instructor who is known to lead fun and engaging classes.

At this seminar you will learn how to create meaningful change in the legislature, gain access to legislators and effectively push elected officials to abide by an agenda based on one thing, liberty.

One-Day Political Leadership School
Lead by: Kirk Shelley

Saturday, April 27, 2013
Registration: 8:15AM - 9AM.
Class: 9AM - 5PM

Tavern on the Lake
101 North Main Street
Hightstown, NJ 08520

Price: $40 Online, $45 At Door
Ticket Includes Lunch and Materials
Click here to purchase your ticket. http://khartconsulting.us4.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=38...

This intense one-day training covers:

• The Real Nature of Politics -- why just "educating" people alone won't result in change

• The Biggest Lie in Politics -- and how the political class uses your convictions against you

• How to Work effectively at the Capitol -- getting a bill sponsor and a roll call vote despite the leadership

• How to Build a Group -- putting pressure on legislators

This seminar will teach you how to turn your passion into action. We sincerely hope you can attend.

Click here to purchase your ticket:
You owe it to your ideas and principles to learn how to become the most effective activist you can be.

About Kirk Shelley
As a general consultant, Mr. Shelley has worked on 237 State House and Senate campaigns in 10 states and has a winning percentage of 89%, as well as working on a number of congressional and statewide races, and he was the Oklahoma coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign.


• " I really enjoyed the school. I found it simultaneously informative, exciting and revolting."
Luke Priest, Iowa

• "...extremely informative and educational."
Jeremy T. Goemaat
President, LogicBox, Inc.

• "...the best political training I've ever seen."
Jeff Greenspan
Arizona Campaign for Liberty

Copyright © 2013 *NJ Liberty Headquarters*, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you have volunteered for, or expressed interest in, New Jersey grassroots efforts on behalf of Ron Paul's 2012 presidential bid.

Please keep this post active for a few days, so every NJ DPer is aware of this event. Thanks!

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I haven't

Gave up. The only problem is Chris Christie is in charge and nobody listens out here in Jersey. I can push all I want but nothing is ever going to happen. All these conservatives out here think Christie is "AWESOME". There is no way around it. We had a slate up against Christie but every stupid Republican just plugged in the other slate because Christie was on the list.

There are so many levels of political positions in NJ.

The Governor is not the end all and be all. I will admit that I think Christie is the best governor we've had in waaaay too many years. Having said that, I know that he is still a neocon and we will have to have our people educated to win the game. This seminiar is OUR "how to" course in getting into the game and eventually winning. Better to wait and learn than to let the neocons and liberal progressives go on forever in power positions in this State.

Never give up! Learn and grow stronger and stronger! People are starting to wake up in NJ. Don't let them go back to sleep. Let's get our best people out there!

I am

Not planning on giving up. As a matter fact, i just might check this out.

Six more days

Anyone from DP going meeting each other.. If I lived in NJ, I'd be throwing a big party and getting some action.. that's what activists do.. get traction to the action.. in our case for liberty, eh?

Why are you afraid to show

Why are you afraid to show proof of your claim on your previous post?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I'm not

just very busy.. and finished answering you previous post, in the order I receoved them....

I'm not

just very busy.. and finished answering you previous post, in the order I receoved them....

Where's the proof?

Where's the proof?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

WTC was not sustainable

Kyoto protocal talks all about what is sustainable, the WTC was not.

FAIL! Go home Zio Whore! 9-11

FAIL! Go home Zio Whore! 9-11 had NOTHING to do with the UN! Yeah, I'll stand with Rand, NOT! Wake up DP, these creeps are everywhere, in your local GOP, HERE, EVERYWHERE!!! If you are going to be an activist, look out for The Granger's of the world!!!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I wish I could go

Unfortunately I work every Saturday and every Sunday and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday. :(

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    Big Bump for activists (((((((((Nonna))))))))))

    Thank you, (((((((Granger)))))))! Just wish more people would

    see it! This event is a good first step in the right direction for NJ.

    With the lack of response this post has received, I suspect the DPers who were so active in NJ during Ron Paul's campaign have just given up and walked away into the status quo, accepting politics as usual, and sitting at their keyboards complaining about it.

    The Price of Liberty ???

    Price: $40 Online, $45 At Door

    Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
    Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

    Seems like DPers are more interested in setting up

    their own Christian ministries on this site these days, than they are in getting involved to help get our country back on track.

    Where is NJ? (Yes, I am aware it is somewhere between NY & PA.)

    Has anyone signed up yet?

    New Jersey needs this!

    Half NJ/Half Philly here

    Extremely interested. Bump!

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