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Arestvyr conspiracy : clue to next false-flag ?


... ever heard of it ? Funny thing is ... { your tax dollars @work ¡¡¡ }
... Da Gov just purchased 2 Million dosages of this new "smallpox vaccine"

{ hmmmmmmmmmmmm . . }


Feds stockpile untested vaccine

April 7, 2013
Smallpox fears drive more government incompetence

Congratulations, America: You’ve just bought yourself 2 million doses of an unapproved and untested vaccine — and it only cost you a hair under half a billion bucks.

What a bargain!

The vaccine is Arestvyr, and it’s supposed to protect against smallpox. I say “supposed to” because it’s literally never been tested in humans.

All we can say for sure is that it seems to protect monkeys. If nothing else, we’ll have the best smallpox protection program on earth — for apes.


Barksdale suddenly kicks up "300%"

Total US Gov employment since 1962 :


( note: this purchase only covers less than half of gov employees ... )
did you get the memo ?

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