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CBS - ATF Seeks 'Massive' Database of Personal Info: 'Assets, Relatives, Associates and More'

CBS - ATF Seeks 'Massive' Database of Personal Info: 'Assets, Relatives, Associates and More'

By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.
April 07, 2013

A recent solicitation from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) reveals that the agency is seeking a "massive" online database capable of pulling up individuals' personal information, connections and associates.

On March 28, ATF posted the notice on, entitled "Investigative System." The solicitation was updated on April 5 with a few minor changes.

The document says that the system will be utilized by staff "to provide rapid searches on various entities for example; names, telephone numbers, utility data and reverse phone look-ups, as a means to assist with investigations, and background research on people, assets and businesses."

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Apparently the gov't is selective in their concerns.

They want to monitor everyone else's connections and associations, but it doesn't seem to matter when it comes to politicians. Some of them who have questionable associations and connections with terrorists and other shady characters go on to be president.

'Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Rashid Khalidi'

Sounds like they're looking

Sounds like they're looking for Facebook