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CNN and MSNBC Shows Debut In Ratings Toilet

What do "Big Rig Bounty Hunters" and "Swamp People" on History Channel have in common? They both pummeled CNN and MSNBC's brand new shows' debuts last week in the ratings.

CNN's attempt to mimic Fox News' hugely successful "The Five" with a five person panel show called (get to) The Point" seems to have crashed and burned in spectacular fashion. The week-long tryout at 10:00 PM ET, in place of an Anderson Cooper repeat, was dead last in cable news ratings, finishing behind CNNHLN and CNBC.

The Donny Deutsch show that is the brain child of new network chief Jeff Zucker had such a dismal week that their Thursday number barely registered at all in the Nielsens. Only 61,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo tuned in and 249,000 in all. Compare that to 191,000 and 573,000 for HLN After Dark in the same time slot. Yes, more than double the viewers for "(get to) The Point" preferred to just have a person sitting behind a desk reading headlines to CNN's new offering. Ouch.


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I could get more ratings if

I could get more ratings if they gave my fat ass a show. I'd get death threats, but still... lol

Good news

Keep it coming.


i hate deutsch

donny duetsch is a d--chebag!!!!

i can't stand when he's on morning joe
i know, i know,,,,
yes i watch it to see they idiocy and joe sell out conservatives and mika's priceless facial contortions and her squirming at trying to clean up obama's hypocrisy and idiocy

it's a train wreck,,, i can't bare to look away

i watch msnbc constantly,,,, as i like to see why they're wrong and why my views are supeior,,,,,

that's some brutal self torture

I like watching cnnhln sometimes in the morning just because the lady on there is smoking hot. I haven't watched it in quite awhile though.

But, just imagine this. I bet that most of those Nielsen ratings are just like doctors offices, airports and maybe some business lobbies.

Ism how they conduct those ratings but I honestly only know a handful of people who watch the news at all.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

Watch your internets...

All this means is they will attempt to gain control of the internet! Biggest battle of our lifetime, our freedom of speech!

Is It Possible The Ratings Drop is Due To ...

People have discontinued their cable/satellite TV viewing because of rising costs and poor programming?

I stopped my DirecTV service and saved $70.00 a month.

I think so,,

I also shut off the Charter service, and I told them I will no longer support their support of CNN and all the rest!
One month ago today!


It's great the MSM can no

It's great the MSM can no longer reach critical mass to brainwash the masses anymore. People have learned their lesson and don't want to listen to the TV propaganda anymore.