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REPORT: Authorities Seize $50 Million In Gold From Private Owner: "Nearly A Ton" - VIDEO


Mac Slavo | April 6th, 2013 | SHTFplan.com

After the theft of up to 40% of deposit accounts in Cyprus, a move that was approved and applauded by EU finance ministers, many Europeans who understand that the government will soon be coming for their savings as well are rapidly moving to extricate themselves from the global banking cartel. To do so, they are shifting paper assets and digital deposit accounts into tangible goods. One such tangible asset of last resort is gold, believed by many to be the only ‘currency’ that will survive the world-wide debasement of fiat paper currencies like the US Dollar, Japanese Yen and Euro.

But just because you own gold doesn’t mean you’re safe from the prying eyes and thieving hands of the government.

The following report from Italy highlights the growing trend in government confiscations of precious metals, investment assets, and critical resources.

Read more: http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/report-authorities-sei...

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He got caught because he did not do it right

If your going to move gold put it in a cleaned out car battery. Gold and lead are so close in weight and mass they even look the same on x-rays. So what you do is open up a battery, neutralize the acid, pull a lead plates, make a mould of it. Then you melt your gold and make a copy of the lead plate. Now replace it in the battery and seal it up. Fill the battery with water so it looks right. A big car stereo can "hide" having an extra battery in your car.


Gold is more than 50% denser than lead, and melts the other side of 1000C. I mean, this is not a bad idea but there is a lot of work in pulling it off, and the difference would be quite noticeable.

If you only replaced four plates out of six (and left the other two empty) the weight would be better.

Bloomberg needs to report facts.

The haul was only 110 kilograms. The video was a reenactment using fake bars. These Bloomberg folks need a fact checker before putting something on the teleprompter.

Reporter was a moron.

Money laundering is a made up crime to stop people from doing what governments does all the time.

Highway robbers no longer stalk their prey on dark rainy nights. They wear uniforms, have guns and are supported by the state in their thievery.

Free includes debt-free!


That suspension must've been made of solid gold as well. Those tires either took 200psi air pressure or they were solid rubber.