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Who owns this South Park-Ron Paul image?

Does anyone here know who owns this South Park-Ron Paul image?


I'm not entirely sure that it was produced by Comedy Central. It might have been created by a fan.

If anyone knows, please tell me. I'd like to use it on the cover of my book.

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Matt Stone and Trey Parker made a Ron Paul Charachter

for the episode where the kids are hooked on memes. The boys make a heist to "faith hill" the Republican debate. Ron Paul is in the debate.

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find a better pic.

There are better pics besides you.ll never get permission from viacom.

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I just found out that Viacom

I just found out that Viacom doesn't own it.

Doesn't matter. They'll sue you anyway.

Yes it's fan art but try to make a nickel with it and you'll be sued into oblivion. Call it parody, fair use, whatever you like, they've got lawyers that sit around all day waiting for someone to come along for them to sue.


You might get away with using it inside the book though...

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contact this guy


It's not the South Park Ron Paul, a fan made it. Specifically that deviant art[ist].

South Park's version of him is in the "faith hilling" episode:

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Thanks! I found him and sent

Thanks! I found him and sent him a message.

Probably South Park Studios

It's a composite using the character from the SP episode with the candidates' debate and Ron Paul sign and logo. I doubt they'll let you use it because you are a Simpson ;)

Well according to South Park rules

That just means that he already did it.


The Simpsons creators like

The Simpsons creators like South Park because of their anti-Family Guy episode. But...if my last name were Griffin, they might object! :)

what episode was that?

what episode was that?

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