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Two American Newspaper Headlines Just Before Pearl Harbor

LA TIMES: Japan Ready to Reject U.S. Terms


HILO [Hawaii] TRIBUNE-HERALD: Japan May Strike Over Weekend


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Adm. Kimmel Testifies on Pearl Harbor

Admiral Kimmel provides testimony to the US Congressional Committee investigating the attack on Pearl Harbor.


The following is a timeline of selected events leading up to, and following, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.


new(est) pearl harbor

NK will attack some US base then "we must bomb Iran"

If a bird poops on Obama's head, "that's it we must bomb Iran"

I believe Iran is ready for just such a situation

I bet they have midget subs off Tel Aviv and Haifa, plus at least one in the Straits for just such a situation. They might even be carrying North Korea mini nukes.

The Left sure loves war; they

The Left sure loves war; they know it will bring money to the state and make people more patriotic. Because you are obviously for the enemy if you don't support war.

Southern Agrarian

I was talking to some 'liberals'

and they say the wars are fine now because they are humanitarian wars. Ha!

Someone needs to start a new web service

Don't worry. I believe it would be rather profitable. The name could be something like "Visionist Daily History" or "Wikihistory".

The site would allow people to scan in their old local news paper articles. It could arrange them by geography, topic, date, etc. But the idea is that if one wants to research what was said around the country just before Pearl Harbor or even Iraq War, that person could pop up the articles written by the millions of reporters that might have gotten some non-approved, non-propaganda published.

It could work like Wikipedia in that it's fully open.

Any takers?

Shouldn't the public libraries,

that we have paid for forever, just upload all the old microfiche, and allow the public to access it?

Great idea though.

I forgot about those

Yes they should. That's a great idea.

I would suggest, however, that when it get's digitized, some standard type of meta-data be included. They could add date, location and maybe paper ownership tags to the actual article so it can be filtered, sorted and grouped in many ways.

This Israeli lobbyist all but admits that the US

has got herself into every war with either a false flag or provocation:


He was so in-your-face about motives and methods

It ought to grieve every coincidence theorist that someone so informed would speak so plainly against all they choose to believe, eh?

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass


When that video came out I thought, "okay, we're validated, so maybe the need for debate will be over". But normalcy bias is stronger than evidence I guess.

McCollum Memo

Please Google and read. (Then print and keep a copy. Every American should have one.)

If Congress were aware of this, it rather makes you wonder...

why they did not impeach FDR for treason. Maybe the cockroaches will take care of Obama, because this will likely rush in World War III.

The more I learn ...

The more I realize how much I need to learn

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