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They Make Me So Mad

"Interestingly enough, Ron Paul has support on the internet!" (But don't worry, they aren't REAL people)

"Interestingly enough, Ron Paul is winning texting polls!" (But probably by a handful of people voting hundreds of times)

"Interestingly enough, Ron Paul supporters are showing up in droves for his rallys!" (But they're all crazy people who think 9/11 was an inside job)

"Interestingly enough, Ron Paul is winning straw polls!" (But they don't really mean anything)

"Interestingly enough, Ron Paul just brought in 114% more money than he did last quarter!" (But most of it came through on the internet; it wasn't REAL money)

but I can't wait until...

"Interestingly enough, Ron Paul just received the GOP nomination!......Wait. What?"

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It just makes me & my team MORE commited and determined!

I work a little harder and give a little more, no problem.

He that laughs first often gets laughed at last.

G'night Patriots! I'm gonna get some sleep and get up early. Lots of RP stuff and campaign duties for the weekend!

Let's get out there hard, while we can keep using this warm weather!

Toodleloo Buckeroos....

I am in Brownback Country

I live in Kansas in Brownback country and to date along with people who have been keeping an eye out we have all counted 1000's of Ron Paul bumper stickers and don't forget Ron Paul Kansas City meet-up group were the first in the country to get a billboard put up on one of the busiest highways in Missouri.
On April 5th of next year Kansas will be Ron Paul country we all know pro-war Brownback will be gone by then and Ron Paul will carry Kansas.

So the same is happening with our local media here they are ignoring Ron Paul but the signs are up and the shirts are being worn and that is what counts, a grassroots campaign will bring the establishment media to Ron Paul instead of the opposite.

Don't forget they in the media call Ron Pauls campaign to get Dr. Paul on there shows !!!!
The quotes,"NO CHANCE, YOUR NOT GONNA WIN,LIVING IN PARENTS BASEMENT, SPAMMERS,etc.... is a sense of fear that they the MSM know Ron Paul is a very serious threat to there monopoly over the American people and the world.
Sit back and watch and listen to there voices cracking over the fear of returning to a Constitutional government and an end to the FEAR mongering that has persisted since 911.
By the way I am a 911 truther !!!! To date I have donated over $1500.00
and I am in no way ashamed of my stance either, TRUTH ALWAYS WINS IN THE LONGRUN !!!!!


"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

Jim Carter: On billboard

Can you see any measurable results from the billboard/s in your area? People mentioning, etc.? I have to think this is one of the better ways of getting attention for Ron.

Ultimately, after name recognition, it will still take many "ground troops" for one on one's to really help get the job done. With time getting thin, I hope all are making that committment to tell as many as they can each day. If the job gets easier, we know the ads, post cards, billboards, bumper stickers, parades and much more, are working.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob- I think it has been Big

help to the Ron Paul movement in Kansas and Missouri you never will know by the media polls because they are insufficient but
to realize if the billboard has made an impact is by listening to the radio local talk shows it is consistently in favor of Dr. Paul.

At the beginning there were calls that were saying Dr. Paul had no chance but those callers were immediately trampled on by the Pro-Ron Paul callers who said that in the first debate Giuliani was rwrong and Dr. Paul was right when the Giuliani callers were asked if they read the 911 Commission report they flat out said no, well I think since you are supporting Mr. 911 and believe that it is not an inside job and still not read the Commisions report then that gives the 911 truthers there ammunition
even more.

One lady wrote the KC Star and said there should be a law where campaign posters can't come out until 2 months before any election there are Ron Paul posters and as I said bumper stickers everywhere so YES the billboard has been huge in KC !!!

I personally think calling into local radio shows is GREAT advertising especially local sports shows which draw large audiences, if they ask you what your question is about say about the Chiefs or whoever and then when you get on air ask Who Is Ron Paul? And they will say he is running for President in the Republican party I have heard that several times and
it was GREAT, young,old,women and men listen all the time.

Also the billboard was up before Ron Paul visited KC and he drew 800 or more people which was SUPER !!!

Any advertising is GREAT !!!!!

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

Smear Ron Paul 101

It's almost as if these fake newsies went to a class on how to marginalize Ron Paul. Seriously I wonder how the insiders communicate about these things. A "smoking-gun" memo would be nice to see, but I doubt one will ever surface.


Smoking gun memo

It's in the "secret files" at the CFR. Just call them up and ask them politely to read you the memo.

But seriously... the CFR runs the media and just about everything else in this Republic. They meet for lunch - the big execs who are on interlocking boards, or are trustees. They schmooze, have lunch and the club, play golf, and run the world. No memos, but sometimes they make phone calls.

Don't forget this one as well

I heard tonight on Tucker, some lady said that Ron Paul supporters are really active... and also said that most of us are living in our parents basement.

Well, whether or not many of his supporters are still living in their parents basements and live on the internet (because the rich bankers have made it impossible for us to afford to make a decent wage and afford to live on our own), the fact of the matter remains.. WE ARE THE FUTURE.

There will come a day when they no longer run this country, and our generation is in power. Basement or not, THIS IS OUR REVOLUTION.

5.08 MM is only on the internet

It isn't real. It's just the internet.

Afterall, we're talking a few Ronbots out there...

Hmmm... 5.08 MM divided by the $2,300/person means that there are... only 2200 Ronbots out there... what a joke!

Math is wrong. Average donation size is 40 dollars.

5,080,000 divided by 40 = 127,000 donors, assuming everyone donates only once.

math wasn't wrong

MSM claims that there aren't that many RP supporters... just a "handful" of Ronbots.

The way you support that claim is to divide 5.08M by the largest contribution possible... not the average contribution.