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They're the new "bad boys" of atherosclerosis, not Cholesterol but ...

TMAO & carnitine: Your new words for the day. They're the new "bad boys" of atherosclerosis. Don't miss this HOT new research just published yesterday (4/7/13) by Cleveland Clinic researchers in the Journal Nature Medicine
1. Carnitine typically helps the body transport fatty acids into cells to be used as energy. But researchers at the Cleveland Clinic found that in both humans and mice, certain bacteria in the digestive tract convert carnitine to another metabolite, called TMAO, that promotes atherosclerosis, or a thickening of the arteries.

5. The researchers, led by Stanley Hazen, chief of cellular and molecular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic's Lerner Research Institute, tested the carnitine and TMAO levels of omnivores, vegans and vegetarians, and examined records of 2,595 patients undergoing cardiac evaluations. In patients with high TMAO levels, the more carnitine in their blood, the more likely they were to develop cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, stroke and death.

6. Dr. Hazen speculated that carnitine could be compounding the danger. "Cholesterol is still needed to clog the arteries, but TMAO changes how cholesterol is metabolized—like the dimmer on a light switch," he said. "It may explain why two people can have the same LDL level [a measure of one type of cholesterol], but one develops cardiovascular disease and the other doesn't."

The rest of the article with more links:

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Grains have been clogging

Grains have been clogging arteries since the dawn of agriculture...

Ancient Egyptians did have access to meat, though Thomas says their diet consisted mostly of grains, fruits and vegetables.

To paraphrase Homer Simpson, the grains are protecting themselves somehow!

Excuse me...One question...

Who got mummified? KINGS, the kings had a special diet that caused them atherosclerosis the average joe was not mummified (which had a simpler diet)...

Meat, Fish and Poultry

The Diet of the Ancient Egyptians (from:

While it is difficult to believe that certain meats, such as fish and wild poultry did not show up fairly frequently on the tables of common people, we are told by Egyptologists that it was for the most part only the rich who regularly feasted on most meat. The poor ate geese, ducks, quails, cranes and other species, and from the New Kingdom onward raised domesticated fowl. Most edible fish from the Nile were consumed, though some fish, such as the genera Lepidotus and Phragus and a few others were forbidden because of their connection with the myth of Osiris.

In some locations, even the Nile perch was worshipped, and therefore never eaten. While fish were roasted or boiled, most frequently they were salted and preserved and dried in the sun.

A good way to defend your freedoms:

lol... "special diet"

My red dot was below the thick line, and I had a plaque measurement of zero. I am 47 years old, eat about 1 lb of meat per day, and around 20 eggs per week - with the yolk. About half of the meat I eat comes from animal organs (mostly liver) and seafood. I eat organ meats about once a week, and seafood three times a week. This is an enormous amount of dietary cholesterol, by American diet standards. My saturated fat intake is also high by the same standards.

bacteria?!! Come on! (!-P

The, arrogant, MD, attendees laughed the first guy out of his presentation, when he tried to tell doctors that, a certain type, of bacteria was the cause of stomach ulcers. Now, they treat ulcers with antibiotics!! I hope we don't have to wait, as long, for doctors to not be so arrogant, and instead jump on the band wagon to fix this. Next thing to eliminate is cancer!!

I believe we have the info needed. We just have to put the puzzle together!

You need cholesterol. Your body uses it to repair itself.

Watch Dr. Coldwell discuss cholesterol -

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.


Having a graduate school education, plus an MD gives me a good insight to this. Cholesterol makes up part of the cell membrane. It is also the precursor for steroid hormones. It makes them all! including cortisone, male and female sex hormones and aldosterone, a steroid that helps control sodium levels and blood pressure. Your liver is the primary producer of cholesterol. That is why genetics seem to make a difference. Maybe we should be looking for an, natural, antibiotic in those of us that don't smoke!

Hmm... I wonder who benefits

Hmm... I wonder who benefits financially from cholesterol lowering drugs??

Yes, Dr. Coldwell!

A quack...Is like asking me to listen to Santorum about personal liberty!

A good way to defend your freedoms:

A quack because you and or some phony

A quack because you and or some phony MD backed "watchdog" group say so?

Remember when the establishment folks all called Ron Paul a nutjob?

You are listening to the medical establishment or Santorums, if you will, of health.

They tend to call other health practitioners who actually heal people quacks.

Watch this -

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.