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How to stop the Dem's gun control agenda.

I've been using this tactic to hammer the dem's & it seems to be catching on. The democrats will never give in on abortion, so I'm trying to make them look like hypocrites.
I sent it to my senators & post it in every gun control article I find.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If your gun control agenda was really about saving lives and not about control & growing the government again, then why are you not addressing the 1,200,000 lives a year, that’s 3288 lives a day that are lost to abortions in the US.
You are violating your oath of office & ignoring the Constitution regarding the 2nd Amendment, and as abortion rights are not in the Constitution, I really don’t want to hear about Roe V. Wade as an excuse for letting this slaughter continue.

And, oh yes; Obama’s drones killed 11 innocent little children today. I would appreciate your comments on that also.

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This is not politically

This is not politically correct in any way, but:

Replace Rape with Gun violence, replace tight clothing with high capacity magazine, replace flirting with AR15, etc... replace rapist with Depraved Psychopath.

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I changed it up for round 2 today

The same day the president came to CT to preach "Stand up for our children" a US drone killed 11 innocent children. The same day, and every day the US loses 3288 innocent lives to abortion without a word from his bully pulpit encouraging mothers to put them up for adoption instead. I don't know for sure what his agenda is, but I know what it is not, and that is saving lives.

People only see what they

People only see what they want to see in order to further a political agenda and ideology. They don't care if they kill the host.

If the Sandy Hook kids were 6

If the Sandy Hook kids were 6 years younger the Dems would be cheering for their deaths.

Gun ownership is more than a choice

Gun ownership is a God-given right protected by the Constitution. It's not an interpretation of the document by the Supreme Court as in Roe vs. Wade, which grants a mother the right to end life within her body. Gun control advocates have the choice not to own a gun just as a woman has a choice not to abort a fetus within her body.

This kind of thinking is why the freedom movement repulses

more than a small portion of the population.

When something like abortion has popular support, you are pissing in the wind to outlaw it. When something like gun ownership has popular support you are pissing in the wind to outlaw it.

This shows the lack of rational thinking of Liberals and Conservatives. Since these are both emotional issues, reason has little impact. And when you combine both these issues, you will go nowhere.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

I'm going to keep hammering him on hypocracy

and I'm gaining support; maybe not here, but I'll take it anywhere I can get it.

I'm also hammering him on the drone issue. He killed 11 more kids today.

They might not see your point..

The left calls the abortion issue 'choice' because they do not believe a 1-month old developing fetus is a life.

So when you say, "oh you're just thinking of the children? what about all those ABORTIONS you have?" they will simply offer you their general responses on the abortion topic. (Studies and stats would indicate a fetus has a 50% chance of surviving outside a mothers womb after about 5-1/2 months. etc.)

Flip it around:
"You care so much about the unborn, yet you would let criminals run into our schools and kil our children?!"

What's your response? Classic pro-2ndA. rhetoric. It's not exactly a sneaky strategy, though if you are educating peers this way and it seems to be working, good on you!!

Gun violence

due to the drug war is a much more accessible concept for them.

If they care about stopping gun violence then why not end the drug war which is responsible for roughly 70% of gun crime.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

I'm attacking Obama's sincerity on the gun issue

and pointing out his hypocrisy.

I'm running out of news articles to post it on.

It's interesting that the

It's interesting that the woman who brought the Roe v Wade case to court (Norma McCorvey), is now a pro-life activist.

The problem is

The problem is that that argument gets little traction with those folks because they choose to not define the unborn as people. It is like when people 150 years ago chose to not define blacks as humans. It is like when people chose to not define women as full-fledged humans. I think you underestimate the ability of evil people to justify their behavior. They see no hypocrisy because they choose not to. How do you deal with that?

I trying to rally the people that do define the unborn as people

And give them a angle to push their agenda while helping my agenda.

I posted it at least a dozen times tonight & I'm getting a good response.

Stand up for the children....

Stand up for the children (we allow to be born?). What a hypocrite!

In the comment section:

It's getting around. Please post it in you local paper.

I sent my suggestion to Rand.

Hopefully he'll use it if he filibusterer again.