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9MM Revolver?

My wife (Cindy) is about to join me by jumping thru all the hoops here in Illinois. Her Foid card should arrive any day now, so I'm looking for advise. My M9 semi auto is too big for concealed carry and she can't operate the slide to chamber a round. Since I have loads of 9MM ammo, I would like to purchase a revolver to be able to carry for us. What weapon should I consider?

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I have

A charter arms undercover .38 special. It looks almost exactly like the one at this link...

It is very accurate and I have no problems with it at all. My dad gave it to me after I was robbed at gunpoint back in 2006. I really like it and thankfully I've never *had* to use it but I definitely know how to and am actually a better shot than my husband (with a handgun). :)

Of course, I'm in Alabama, and that's not totally out of the ordinary here, lol.

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Anyone have a

Ruger SP101 .357? How do you like it?

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wow, so many choices

So little time. BTW, your favorite gun should be the one your currently holding in your hand.

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Take your wife to a gun show

She can decide what feels good in her hand.
A revolver is probably a good choice though.

I'm heading to a show with my wife in Concord NH this weekend for that purpose.

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http://www.wkyt dot com

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I love revolvers w/moon clips

When I carry, I tend to carry a .45ACP revolver. You can reload it fast with the clips, and a DA revolver never jams. A 9mm revolver is not a bad idea in your position.

Here is one that should be pretty good:

I've used a couple of different Taurus revolvers over the years and like their quality. I have not tried this particular one.

use some MotorKote on the slide action

you might be surprised at how it makes it easier to slide.



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I bought the Ruger sr9c in

I bought the Ruger sr9c in January. I used this Ruger series of videos to learn how to shoot. I didn't have any problem with the slide because I had watched the videos. It's probably too big for conceal carry, though.

I want to look at the Walther PPQ next. I've read that it is known for being both ergonomic and accurate.

I'm looking at this one for my wife

It's not in 9mm though

I know she'd have a hard time clearing a semi if there was a malfunction, so with this she could just pull the trigger again.
There's no external hammer for easy conceal.
She's only 5' 90 lbs, so we'll probably go with the .22.

I am

a little shorter and a little heavier than your wife and I have no problem at all with a .38 special. My mom has a .22 but she's looking for a 9mm. The problem I have with a .22 is that IF it ever came to the point where she had to use it against someone much stronger/bigger than her would she be able to fire repeatedly AND accurately. I would highly recommend you go for a larger caliber.

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I found this video

Could this be a fluke?

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Yep, I saw that one

It doesn't appear to be a very wide spread problem. I think it might have been a material defect & not a design or manufacturing flaw.

Thank you

For your informative comments.

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I'd highly recommend the M&P Shield.

I'd highly recommend showing Erika's progress; she literally started as a novice then in less than a year she's teaching classes to others. You can see her improve in 'realtime' here:

That, should rid any doubt in anyone who don't think they can learn to use a firearm for self-defensive purposes.

S&W Presser:

James Yeager's take on the S&W M&P Shield; he ran 7000rd+ through it without any issues:
Dis/ReAssembly, cleaning, etc:
vs. Glock 26:

Though, to be frank, any woman who can apply enough force and dexterity to use a fruit knife, can pull a slide, on ANY semi-auto; I'd posit, it's mainly an issue of technique. I've seen a 87lbs-ish 4'9" woman expertly handle an Officer-sized 1911 running +P JHP loads.

Please consider using the 'flapper' grip, not fingers on the rear cocking serration alone; grab the entire slide with a full grip.

So here's one example: The 'opposing sling-shot' method

Your primary grip hand pushes/'punches' forward, while your secondary hand to pulls the slide, SIMULTANEOUSLY. This lady explains it really well:

Lima's take:

Two pts:

1. I'd highly recommend that she racks it forceful enough to end up 'hitting her chest' with her left racking hand (if she's a rightie).
2. I'd heed extra advice as KeepingThePiece suggested: position the hand clear of the ejection port.

While rare, when you're clearing a double-feed, or failure to extract, you can end up with a fallen-out primer from a cartridge and have it lodge back into the breech in your racking motion if you cup the ejection port as you attempt to clear the chamber.

Dropping firing pin/striker on a stuck primer in double-feed have been known to cause a few Kabooms. It's one of those tactical school urban legends; I've only read about it several times, but have heard a few instructors that I respect testify to seeing it. So it's a good habit to get into racking the slide in the same manner as one would in a malfunction clearance drill.

Also, I would NOT recommend switching out recoil springs with less compression/lighter weight, etc. if she's gonna be carrying or use it to depend her life on it.

It will mess up slide recoil speed and geometry; obviously it's science, but figuring out proper trigger pull weight, recoil spring, chamber pressure drop, slide-lock is a delicately timed art. Manufacturers spend 100's of thousand dollars and man hrs figuring it all out. Last thing you'd want is your custom recoil spring failing your slide to return to battery, when you need your gun to go bang.

Other than switching out stock sights with something like XS Big Dots or other Tritium or Fiber Optics, and adding perhaps a crimson trace grip laser, or an add-on light (if your CCW pistol has a rail), I would NEVER mess around with internals (lighter trigger, change extractors, strikers, plungers, tungsten guiderods, etc) for my defensive carry gun, unless you're 100% familiar with all its internals, where and when parts wear out, how to spot when parts begin to wear down.

Personally, costs of carry ammo aside, I would never carry any gun that either I personally have not cleared a min. of 500rds w/out any malfunction (FTE, FTF, etc) or have been proven by others I trust or respect, to be reliable. Even then, I'd feed the defensive ammo I'm gonna be carrying just to make sure my gun 'eats' those cartridges without any issues.

Also, most people think revolvers 'cannot' jam, but if you actually open it up, it's like a Swiss watch inside. Modern semi-auto's are combat proven and reliable. plus, all mechanical items fail. I'd personally would rather carry minimum of two guns that share the same magazine, ie. Glock 17/19/26. The larger mags all fit in the 26.

And then, perhaps a revolver as a tertiary.

Good luck in finding her the right one!

Depending on budget, from $250~700, if yours and her main considerations are for CCW, I'd recommend 9mm (no one ever complained about having more BB's; plus w/modern ammo, caliber wars are negligible) in Glock19 or 26, S&W M&P Shield, Kahr CW/P/PM9, Beretta Nano, Ruger LC9, KelTec PF9.

And...believe it or not, one of the most reliable, most affordable American made guns with a transferable life-time warranty? SCCY, pronounced like "Sky," at $250-ish street price, often less!

Why not Sig? For carry? For me: Too bulky, overpriced, and personally prefer low height over bore.

HK? They hate non-govt customers, overpriced, same height over bore preference issue.

1911? Weight and Bulk also play a factor here, even though, personally I LOVE 1911's, but for carry, I prefer Glocks.

Though, of course, all depends on what you and she prefers.

Hope this helps. Hope y'all find what you're looking for!

Predictions in due Time...

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I'd reccomend....

that you buy her a Makarov in 9x18mm instead of looking for a 9mm revolver.

You can buy a Russian IJ-70 commercial export Makarov for $200-$300 bucks, or a Bulgarian mil-spec Makarov for $250-$350.

Also in 9x18mm you can get a CZ-82 for $200-$250, it is similar in design to the genuine Makarovs but it has a 12+1 capacity as opposed to the Makarov's 8+1 capacity.

They are great concealed carry pistols, but you can go even smaller with the 9x18mm cartridge if you wanted, and buy a Polish P64.

9x18 Makarov ammunition can be bought for as cheap as $12 for 50 cartridges.

Makarov pistols are very economical, yet sacrifice no quality in their design or lethality.

They are very well built pistols, and the 9x18mm round is very potent.

I myself own a Bulgarian Makarov and it is the gun I carry.

Here's a good video on Makarov pistols:

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at

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LOVE Mac's!

and, they're built like a F'ng tank!!!

only problem is finding a proper holster, unless you go DiY Kydex, or wait a long time for a custom vendor to finish...

if interested in making your own Kydex holster, check out:

he's an AJ listener/infowarrior and possibly a R3VOL, who started custom Kydex biz, literally from his basement!

All from a kit he bought from here a couple of yrs ago. Pretty awesome!

Here's a vet and a R3VOL custom Kydex maker!

Gotta love his custom Kydex mag holder designs!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

I love my Mak!

I didn't have much of a problem finding a holster, I bought a Galco IWB Stow-N-Go holster for a S&W M&P Compact, and the Makarov fits nicely into it.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Taurus has several options in 9mm snub-nose revolvers.

Taurus makes a decent and usually reliable revolver with fairly low prices, and I can highly recommend Bud's Online Gun Shop.

If the slide is too heavy

get a lighter spring (here's a 12lb ). Or, if you are interested in alternative carry try a 22magnum from North American Arms. I carry a black widow when I'm lazy ( ). And please, let's everyone hold off on the "stopping power" comments. Most self-defense occurs at point blank and a decent 22 magnum round puts out about 150 ft.lbs at the muzzle. That's more than enough to get a perp's attention.

Got my woman a glock

Good reliable gun. Maybe not the most accurate but good enough. She is able to handle the slide. I got her the 21 since she will just carry in her car and purse. There is a smaller 9mm glock but she didnt like the feel of it in her hands. Just take her to a gun show and see what she thinks feels good in her hands or better yet go to a shooting range and try a few out.



You might want to consider

might want to mix it up

and get something besides 9mm. I used to think it was a good idea to consolidate to just a couple easy to find calibers...but then when the Newtown shooting happened I found myself without any place to buy ammo. 9mm is hard to find in my area, just like .223/5.56, .45ACP, .308, and several others. This would be a great time to own a .38 special. I still see that caliber on the shelves, along with .357 magnum, .44magnum, and 10mm ... and for rifles, if you have a .243, or .270 you're sittin' pretty right now with abundant ammo still on the shelves. Just thought I would throw that out there. If there's no ammo to be had in 9mm, both of your guns will be useless.
Also, my wife has the same problem with "racking" a slide...she also has a hard time with DAO trigger pull being too tough. So we found a semi-auto .380 with a hammer - SIG P232.She can cock the hammer first and then racking the slide becomes much easier. Her's has a de-cocker to allow for one in the chamber carry. Once one is in the chamber and decocked...if she needs to pull it, she just cocks it and fires, or she can squeeze the DAO trigger if necessary.

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Taurus, Smith & Wesson, Charter Arms and Ruger

I may be wrong, but I don't

I may be wrong, but I don't believe you will find a 9x19 revolver because the case isn't rimmed.

However, .38 special and .357 mag are revolver cartridges. There are others, but a .38 special has reasonable recoil and good knock down power. Plus there are very common. (Note: I mention both because they fire the same same bullet diameter, but have different case lengths -- .38 fires in .357 but not vice-versa)

S&W (and many others) make revolvers chambered in these rounds. I have heard good things about the S&W J & K frames for carrying.

they make them; it's just that you have to use "moon clips"

just as you would have to do for .45ACP in a slightly modified chamber gauged for .410, .45LC, and/or .454Casull, or in a S&W Governor:

Taurus still makes them:

While I'd be cautious about their semi-autos other than their 1911 line and the receiver mounted safety Beretta variants, which are proven designs, their revolvers on the other hand, do have a pretty good reputation.

Also, if you're into Emilio Ghisoni's Mateba Unica 6 and its 6 'o clock bore, Chiappa Rhino also comes in a 9mm/.357mag version, and a .40S&W, too:

yup, only an Italian would bother designing a 'semi-auto-revolver'!!! it rotates the cylinder via recoil, not by a typical double action trigger pull.

Why? Um, because they're Italians! Any questions?

It's like why do Italians design everything & anything? Because they can! lol.

But unless you can reload like Jerry Miculek under real-life dynamic stress, for defensive purposes, if one is truly serious about defensive use of a firearm, the only revolver on me would be a tertiary backup, not as a primary, nor a secondary, IMO.

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"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Well Awesome! Learn something

Well Awesome! Learn something new every day.

I apologize for my ignorance :D

-- Dave

quite welcome!

there are a few well known libertarian to even AnCap 'gunnies'

I really dig this guy:

he's a voluntaryist lawyer who convinced his once anti-gun wife, and 'libertarian logic'-mindmelded her to his side! LOL

check it out:

He's actually one of the few R3VOL-leaning non-veteran gunnies on YouTube who actually has his manual of arms and fire-movements down. In my dream -verse, the geography known as America would be full of gunnies who are naturalists, scientists, artists, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and spiritual individualists who can cite chamber pressure and read mil-dot, as well as comprehend Bastiat and Mises fully and quote them as easily as breathing.o)

That'd my 'unicorn' decentralized 'Swiss America.' lol.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul