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The establishment Right and Left unload on David Stockman

Biden’s economic advisor Jared Bernstein, and David Frum speech writer for George Bush, have both come out railing against David Stockman and his new book.

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Federal Reserve has hired a team of known Liars.

Public relations is an expense item. Congress guarantees Federal Reserve membera 6% profit on paid in reserves after expenses.

The Federal Reserve will spare no expenses in it's effort to convince the banking public that they are not running a major scam and fractional reserve fraud.

Several Congressmen over the last hundred years rejected that lie.

Rep. Charles Lindbergh Sr, Louis B. McFadden and Ron Paul were three outspoken opponents of the fraud Congress foisted on the people for the last 100 years.


According to Law the US Comptroller of the Currency keeps list of the members of the Federal Reserve.

"End the Fed" Boycott the Fed.

Full Court Press!

Free includes debt-free!

Stockman's got them all

Stockman's got them all rattled. Good.


Great links

Good, anything that exposes

Good, anything that exposes the duopoly and ushers in its demise is an ally to Liberty.

Southern Agrarian