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You Know It's Bad When Americans Seek Asylum in Cuba; Couple and Kidnapped Sons Now in Cuba

Sheriff: Fla. Couple, Kidnapped Sons Now in Cuba

"A Florida couple suspected of kidnapping their two sons from the woman's parents are in Cuba, authorities said Monday.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office received information that the Hakken family had arrived on the island nation, according to a news release. Investigators say they're working with the FBI and the U.S. State Department to verify their reports.

It wasn't immediately clear what, if anything, authorities could do to retrieve the family from Cuba. An email seeking comment from the State Department wasn't immediately returned.

The sheriff's office alleges that Joshua Michael Hakken entered his mother-in-law's house north of Tampa early Wednesday, tied her up and fled with his sons, 4-year-old Cole and 2-year-old Chase."



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OK - I'm going to say I called this one

In the thread:


"Remember when you used to hear about Cubans making
desperate bids to reach Florida in makeshift craft?

I bet we aren't too far from seeing the flow reversed."

Glad to hear they made it - hope they're chilling out on the Malecon or something.

Wonder if Cuba has ever offered to take the Gitmo detainees? That would
derail Obama's weaselly "we have to keep them because we don't have anywhere
to send them." rationalizing.

Of course, the ethical way to really solve the Guantanamo issue would be to give
the whole thing back to Cuba...

Oh, geeze...

Cuba sent them BACK!!??

That's pretty rude.

Maybe they figure if they accept any of us it will
set off a stampede...

Brings to mind Ron Paul's warning about how all
this border security can work just as effectively (if
not more so) to keep people in just as much as keep
them out.

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I can only say now we know we live in a complete backwards world

I can only say: now we know we live in a complete backwards world. If we had any doubts.

Complete strangers from the state and their perverted laws know best what's good or bad for YOUR OWN KIDS.

They are THE SUPERMEN. YOU DO NOT COUNT any longer. You LOSE. THEY own YOUR KIDS. THEY choose who shall have custody. THEY decide. You DON'T.

And it doesn't matter if you love your kids and do whatever you believe is right and it must take you to get them back with you...

Now the same people can speak of you as evil dangerous "kidnappers"... OF YOUR OWN KIDS.

Awesome SUPERMEN of the state, right?


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

this is so tragic

These kids will be lost for life. Surely some kind of humanity and empathy can be shown here.

Foster homes? Most of these people do it for the cash imo. I knew kids in foster homes growing up. I felt horrible for them. Well at least it toughened them so to speak but you could see the pain all over their face. I bet it is like a prison sentence for kids.

Like dating amnd marrying someone with kids, I do not think the new parent really gives that much about the kid in most cases. Especially now when the morality of the people as a whole is out of control.


We must restore the concept

We must restore the concept of having the punishment fitting the crime.

I wonder what drugs he was caught with?

Are they taking children from their parents and putting them in foster homes, if the parents are found with pot?

Whatever the case may be, this father is nuts for taking his children from the foster parents at gunpoint.

I do feel bad for his kids. I don't know the full story of course, but assuming the maternal grandparents are decent people, the kids might very well be better off with them.

Why? The government raided

Why? The government raided their house because they went to an "anti-government" rally and then they found some weed and proceeded to steal their children from them. Why shouldn't a mother and father do whatever they can to protect their child from the government and exercise their right to raise their child?

Because if you really want to raise your children

after they've been taken and put into foster care, you have to play by the system's rules, or you are jeopardizing your chances of EVER getting your children back. Be realistic about who has the power here!

And really WHAT kind of person holds innocent people up at gunpoint?

See how he permanently lost custody? It's because he escalated the matter.

And let's acknowledge the fact that we don't have the full story. If he was raided JUST for going to a Tea Party rally, then I assume everyone else at the rally got raided as well, and I hope someone has links handy to show that that's what happened. (?)

How many other parents lost temporary custody that day?

Is every Tea Party affiliate in danger of losing their kids now??

You don't really know it was

You don't really know it was at gunpoint. the foster family was related to the parents. They probably just said it was gunpoint so that they were not implicated.

That is what they got raided for. Watch the news stories, they start claiming that this family listened to Alex Jones - its a complete con game. The family is innocent of anything and they have done the right thing. If more people would do this, these things wouldn't happen at all.

The taking of the children has nothing to do with with using guns, they took the kids because the parents attended a rally and after the raid they found some marijuana. So the government stole their kids.

Possibly they are in danger of losing everything now - that is what this is all about, that is why they are trying to give us a bad name, that is why they are militarizing. You obviously aren't keen to what is going on.

Cuba turned them over back to

Cuba turned them over back to the U.S. S.S. Goons.


Real journalism from Russia, liberty in Cuba.

The earth's axis DID shift!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Cuba handed them back over to

Cuba handed them back over to the U.S. agents


Hakkens back in the US


The Tampa parents accused of kidnapping their two young sons and fleeing with them and the family dog to Cuba will appear in court on Thursday.

Joshua Hakken, 35, and Sharyn Hakken, 34, were arrested Wednesday morning and booked into the Hillsborough County Jail after Cuban authorities sent the family back to the U.S.

Here is where every parent in America ought to stand together

Instead, they will watch it like it is a movie, utterly unaware that their kids are next.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


I'm not standing with parents like that...he held people up at gunpoint. I would never handle things that way.

Go fuck yourself you stupid

Go fuck yourself you stupid twit.

You should get banned.

If me saying I wouldn't hold innocent people up at gunpoint elicits THAT kind of reaction from you, you really don't belong here.

I don't think you belong

I don't think you belong here, I don't think you belong in this country, or this world for that matter.


how WOULD you handle it?? just 'cause I'm curious

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

I don't believe in appealing

I don't believe in appealing to government and begging for your kids back. So, anything you do aside from that is the best answer, regardless of the outcome. Be a good example to your kids. Do not teach them to beg to authority for their rights - take your rights, assume your rights. No waiting through a corrupt court system to give you your rights back. We want an entire population raised upon the idea of not putting up with a single violation of their rights. We want our kids to be raised with the spirit of resistance and rebellion. With the belief that anyone claiming authority who violates an individual right should get the death penalty - automatic even if accidental. Do not raise your kids to be weaklings whose only method of recourse is a lawsuit - which you probably won't win anyway. We want action.

Its people like psuedonymous who are responsible for the pussification of this country. Probably raised by wuss-bag parents and that infected her psychology. It is a disease and it is alive and well within the "Libertarian half-breeds". Look at how much of a pussy she is - she wants me to get banned because I told her what I think. She wants to appeal to the government of this forum to protect her from my honest assessment of her. She is not a libertarian or a voluntaryist, why is she here? She is lost.

My goal is to draw a clear dividing line between those who are for real and those who are not. Because it is those who act like they are on your side but who when it really comes down to it, are your worst enemies. We are headed somewhere - a new continent. Not everyone will make it there. Some are too weak to survive in the world that is coming, the world we are creating. It will arise amidst the initial chaos of anarchy.

Death to Tyrants!


I'm hearing more and more about the child protection racket being rife with corruption and abuse... somewhat like the prison system being privatized and dependent on more and more criminals to keep the profits up.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

First of all, I wouldn't do this...

The couple's legal woes began last June with what police called a "disturbance" at a hotel in Slidell, Louisiana, just east of New Orleans.

"When police arrived, both Mr. and Mrs. Hakken were acting in a bizarre manner that alarmed officers," a Slidell police statement recounts. "They were talking about 'completing their ultimate journey' and were traveling across the country to 'take a journey to the Armageddon.' Let it be noted that both of their children were present in the hotel room at the time."

Police said they found both drugs and weapons in the room and called in the state Office of Child Services, which "determined that the children were in danger" and took them into their custody. Hakken was charged with marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and the use of a controlled substance around minors; "Officers also took custody of several weapons for safe keeping."

The Office of Child Services told CNN it would not comment on the case.

The children were put into foster care with a family in Tangipahoa Parish, north of Lake Pontchartrain. Two weeks after the arrest, the foster mother called 911 and told dispatchers, "I need a cop now. I have a guy at my house with a gun."


I don't smoke pot because, for one thing, I KNOW how the government can pounce on anyone with pot. If I did smoke it, I never would do it, a) with my children nearby, and b) at a hotel!

Most of all, I am not violent, and there is NO justification for scaring the wits out of the foster family. Plus that is OBVIOUSLY a serious crime that will probably result in the arrest of the gunman and permanent loss of custody.

They didn't hold their

They didn't hold their parents up at gunpoint - that is just the story they told so they (the grandparents) wouldn't be considered in on it because the police may assume that the Grandparents agreed to the whole plan and then they would be in trouble.

You aren't even able to think beyond the freaking news headlines.

"OMG, Pot!!!" "I would never ever never ever smoke pot around kids cause it is sooooooo dangerous and such a bad example for the kids."

Listen to psuedonymphs expert analysis on how to handle this situation. We know exactly what you would do... you would bend over and take it from the entire justice system after your kids have been subjected to pedophilia for 5 years. Government: "Oh, you can have your kids back now, we already ass-raped them and played with their balls a thousand times. thanks for being a pussy and not standing up for yourself and your family."


what I would tell my parents to say if I were ever in such a situation.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists


If I knew my children were in good hands, ie with grandparents, I would be fine with being patient as I rebuilt my credibility, owned up to my mistakes, and worked towards eventually being able to spend a lot of time with my children again. I mean cutting one's losses is better than running off to Cuba and spending years in prison (possibly) while the children end up with the grandparents again.

true enough..

as far as that goes.. being with loving grandparents and not snatched into the system.. What desperate times we live in.. I wonder where the truth lies in how that was reported..?

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

The end game is spooling up.

Kids seized by the government after an "anti-government rally". Would this have happened even 4 years ago? How close are we to being China or the Soviet Union?

Kids expelled from school because of toy guns. Parents' Pistol Ownership ID revoked and real guns seized because of kids' toy guns. Pistol Ownership ID revoked and guns seized because of prescriptions for anti-anxiety meds.


Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Much more on the story...


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Anyone have links handy to fill in the blanks here?

AJ says police were targeting people who went to a Tea Party rally. Does this mean they broke into every ones' homes who attended the rally? Does it mean they automatically took custody of the children of all parents who attended the rally...because the newscaster said something to that effect.

Slidell, LA police dept said there was no anti-govt rally.

A spokesman for the Slidell Police Department in Louisiana said there was no "anti-government" rally in Slidell when the Hakkens were there.

He said if there had been, they would have known about it, and they also are wondering where that part of the story came from...

...We're also learning more about the book series of fantasy novels the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office is pouring through right now, called "The Sword Of Truth" by best-selling author Terry Goodkind.

Hakken has said the books quote, "changed his life."

Slidell Police said Hakken rambled on about "The Sword Of Truth," and about Armageddon, which detectives told us was the primary reason the Hakkens were arrested. And that the Office of Child and Family Services were the ones who made the decision to place their kids in foster care, because of the extreme rantings by the couple -- it was not the police department that made the decision.

Police say the drug charges were only a contributing factor to the children being removed from their parent's custody.