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A Ron Paul Victory Assured

Please send this out to EVERY meetup group around the
country and also to our international groups around
the world.

WOW! What an incredible week we had this last week
ending Sunday, September 30th. $1,225,000+ change
collected. The euphoric sense that this revolution is
underway and the dawning of a force to be reckoned
with from the awakening power of, we the people, is
intoxicating. For those, wondering if this movement
had staying power, wonder no more. We are here and we
will prevail. Such is the power of goodness and

This is also a week of exhaustion from the constant
monitoring of the fiscal thermometer. You deserve a
break today, Patriots. Job well done, my friends in
liberty and freedom.

Having said that, it is time to throw off the covers,
yawn, stretch and roll out of our weary state and
proclaim and rejoice in our victory over our own self
doubt. The sleeping giant has definitely awoken. There
is no time for complacency and we must muster up the
strength and stamina required to finish the job we
have started. There is too much at stake to rest on
our laurels over winning a small battle. Our focus is
on winning the war.

Forget the obstacles presented by the criminals in
charge, forget the equally culpable media, the self
centered and abusive corporatists, the apathetic
populace. From this day forth, WE set the agenda for
change in this country. Those who oppose us be damned
and, if along the way, we are able to change a
fraction of said populace, we will grow in power and
influence, tsunami style. Our numbers and our MESSAGE
cannot be denied, no matter the formidable foe. From
this day forward, I refer to all Patriots as David and
will greet you thusly. Goliath will take heed and bend
to us, Davids.

It is time for a fiscal and presence plan of action.
Please allow me to outline both and if you agree with
me, join, with the full exuberance of knowing that we
are the catalyst of this revolution. History will
prove us right and our future generations will be the
beneficiaries of our effort.

Most of you have probably already seen the new
challenge our spokesperson, Ron Paul, has laid before
us: $12,000,000 by December 31st and $4,000,000 by the
end of October.

I know you must be thinking, "Whew, we just finished
such an extraordinary week of fundraising. I don't
know if I can meet that challenge again, for that
long and for that much."

Fret not, Davids. We are only seeing the mountain when
in essence it is a molehill and it can be further
reduced to a grain of sand, if only broken down into
individual effort.

It was stated in one of the forums that the average
donation to accomplish the 1.225 million was $75 per
donation. That would translate to 16,333 donors. Given
such short notice or because of lack of funds at that
moment by an estimated 50,000 ACTIVE Ron Paul
supporters, there is immediate proof of how much more
we can do in support of the Freedom message. IF all
50,000 would have contributed the average $75, we
could have $3,750,000 in our coffers as we speak, in
ONE week.

Now, I know most of us can't give $75 EVERY week but
if we broke this down to giving that every month for
the next three months, that is what we could raise. To
reduce it even further, that comes out to committing
to give $18.75 every week for a grand total of
$11,250,000 over the course of the next three months.
Round that $18.75 to $20 and we have the $12,000,000

Of course that doesn't even factor in the
approximately 10,000 ACTIVE Ron Paul supporters we
would be adding every month to our cause by exposing
our message to the world. *Just a little aside for
you: I know a group of Belgian/Americans who are donating to
the RP campaign so don't dismiss the world. What
happens in America affects the whole world and foreign
educated people understand that (don't get me started
on the dumbed down American people due to our
educational system). We ask the world to help us spread this message of liberty and freedom and the end of the war on the middle east.

By month three, we could be bringing in $16,800,000 by
December 31st. And, of course, those added ACTIVE
30,000 would be adding more ACTIVE supporters to the
cause, etc.

This allows me to segue into the second part of my
plan of action.

Your PRESENCE is requested.

The above fiscal plan can happen in a very passive
way. Just let the money do the recruiting as the ads
begin to infiltrate the voters in America. Or, you
could begin to be proactive as a messenger of change
by following very simple steps.

We all know how uncomfortable it is to "talk" to
strangers, especially about politics. There are a
thousand ways to be proactive without being loud and
intrusive. Pick one that is comfortable to your
personality. Commit to giving a slim jim to three
people every day. Just give it to them and walk away
but if they want to talk to you, engage them in
answering their questions. We don't ask that you
convince anyone, just that you make contact.
Go to sign waving meets and just hold a sign for a few
hours on weekends. Believe me, it works. People will
do their own google searches and come to our own
Write letters or emails to your representatives and to
the media. Call them. Ask them questions and hold them
Wear a Ron Paul t-shirt when you go grocery shopping,
or a cap or button or slap the traveling billboard
bumper sticker on you car. Just DO SOMETHING! Please.

One last thing, attend your meetups and get the flyers
and slim jims and yard signs and...and...

May God bless every one of you Davids and may His
light shine on us as it did in the past.

Restore the Republic.



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Another week

Another $20 from me to the campaign. I work in retail and don't make much money but I will sacrifice my Wednesday night Pizzas until December 31st to make Dr Paul the next president.
Hey all you 50,000 supporters, give your $20 for this week. Do it TODAY for a cool $1,000,000 donation to the already donated $525,000+. Then keep doing that every week until we win the election.
Simple, really.
Please give.

It's Friday

We need a solid $100,000 to $125,000 a day over the weekend to keep pace with the challenge. Remember that November/December is filled with financial obligations. The beauty is that with our drive, commitment and motivation, those are the months when we will overtake the top money earners in BOTH parties. Rock on, Davids.
Give before you go out to the tailgate parties at football games across the country to spread the message of Ron Paul. My group will be at the Cotton Bowl Texas/Oklahoma game and at Fair Park for the Texas State Fair.
There will be a plane flying over head with an RP banner, RP balloons for the kids, slim jims for the grownups and the many groups coming from Austin, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and of course, Denton.
Please join our effort in your particular state games.
Ron Paul in 08

Good idea

Here's some information from Debbie from the Denton, Texas RPmeetup group:

Richard Viguerie rav@conservativesbetrayed.com lf http://www.conservativesbetrayed.com/
and James Dobson of Focus On The Family at

They are looking for a Presidential candidate that conservatives can get behind. They've already decided AGAINST Rudy, Mitt, Fred and McCain. Gee, think you can offer them any suggestions...? This is HUGE in the news right now as evidenced last night on Hardball, Tucker and MSM coverage.

EVERYONE needs to write into these folks! I don't even have to tell you the "talking points" as you all know them by heart...lol.

WRITE TODAY! This is an entire constituency up for grabs!

This is a HUGE voting bloc folks...with LOTS of money...but more importantly, with a great love for their country. A five minute effort to these two emails should reap thought and consideration from their part. I advise you know your audience. Be polite and even if you don't subscribe to the Christian faith, you can be convincing that Dr Paul is the right man for the job.
Remember also that whomever they lend support to, other top faith leaders will begin to consider why they are doing so and may follow suit once informed and educated about Dr. Paul's message.
If we don't convince them to us, someone else will convince them to their own camp. To dismiss this bloc is folly.

Thanks for your time and effort.

People with large followings

Who are people with large followings that ask for money from their audience?

MINISTERS. If ministers across the country would request their audience to give to Ron Paul, that would make a huge impact. Maybe even devote the funds from Sunday morning's tithes to Ron Paul?

If you know a minister or know one personally, ask them to do this for Ron Paul and the future of our country.

I think this is a great idea...

spreading the word to Ministers. I think it would be a pretty easy to convince them because I think that Paul is the candidate who's most in line with what Christian's generally value.

p.s. regarding donations--I will be contributing the max of 2,300 this week. Hope that inspires some of you!

One more thing

Please post when you have given your weekly or monthly contribution to help inspire others to follow the plan of action. Thanks, Davids.
Have you told 3 people today about Ron Paul?


Thanks Davy. The thermometer is moving today. Let's hit $5,000,000 for the month and scare the bejeeves out of these guys. We won't be denied our Constitutional government. Remember, WE set the agenda from now on. Give to get.

Commitment to monthly donation

I made a commitment to Liberty, and will be making a monthly donation of at least 30.00 or more til Ron Paul has won this election.

Liberty is worth that to me. Actually it's priceless, but we all know money makes the world go round.

Look what it's done to the WH, the Congress, and the Justices in this country.

Give your best and then keep on giving cause God-given Liberty and freedom is more than just a "GD piece of paper".

I Apologize...

...for the misleading information. It was not intended to mislead. Yes, it's against FEC AND CFR (can you believe this?) laws for foreigners to contribute to campaigns directly. The people I mentioned in my haste to make a point are Belgian/Americans in school here in the States but are promoting Ron Paul in Belgium. They have quite a large contingency, I'm happy to say. Although there are ways to contribute indirectly, such as the Democrats have been able to do in circumventing these laws through affiliate groups of MoveOn.org which then give to them to contribute, a la George Soros and others, I don't want to encourage breaking any federal election laws. Your moral and vocal support for Ron Paul and your personal financial contributions in promoting him in your country would, however, be very much appreciated. Let's get a global unity of freedom and liberty for all people and quit fighting and killing each other. Help us in our Revolution so we may help you in yours.

Donation possible for non-US-citizens?

Hi there,

the above post mentions a couple of Belgians having contributed financially to the campaign.
How does that work? To my knowledge, contributing is only allowed for US citizens!?

I - and others, I'm certain - would love to do my/our bit for this great chance to enhance freedom in this world!

Best regards,
Marc from Zurich, Switzerland

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have to let you know that every time I see a post from someone in another country showing support for Ron Paul I tear up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Colleen from Los Angeles, California


Have you given your $20.00 for this week? I just did. Onward to the $12,000,000.

Mr. President?

does this mean i can start calling him Mr. President?

Why, Yes

Or President David. :)