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New York gun confiscation underway

Well congratulations to all the SSRI-haters, you've given the enemy the ammunition they need to disarm potentially thousands of honest, law abiding gun owners: your paranoia over people going "crazy" on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs is fueling forfeiture of NY Pistol Owner IDs and guns & gun accessories.

Manasquan, NJ --(Ammoland.com)- Remember all those who denied that firearms confiscation as a result of New York’s new gun laws was too “insane” to even consider? There’s just one huge problem it is happening now in New York State! Those folks having their weapons and FID cards confiscated have been discovered to have been prescribed multiple different types of psychotropic drugs, such as those for Depression or Anxiety.

Read more at Ammoland.com: http://www.ammoland.com/2013/04/new-york-gun-confiscation-un...

The fact is that neither anti-anxiety nor anti-depression drugs cause anyone to go crazy, the issue is that these drugs are being prescribed to people who are already unbalanced and potentially dangerous. It's only a correlation, not causation.

I take an SSRI to go along with my ADHD meds. Sure, I lived without these pills for 40 years, and can take them or leave them today--but they make my life more pleasant and help me be more productive at work. And I can assure you the effect of alcohol is far more dramatic than the effect of Celexa or Xanax. Well, now, thanks to whacked-out SSRI-haters including many pro-gun people and Daily Paulers, if I lived in New York the state would now seize my guns. Wait for this to show up in a 50-state gun ban for anyone who ever took any drug.

Hope you stupid pill haters are all proud of yourselves for helping disarm innocent people. This is the beginning of the end, caused by fools lashing out, grasping at foolish nonsense, demonizing pharmaceuticals and people who are helped by them, instead of being sensible and merely defending gun rights for all.

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I'm OK with people in NY

I'm OK with people in NY State being the first to be culled and thrown in FEMA camps. They deserve it. Get out while you can. You better hope Ron Paulers can infiltrate the GOP in large enough numbers and you can hold out the next 3 3/4 years of the Obama administration plague.

And The Insidious Nature Of Obamacare Comes To Further Light

What's the good of HIPPA if the federal government can see anyone's medical records?

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

It's the ONLY purpose of HIPPA

It's the HINPA, Health Industry NO PRIVACY Act. The only reason they passed the law was to open up everyone's private treatment files to spies in the government, to be used to curtail our constitutional rights and possibly lock us up.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Perhaps they see the prescriptions as indicators?

Like if they decided to confiscate guns from diabetics they might look at who has an insulin prescription.
I highly doubt any policy was written based on the opinions of people on the internet.

Did you consider for a moment...

your own chemical balance?

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

It's not about hating pills

It's about a mental health system that is being desogned to destrot the bill of rights in the name of rights.

Has anyone heard anyone...

...claim that every single person who goes on SSRIs will have a murderous crazy-snap?

A very small percentage of such pill-poppers are susceptible to programming for heightened violence. Spooks target those people for patsy operations.

It all comes down to medical records. Did y'all know that you can get an actual university degree in Medical Records Management?

Spook, spook, spook, spook...
(to the sound of Monty Python's "Spam" song)

Crazy Pills need to be banned!!

Sorry but not only are you wrong but you have it ASS Backwards!! The reason they prescribe so many of these "crazy pills" is so they can have them on your medical records & use it to revoke your 2nd Amendment rights!!

Almost every person leaving the Military will have had these prescribed at one time so all vets will be disarmed. They do not work & are like putting a bandaid on a 6" gash , so as to mask the symptom.

SSRI's are deadly and need to be outright banned!

What do all mass shootings as well as other un-explained acts of Violence over the last two decades have in common?

That's right "CRAZY PILLS"

Learn more here: http://www.ssristories.com/

Peace out!

"Great Men Do Not Seek Power, They Have Great Power Thrust Upon Them"

SSRIs are not deadly

There's never been even one single study showing that people "go crazy" more often on an SSRI than on a placebo. It's all anecdotes. And the anecdotes are about messed up people who wind up more messed up.

I agree that they're prescribing them to vets in order to later deny gun rights to vets, but pill-haters are part of the problem, they are helping the gun-haters to disarm America.

No pill, period, should ever be a reason to deny anyone's right to bear arms. It should strictly be people who are involuntarily committed after a dangerousness hearing--and then suspension of gun rights should be automatically restored if the state fails to prove at a subsequent hearing that the person is still dangerous.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

A new drug war.

This problem can be resolved, for the most part.

Rats need 27 nutrients and the human animal needs 90. Deficiency causes disease in humans or livestock. This proven science is 30 years old. But, Shhh, it's a secret.

Free includes debt-free!

Drugs are not the answer to lifes problems

Drugs are not the answer to lifes problems. I thought I had ADD at one point in my life. What I didn't realize is that ADD does not have any one way of testing for it. There is no blood test, no urine test, no brain scan that can show ADD. Its not like cancer or heart disease where you say oh sure well there it is look at that lump or look at that clogged artery.

With ADD there are symptoms of a further underlying problem. With me it took sometime to figure out what it was but I discovered it was sleep apnea that created these symptoms of inattention.

Before this discovery I had gone to a Psychiatrist that prescribed several types of medication to see which one worked best for me. Let me tell that they all made me a bit crazy and didn't really solve the underlying problem. He never tried to figure why I had ADD he just said that I had it. If we would have dug a bit deeper, if he would have asked how I felt when I woke up or if I had a hard time getting out of bed maybe he would have seen that my problem was sleep related and nothing to do with some made up "disease".

Many of these psychiatric conditions are made up definitions by a group of psychiatrist that have no real idea of what these things are. What is a personality disorder anyway? This is a Western thing that can be sorted out if we stop being so self centered greedy and selfish and really look within for answers. There is no magic pill that will make everything better. We only have ourselves and our spirituality to guide us into a path of peace and happiness.

You can be atheist and be spiritual I don't want to make this a religious rant but what I recommend is just to look outside of the neat little boxes they build for us to find the answers that we seek.

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    And you can call me a

    pill hater.

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    "don't take me off my meds, I want to keep my guns" LOL

    "The fact is that neither anti-anxiety nor anti-depression drugs cause anyone to go crazy..."

    Really, and how do you know this?

    You and NY got this all wrong. Guns shouldn't be confiscated but these drugs are related to the mass shootings. So the meds should be changed.

    My God, what did people do before these drugs? Well, there weren't any mass shootings.

    I know this because there aren't any studies demonstrating it

    These mass shooters are nuts BEFORE the meds. We don't even know if Lanza was on meds--his mom was hoping he'd get better with therapy. She was a down to earth woman, not a loon, who was tragically cursed with an unstable son.

    There's never been a study showing people on anti-anxiety or anti-depressants go bonkers any more than people on placebos. It's all anecdotal, and the anecdotes are about people who were already messed up winding up more messed up.

    Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

    Jeffrey Dahmer sought to cure his mineral deficiency.

    Eating mineral deficient victims didn't help.

    Malnutrition has been a problem since the beginning. And so has the insanity that malnutrition fosters.

    Free includes debt-free!

    I'm happy for you

    ...that you found peace through chemical lobotomization.

    I hope he finds which of the 90 essential nutrients are missing.

    Pharmaceuticals can mask the deficiencies but it's like putting tape over the idiot light that blinks "you're out of oil".

    My hair was going gray. I had a copper deficiency, common in ex-smokers. I have since reversed that trend and the gray is disappearing.

    It's just that simple.

    Free includes debt-free!

    That worked for

    your gray hair, but it there any nutrient deficiency associated with hair loss?

    “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

    Tin in trace amounts.

    The last research I have is from 1994

    I has been reported to prevent the gene for male pattern baldness from activating.

    Every day we sweat and pee out all 90 essential nutrients including 60 trace minerals.

    For a couple of bucks a day I make expensive urine. But if my body needs a mineral to unlock enzymatic action it can just catch one floating by.

    I figure it's cheap insurance. Being prepared is getting healthy and knowing how to maintain it. I'm getting there.

    Free includes debt-free!

    Dead Doctors Don't Lie!



    That's right!

    Have you signed up to save America from "Affordable" healthcare and skyrocketing health costs? Ninety percent of US healthcare goes to treating curable disease.

    Dead Doctor's Don't Lie radio program.

    Free includes debt-free!

    like it or not

    the OP is right... again we blame tools instead of the people who are voluntarily using them...

    I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

    "and can take them or leave them today"

    Abruptly going off these meds is usually what causes people to flip out. That is why doctors will wean you off them in increment dosages....although most doctors don't wean you off them anymore, they just give you higher dosages because Big Pharma pays them to get people on them.

    Tapering dose is essential.

    But only after replacing the 90 essential nutrients.

    Free includes debt-free!

    Agree with both of you

    What I mean by take or leave is that when I decide I don't want to be on them anymore I can easily taper off. I've never been depressed, just enjoy the don't-give-a-care feeling and increased productivity at work.

    And, BTW, you can quit Ritalin cold turkey. If I skip a dose, or skip all week, it just means I browse the internet more, get bored and snack more, drink more coffee.

    Agree that nutrition is very important.

    Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.


    Looks like someone didn't take their meds today.

    So it is clear, anyone who made or considered the correlation between ssri's and mass shootings were simply discussing the connection between a possible reality and the facts.

    Your beef is misguided, it is with the state not with your fellow dp members who were simply exercising their right to freely discuss a possible connection. You can't blame your friends for the fascist behavior of gov't nullifying your second amendment protections. It may seems like a simple solution now but you are not holding the right people accountable.

    They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

    good old fed, still

    good old fed, still attacking the symptom, instead of themselves.

    i take it there will NOT be a national ban on the drugs that makes you qualified for persecution.

    sidenote to the authorities: please dont take sarcasm as a ringing endorsement to go ban more things, you trigger finger banning loving control freaks

    The article hasn't provided

    enough information about whether this was a case of a therapist having reported the individual in therapy over more specific concerns than whether he'd been prescribed drugs. Therapists have been able to report certain concerns despite HIPAA. Investigations into someone's mental state have been able to result in the state revoking various licenses for about as long as the concept of licensing has existed.

    I need more information than veiled insinuations by an attorney to conclude the new normal is Rx = gun confiscation.

    Defend Liberty!

    It's criminal to prescibe drugs that create criminals

    Ask any bartender.

    Free includes debt-free!

    This is a Federal Case of Right.

    Demand a summary judgement from a Federal Court on your Right to bear arms.

    Sue for damages and court costs.

    Start with a writ demanding summary judgment on this matter of Rights.

    Free includes debt-free!