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Ben Swann wants your input!

His video:


The survey:


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K gonna say it

I think Ben is terrific. More than that I would be willing to toss him a few bux for a good endeavor as I have others like Tom Woods.

But Tom Woods was up front about asking.

I probably will in fact donate to Ben Swann's kickstart, but tacking the beg onto the end of the 'survey'.. idk whatever number would have been in my head if he'd been up front is gonna be a bit less.

Ben if you're listening, I know it's hard to ask for money. I totally get it. But if you're in a situation you feel you should ask, then be direct.

This is not to put anyone off donating to Ben. I hope people do.

Actually, this isn't really the case

Please don't jump to these conclusions, as they aren't true at all. Ben has three viable options, all of which are right there out in the open:

1) Get a job as a regional reporter at another station just like Fox 19 but hopefully a bigger market
2) Land a show with a national cable channel
3) Go Independent and start his own network

His survey doesn't address the first option because that's really nothing to write home to Mom about. The second option is viable so it's helpful to get a handle on what the Liberty movement watches and where they would like to see him featured (also, cable execs want to know this). The third option is included because cable is dying and the Internet holds great potential, albeit he doesn't know what kind of actual support he would have here.

I know this because I helped write this survey. The only way Ben can actually know what his audience really wants is by asking them - and then we go from there. Implying that he's being somehow tricky about this is missing our intent. Ben may actually land a cable network show and not go the Kickstarter route at all. Again, I know this because I've had several meetings with execs about this very topic and have another meeting this week. They like Ben but are trying to understand his audience and how it might fit with their demographic.

IMO, there are only two absolutely bulletproof figures in the Liberty movement: Ron Paul and Ben Swann. Both are very logical men who think things through and wear their integrity on their sleeve. Best way to verify this is to look at their respective track records.

The best is ahead for Ben Swann and I will do everything I can to connect him with the Liberty movement and the greater audience that doesn't even know about him yet. This was just the first step. Have some faith in the conversations that have been had before this video was posted. There are a lot of things to take into consideration and we're just trying to be practical with how to go about this.

In Liberty,


I wasn't implying he was

I wasn't implying he was being tricky I was saying it seemed so to me and having respect for Ben I was disappointed. My wife had the same reaction.

But I do accept that this wasn't intended. I think Ben is awesome and I would love to see him expand his presence.

Since it wasn't intended, maybe you could change change the survey to be very clear about this.. something like "We are not asking for monetary help at this point, but if we were to request help from the liberty community for a kickstart how much would you be willing to contribute?"

I see this as

The exploratory committee - guaging interest.

I'm in Mr. Swann!

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to call you. (no success)

Call me when you get a chance Zak.

Swann for TX Senator, replace Cornyn

Get Rid John Cornyn

R3ovlUTION charles walker 8322474577

I filled it out

It isn't like anything is a great secret...who I am, where I live, what my news sources are....etc. I would have liked an option for I don't search for liberty on tv because I don't watch tv! I let other people post the clips here. ;-)

I guess I could search for liberty news on Hulu....never tried that. Youtube works though.

Thoughts on Amber Lyon???


Should they join forces?

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Hell Yeah!!!

Three votes!

And throw in Julie Borowski, Josh Tolley, Steve Berke, Jack Hunter, Robin Koerner, Israel Anderson and a little music, a little more comedy and maybe a Michael Jingozian game show ..and hell yeah!:)

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LOL at people saying its a plant

It is Ben Swann in the video. It is on Ben Swann's YT channel and posted on Ben Swann's Full Disclosure FB page...

I filled out the survey with all trust that Ben will not misuse my information.

Can't wait to see what he does next!

Done and Done!

Good luck to Ben "BAMF" Swann!

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Weell, I did it, and do not

Weell, I did it, and do not do many of these things. Anyone know why he left FOX, exactly?

Freedom in our lifetime!

Freedom in our lifetime won’t just come from the liberty media personalities like Ben Swann, Julie Borowski, Josh Tolley, TMOT, Jack Hunter, Amber Lyon, Tom Mullen, Donald Rutledge and Robin Koerner.

But freedom in our lifetime needs voices like theirs to reach as wide an audience as possible, so please promote them in any way you can, from sharing their content with your friends and family to letting your radio station, newspaper, and even the television network you watch that you want more freedom voices like theirs being heard!

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Viva la media r3volution Mr. Swann!

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Thanks for posting the suvey link - good questions, hope

he gets MANY responses.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Took the survey. Let's hope

Took the survey. Let's hope he gets a lot of results and I personally think it says a lot about him that he is asking for input.

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Ben Swann

IS the man!

Go Ben Go!!!

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain

What makes you think this is ben swann?

Other than his photo and a website name?

Honestly, why would you give up all your personal shi* to strangers having NO other information than a photo and a website name and zero evidence this is from ben swann (or whatever subject you trust?).

Just like when people "bumped" Ron Paul polls put on by the RNC and RNC consultants which required you to self-identify (name address phone email) so you could be targetted at state conventions. Why for Pete's sake would you give that information out to strangers? Just because there's a photo of someone you like on their page?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

The only personal sh*+

asked for is name (I always give my handle), male or female, age range, zip code and an email address.

The survey is short; the questions are innocuous, such as where do you get your news, how do you share news, favorite/least favorite news source, etc., The only question which required a typewritten response was Do you believe Liberty is rising, if so why.

Based on the video with Ben Swann plain as day asking for our input, and providing his website address to do so is all I need to trust that it's legit. Ben Swann has earned my trust.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift


It is a "plant" trying to get our information. DO NOT GIVE IT!

Paranoid much?

If you are driven by your fear, you will never get away from them. News flash, for all of you so afraid to be on a "list" - you need to just give up the internet. And you cell phone. And anything that starts with "i-." Oh, and give up your debit / credit cards and bank accounts. Probably better get a car with no GPS.
Grow a pair and do what you are going to do because it is what you choose to do, not because you are afraid of being put on a list.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.


I've talked to Mr. Swann and his agent.

That good enough for ya?:)

And I could care less if "the man" knows who and where I am - what are they going to do, throw me in jail? I made my peace with the thought of going to jail for my political activity in 2008 when I was under investigation for 10 months. If they didn't do it then, I don't think they are going to do it now..but if it does come to that, as I've stated before...

"I gladly put my freedom on the line for my own country, hell, I've put my life on the line for foreign nations."

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Pretty Sure that Was Ben

Pretty sure that was Ben Swann in the video. Anyways, the information that I gave is just as well sent to any front organization of the gustapo police state forming.

The same information will be said to senators, political party leaders, anyone and everyone I speak with.

What are you suggesting? The bad guys will come after me? lol Well, in that case better they come after me than after a defenseless person.

Bump to frontpage

for Ben

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