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One People's Public Trust=FREEDOM

While it's public that the ONE WORLD ORDER is on the menu, I believe 'the people' need to (as a last chance) need to stand up and take back what is rightfully theirs. (World)
Though many won't agree, or disagree, this is WORLDWIDE. There aren't enough people awake yet to the fraud and illegal actions of the ruling.

The FREEMAN / STRAWMAN explained.

is not only educational but has make people more aware of what really happened and how we are where we are today.

The One People's Public Trust filed UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) documents calling out the corps, banks & gov't, using the very same tools used to entrap us (slaves)and gave them the opportunity to rebut the findings. They did not and can not without 'showing' they have indeed used us as SLAVES which is illegal!


I am now doing what I need to do to rid myself (as people worldwide are doing) of these parasites who continue to hold us hostage.

THERE IS NO FEE to your freedom. There is help for those who wish to STAND UP and be free. These entities 'thrive' on MONEY, CONTROL and BRAINWASHING.. I'm doing this for my children / grandchildren
and now I'm also calling on these illegal banks to PROVE they never used my 'being' in the slave system.

If you don't believe.. that's your downfall, they will continue to control and take ANYTHING / EVERYTHING you have left.

I answer to my CREATOR.. Everything in between is AN ILLUSION

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