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VIDEO: Harry Reid: "Every idea should be debated, and every issue should get a vote." (Except Audit the Fed)?

Granted, today, he is speaking about gun control bills, but still, "Every issue"...except 'Audit the Fed' right? Sheesh. This guy also says that "The least Republicans owe the parents of these 20 little babies who were murdered...is a debate...(and a) vote." This guy makes me want to scream! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0oda39zmyk

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If the GOP was actually a

seperate party they would all be taking Fairy Reed to the the woodshed on this statement, but being they are all collectivists he will get away with this complete hypocracy. Rand, Cruz, and Lee may not be complete collectivist, but if it has to do with Israel, Iran sanctions, NDAA, or some 'look good' unconstitutional resolution, they vote with the collective.

Don't forget to contact your Senators on

Audit the Fed.

Here's the list of current cosponsors:

Her's an Idea to Vote on, Harry

Let's vote on whether you should suck a hole in my shorts.

Read the Bills, Harry....

or, like cockroaches, are you afraid of the light? (or of the consequences of the people finding out how bad the bills you pass really are?)

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Here's one for ya, Harry...

how about, Every Bill should be read?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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So true nice post

Like most politicians

"every idea deserves a vote"... they always forget the part of "so long as it is in line with my master's interests."


He says, "They (republicans) don't want to even allow a vote!" Then follows up with "Shame on them..." Putz... Who was it that denied the Audit the Fed bill coming to the floor? He actually has the audacity to attack R's for "speaking out of both sides of their mouth" - anyone else wanna slap this douche?!

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Yes, Slap him all the way

Yes, Slap him all the way back to Nevada... With an occasional boot in the donkey.

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