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Conservative Leaders Urge Reversing RNC Rules Power-Grab

more than 60 leaders of conservative and grass roots organizations sent a letter to RNC Chair Reince Priebus, urging him to consider Rules changes that would reverse a power-grab by the national party at the convention in Tampa. In August, the RNC adopted a number of rules changes that stripped state parties of their control of convention delegates, among other changes. The rules changes further centralized control over the nominating process for the Presidency. They would give DC greater control over picking the GOP nominee.

Many of the changes to the RNC rules adopted in Tampa may seem innocuous, but their effect would shorten the presidential primary and strengthen the position of any front-runner at the beginning of the contest. They would eliminate the proportional allocation of delegates in early primaries and limit the candidates whose names could be offered at the convention for the nomination. It would also allow stripping state-elected convention delegates of their voting rights.

The signers of the letter cover the breadth of the conservative and grass roots base of the party. They seek to reverse the recently adopted rules at the upcoming Spring meeting of the RNC, to ensure that all voices in the party have a role in selecting its Presidential candidate.

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