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ExxonMobil found liable of contaminating New Hampshire

Oil giant ExxonMobil will be asked to pay the state of New Hampshire nearly a quarter-of-a-billion dollars for polluting groundwater with a gasoline additive called MTBE.

Following three months of testimony, a jury deliberated for only 90 minutes on Tuesday morning before finding ExxonMobil liable in a long-running lawsuit involving contamination caused by the multinational oil and gas corporation.

The Associated Press reports that the state is seeking $236 million in damages, but the final damage will be determined by a jury.


Exxon's profits in 2012 = $16 Billion. $236 Million is 1.47% of that profit.

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Protection rackets

Once again a state claims to be "protecting" us by sucking money out of the private sector to spend on more government. Will any of that money go to compensate the people whose ground water was poisoned by Exxon? Don't hold your breath. More likely Exxon and the state will agree to a "settlement" in which Exxon agrees to pay a relatively piddling fine -- and receives exemption from having to pay further damages to people who (unlike the state) were actually hurt by the water contamination.

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Yea, I think when someone

Yea, I think when someone profits off of something and it causes damage(depending on the situation of course), up to all that profit should be eligable for payment in restitution of the damage caused. Would make companies think twice about being lax on things.

Yea, 1.47% is called the cost of doing business. 50% and up is not.

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