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Why are you posting Bill Maher and Piers Mogan?

As much as we complain about the mainstream media, we sure seem to be doing a good job of expanding their audience. Why do we need to post Piers Morgan's anti-gun rants here? Why do we need to listen to Bill Maher and his confused liberalism? Aren't we just helping them stay popular and relevant?
I understand that we need to "know the enemy" and what they are thinking and doing, but in all honesty, the things we need to be aware of are the things which affect policy. President Obama speaking about his budget affects policy. Nancy Pelosi giving a gun control pep-rally affects policy. I want to know and need to know when these important key players are plotting their next move.
I already know Bill Maher is a liberal. I know Piers Morgan hates pretty much everything about our country. I don't need to give them more views on youtube just to confirm what we already know.
I know you all don't like being told what to post and why, but in my humble opinion, sites like the DailyPaul are a place to expand alternative media and help keep the powers that be from claiming a monopoly on knowledge. It seems to me that the more we post pointless talking heads simply because we disagree with them, the more we allow them to infiltrate what is supposed to be OUR form of news.
Their time is supposed to be coming to an end. I say we stop giving them a lifeline.

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