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Ban the Knives! 12 injured in stabbing at Houston area college

Happening now: HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — At least 12 people were injured in an incident on the campus of Lone Star College Cy-Fair, according to the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that there were stabbings on the campus, but didn’t know the number of victims.

A male suspect has been detained by Cy-Fair ISD police, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

One Life Flight helicopter has already lifted off from the campus and a second chopper just landed.


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And as to be expected

the MSM is already pulling in an earlier story about another college where there was shooting and 2 people were wounded. Gotta keep the evil guns in the story, even when there is no connection!

Ban Hotdogs and Gumballs!

Kids choke on these every year. The only way to protect our children is to outlaw them!

The anti gun people will say

The anti gun people will say that had it been a gun there would have been 14 dead...not injured.

Your can pry my spork

from my dead cold hand. Time for the pro gun crowd to jump all over this. One student interviewed sad he wish he had had a gun. Mark my word, there will be a story coming out how a background check kept the suspect from getting a gun. They will make it up of course.

Heck, he probably already owns a gun

Just didn't pack it because of metal detectors.