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Doug Wead: "Rand Paul Now Leads the Liberty Movement"

Doug has finally made a new update to his blog entitled "Rand Paul now leads the Liberty Movement". So what do you think? While it's still early, it certainly looks like he may be right.


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YOU are the leader of the Liberty Movement

I've said it before and I'll say it again. We must STOP looking for other people to "lead" our movement. The very core of our message is that we do not NEED other people's leadership. We can look after ourselves.

YOU are the leader of the Liberty Movement. Not Ron Paul, not Rand Paul, not Alex Jones... If every single one of us does not, in our own worlds, become a leader for liberty, we will never prevail.

when rand can do this

Is the liberty movement

Is the liberty movement really looking for a "leader" ? Even Ron Paul, himself, never really led the movement, he did something so much more important....He INSPIRED it. We weren't hired, we were inspired!

Unlike Republicans and

Unlike Republicans and Democrats who look for a leader to institute their ideals on everyone else, libertarians don't really want a leader(politician) as they would like the government to primarily be out of our lives. But we realize that the two party system will enforce a leader on us regardless and we seek those who will minimalize the role to the greatest measure.

For me of the people who are most likely to be forced on us currently who are the minamalist would be Rand Paul. He surely does not fit my intent but he is the closest that I feel has at least a chance of getting there. Maybe Amash once he gets over 35 will be a good candidate but it will take a lot of work for the name recognition at the national stage level. Also I don't think Ron will seek the presidency again or obviously I would vote for him again, I assume he will more than likely promote Rand when the time comes. If only he would follow his fathers footsteps more it feels more like he is being pulled in by the neocons more than it is the neocons being pulled over toward the liberty movement.

I agree

That Rand is not the leader. We all are, but why do most of you hate Rand? I am a little confused on why so many hate him. Is it because he endorsed Romney? Because they all knew that Ron Paul was going to get screwed. I believe his father told him to play politics since the Republicans are so stupid. I see Rand just like his father. Of course Ron proved him self and worked hard all his life and gained our trust, but who else we do got? We should back Rand for the Republican nomination because if we don't, they are going to prop up another loser like Romney. I don't see what the problem is.

In the Senate.

I (you) lead the liberty movement.

At present, I Will/Do Support Rand

I believe Rand is trying to protect the Constitution and by default has to take on Progressives.

I know that a Libertarian candidate winning a serious federal, elected position in Congress is far off - maybe never. Rand is the best thing going relative to my fiscal views and scaling back the military.

The DP members in here splitting hairs over the meaning of leadership and letting perfect be the enemy of good doesn't seem to be an objective view of Rand relative to what he is up against.

While waiting for my wife at a Doc's office today, they had CNN on in the waiting room and the female host was concentrating on the gun issue and background checks. They made sure to bring up Rand's name amongst the 13 Senators threating filibuster - Rand's name only folks.
The host had two lap dogs add their two cents worth to make the host feel better (no opposing view) and one of the lap dogs stated that a filibuster preventing debate would be the work of "cowards". How can being on the wrong side of gun issue PC and threatening a filibuster be political cowardice?

Now I am not a gun nut and I don't necessarily agree with Rand on the gun issue, but at least he is willing to fight and be on the wrong side of PC. Ron Paul was very much like that - you knew where he stood, but Ron wouldn't play politics or bend like Rand.


No one is doing more than Rand in any way, shape or political form.

Stand with Rand!

It is like herding cats.

Head 'em up. Move 'em out, catboy.
What guides the Liberty Movement is ideas, not leaders. I am not looking for someone to lead. I am looking for someone to serve and promote the principles of Liberty. When a politician does that, my support goes with him. When he doesn't, it doesn't.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson


Remember that it was Mr. Wead who went to great lengths to expose and discuss and advertise the delegate strategy last year. His tipping of our hand lead to the Santorum/Gingrich "slaughter Paul" coalition.

Rand (Israel first) Paul is not my leader and if the GOP wants to commit suicide again then by all means support him.

I call bullshit!

He's not my leader!

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

I wouldn't say Rand leads the

I wouldn't say Rand leads the liberty movement. The purists are weary of Rand. As I am not a purists I have no issue with him. I think Rand is the best we have in the Senate, hands down.

"Purist" is code word for....

those who believe in the political philosophies of the unreasonable extremist kook known as Ron Paul. Your tactic is to try to make people feel ashamed of supporting Ron Paul's message by painting them as intolerant extremists. They MUST temper their positions with neocon ideals in order to be acceptable.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Purism has only won us a few

Purism has only won us a few national elections. We need people willing to play the game to get elected and push Ron's platform in a way that is acceptable to mainstream America. I think Rand is doing a good job at that. True he probably has alienated some or most of the purist but at the same time he is slowly converting mainstream voters to our side. For example I work with a gentleman who is a huge Bush supporter. He said he liked Ron but couldn't support him in either primary because of 1. his foreign policy and 2. his age and so he concluded Ron was unelectable. He voted for McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012. Now here we are in 2013 and a few weeks ago the man told me how much he admired Rand Paul and how he could support him in the primary if he did run in 2016.

Rand is choosing his issues

Rand is not staying pure to his father's views on every issue. Instead, he is focusing on those issues which appeal to those outside the liberty movement to form broad coalitions.

This will grow the Liberty Movement. Rand is growing the movement by bringing in "new" Tea Party Members, long time conservative republicans, Civil Rights Supports and Reagan Democrats. These people did not understand Ron's message or believed the media who called him a kook.

For those who believe we must follow Ron on every issue, Rand will make you angry at times, but he's trying to reach more than 10% of the country his father did and prevent the State Media from marginalizing him as they did his father.

If all of us continue to show up and build coalitions with those outside the Ron Paul Movement, we will become a strong political force and then be able to focus on fighting on the collectivist, big government politicians in both parties.

The larger Rand can grow the Movement, the more likely it is establishment Republicans will join us and not fight us as McConnell is doing.

Not him or anyone else

Anyone who claims to be in a position to "lead" people toward liberty is an automatic charlatan.

Rand's "stands" are certainly popular....

So... Under what umbrella, nationally recognized "buzzword" identity could we put him and Justin Amash and a handful of others? What political adjective would characterize them, and would gain the disenfranchised electorate's viral favour, where we could gain ballot access and essentially gain their endorsement on PRINCIPLE, association and purpose and determination and promise?Brainstorm!

I'm ASKING this crowd...


C'mon...it's our movement, our country...let's OWN it, and JOIN Rand in the national legislature; let's put like-minded patriots in state houses....

This is a HUGE priority! Nodding our heads in agreement, those who #StandWithRand need CANDIDATES in their 2014 races, how are they to be identified as not governed by the kingmakers at the national GOP, nor the right-wing pundits...?

The proper adjective to use is simple


It's pretty much impossible to find a more suitable adjective for such scum.

Ha, I just read that

Of course, "politician" isn't an adjective.

I thought about editing the comment, but figured I'd leave it as-is to give everyone a good laugh at my expense.


Not for me, the warmonger who votes FOR sanctions against Iran!

B. S.

Ron Paul!

The Right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be Infringed!
"You cannot invade mainland America. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese Admiral

*rolls eyes*...


~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Ron Paul leads the liberty

Ron Paul leads the liberty movement.

Rand Paul better follow the liberty movement.

Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing who claim to "lead" you.

The real leaders of the liberty movement are the people who are making change at the local level.

Most of us prefer the firm position of principle and will not compromise the Constitution like some often do for political gain.

To lead the liberty movement, one must stand firm like Ron Paul has always done.

I like Rand

but am not 100 percent on board with him yet. I was just posting what Doug posted as I had not seen it on the DP yet. I trust Rand.. maybe I am foolish, but he seems to be 100 times better than the trash we have had for decades.

Is Rand not making change at

Is Rand not making change at a local level?

Stop changing the

Stop changing the subject.

The real leaders are the locals.

We don't need a national leader.

Even if we did, it wouldn't be Rand.