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14 People Stabbed at Lone Star Community College in Texas

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mandatory background checks and registration of knives

see, i told you so.
we should ban knives, why do u need knives anyway ?
there should be a Vegetable Cutting Agency of the govt, who will hold all he knives.
you go to their facilities to get your veggies cut.
no citizen should possess these WMDs !
at least background checks and registration should be mandatory.
we have to save the children !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

There aren't even age limits!

What kind of country lets kids have butter knives and doesn't even pay for my college tuition?

We're such a backwards country compared to Europe.

End The Fed!
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thats just great, now what

thats just great, now, what will i use to cut my vegtables with?

Every knife should be fitted with a GPS!

Also, metal knives are too dangerous; they should be made from plastic!

"If they bring a knife . . . "

“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”—Barack Obama

Need to close the knife loophole!

Come on Obama! If you really care, you wouldn't care about what the knife lobby has to say about it!

knives should have to be registered,

I'm a responsible knife owner and a member of the NKA and I believe there needs to be more done to stop knives from getting in the hands of the mentally ill, just the thought of a unstable person cutting his steak with a knife is disturbing, think of the children!

If we only had universal utensil background checks!

This never would have happened if all knives had safety locks.

Meh, it is that part of town.

Meh, it is that part of town.

Southern Agrarian


3rd world style!
I'd rather be shot.

No - No - No!

It wasn't the fault of the 21 year old, it was the fault of the knife. The manufacturer of that knife needs to be sued! This, in addition to having a national knife control organisation formed to ban these kinds of knifes in the future! Did the knife have a serrated edge? Was it stainless or high carbon steel? Was it more than 4 inches long?
There are all kinds of possibilities here for banning! Any knife with a handle should be banned!! If the knife has a point on it then it should be banned! If the knife was manufactured over seas then it should be banned!

Lock all your knives in a safety deposit box and present a note explaining why you need one before you can get it out.

Of course this incident *may* make the MSM for one showing, then fade into the past.

We also need a 10 inch knife ban - oh the humanity!

No one should be able to own a 30 inch knife except for the police.

What purpose could you possibly have for such a long wedding-cake knife?

Those damn hi-capacity-length knives are the problem. I can only guess at how many people would have been saved if the law-breaking criminal had voluntarily limited himself to a 10 inch knife rather than the 30 inch cake knife. He might have been delayed by the need to re-stab the victims multiple times. :)

Don't forget...

we must ban all assault knifes. Citizens who eat don't need highly lethal and dangerously sharp blades designed for attacking. Anyone who wants those should go through a background check and a training course.

A politically correct stabbing?

Only in America.

Knife advocates...

hate children... :*(

Ban large sharp knives now!!!

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Well There is Certainly No...

rights for Americans to bear sharp pointy thingies. So they should definitely be banned including the ability to move your arm up and down, really fast.

God forgives always. Man forgives sometimes. But Nature never forgives.

Campus on lock down because attacker on loose?

Should they be charging his shrink with reckless endangerment?

Free includes debt-free!

This is a result of a defective culture

,failed education system,prohibition,poor parenting,lax security and restricting gun rights on campus. If the criminal knew there would be armed resistance then maybe he would think twice.
What is going wrong with Lone Star Colleges in Houston?

It is currently being discussed in Texas legislature........

......whether to allow concealed carry on campus. You can keep a gun in your car but cannot take it into a building according to current law. College campus' are prohibited presently to concealed handgun licensees.

At the University where I work a recent poll showed an even split among staff and students for/against concealed carry, but the high-ranking administrators are anti-gun and have said they will not allow concealed carry on campus if they have the power to prevent it from happening. Some faculty would like to be allowed to carry to protect themselves from students but then don't want the students to be allowed to carry. Many faculty are liberal and don't want anyone to have guns, except the police. Most of the University police are at least 50-100 pounds overweight and I would be more afraid of them having a heart-attack during a stressful situation than I am about a potential shooting.

Rampant nutritional deficiency.


Free includes debt-free!