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I’m running for City Council in Philadelphia’s 8th District!

Hi everybody-

I thought to let you know that I started a new Political Party called Free Dominion and am running as its first official candidate in 2015
(Philadelphia incidentally is one of the most Democratically voting cities in the nation)

Details can be found under my Facebook page
and Free Dominion's
while my Platform advocates dignifying the prerogative of individual choice concerning public domain

Subsequent positions include

> registering Amendments to the City Charter which explicitly state that an individual's principled agency
-currency (inc. monetary specie)
-corporality (one's body)
-sovereignty (free travel)
-philosophy (free speech)
-spirituality (freedom of religion)
shall not be violated, and that each individual has the right to withdraw from abuse

> entitlement to just trials and policy arbitration

> abolishing taxation

> establishing a municipal Registry where public chapters and civil sectors properly function as volitional vehicles of conscientious endowment (inc. elementary education, military service etc)

> restoring currency Standards as optimal guides through the open exchange of economically valuable articles, including precious metals (ex. gold, copper etc)

> annulling mandated polities of speculative insurance

> dissolving municipal operations which practice counterfeit accreditation (ex. fabricated loans, fiat bills)

If local to Philadelphia (particularly District 8) and interested in the above Ideals, feel free to drop a line.

Michael Galganski

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I live in the 8th district as well

I look forward to the opportuninty to consider voting for someone other than myself. Keep improving your message.
BTW, I always smile when I pass your SUV - knowing I'm not alone.

Good to know

those big placards on the back of my truck weren't in vain ; )

Hopefully we'll cross paths too, as I'd like to start speaking in public soon etc


If I wanted to start speaking in public

I would contact the non profit organizations.. Masons, Rotery, Lions, Moose, Elk, Eagles, Grange, Amerian Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars.. anything and everything.. Republican/ Democrat central committees, women's league of voters... local organiozations, food banks... anything/place that is popular.. I'd offer to pour coffee, speak.. debate, get on the radio/TV.. publish advertizement in Church programs and offer an organization a donation to put up the flyers for you.

We have a council race going on here.. I'm going to guess that Melo is going to win based on the newspaper talk about the candidates.. so based on what I'm seeinng here.. I would make my answers very short, with a clear message that relates at home, but is as global as you can get, tying your district into the bigger picture.

If you can, tie your campaign with fundraising that further drives your message.. something like: (I never liked the term, money bomb, and then my chair announced at a meeting that we were going to do money bombs.. I raised my eyebrows). "Seat the Indy" Fund.

Why not invite your friendly rival here to a debate? If your area has a music sceen.. book comedy clubs.. do off nights.. and dress sharp.. some voters will not hear a word you say, but they will observe every detail, even whether you appreciate manicures.

Good points, TG

I figure there's no reason not to talk with anyone willing to listen, so I'm happy to go just about anywhere.

Thanks also for proffering some on-the-ground points (I particularly like the idea of a debate and my Mom always warned about dirty finger-nails ; ), and I’ll keep folks posted here on the DP.

Good luck with your race (btw where is that?)

I am not in the city council race

I live in Mendocino County, District 4, where I am a republican central committee member.

I look forward to it.

let me know of any events; I'm not on Facebook.


I should've asked before (when mentioning voting for oneself): are you running for office too?

PS I'm going to guess your van might have been R3VOLutionized off Wayne Ave, or the car with RP Stickers on G'town Ave near Mt. Airy ;)


I see that awesome van on Rittenhouse or Harvey. I had RP magnets on my car but I don't have anything on it now.

I have always written myself in...

for lack of a better choice; I am not planning on running. If I were to run it would be for an at-large seat.

You be a needing, just holler!

PENNSYLVANIA ~ "William Penn achieved the deathless gratitude of the savage by merely dealing in a square way with them--well, kind of a square way, anyhow--more rectangular than the savage was used to, at any rate. He bought the whole State of Pa. from them & paid for it like a man. Paid $40 worth of glass beads & a couple of second-hand blankets. Bought the whole State for that. Why you can't buy its legislature for twice the money now." - Mark Twain Notebook, August 1890 - June 1891

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Thanks for the encouragement

Mr. Clemens and the history lesson! I dare say that group looks like a bunch not to toy with ; )

Keep ringing that Liberty bell!

Good luck.

I live in Port Richmond/Kensington

Am I close?

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
A common sense take on politics and current events.


I think that's District 1


but I'm planning on posting things here occasionally (my ideological home ; ) and can keep you up to date.

Thanks and cheers!

Good Luck

I hope you have a lot of fun and make many new friends who become generous supporters.

Have to admit

that's been most fun: talking with people about the philosophy etc.


Best of Luck

If there is one thing about Philly is its Political demographic is completely Diverse from Democratic-Socialists to Anarchy-Capitalists and everything in between. The Message of Liberty is on fire in Philly, primarily because The People are looking for something different. Again best of Luck in your appeal to The City where The Constitution was Ratified and Signed into Law.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

True indeed

I'm an emigre from Buffalo, NY of almost 10 years now, but the activist scene has a lot of great people.



Way to go!