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Ron Paul Supporter Takes Alaska GOP Headquarters Hostage

There is a hostage situation taking place in Anchorage, Alaska. The suspect entered the Republican Party headquarters on Wednesday and seized it. They are threatening to arrest anyone who enters the building. The confirmed suspect who seized the Republican Party HQ? Turns out it is Republican Party Chairwoman Debbie Brown of Kasilof, Alaska, of course.

Brown assumed her position after her boss, Russ Millette, was ousted from his position as party chairman-elect, due to an accusation on incompetence at fundraising, which was a large component of his last position as party finance chair. Brown was elected vice-chairperson at a tumultuous election that saw supporters of failed presidential nominee Ron Paul join with supporters of failed Senate candidate Joe Miller to take-over the party. Takeovers of state Republican parties by Ron Paul supporters has only spelled disaster in the states they have occurred in.

Miller, of course, is famous for upsetting the incumbent, Lisa Murkowski, in the Republican primary but promptly losing to her in the general when she staged an enormous write-in campaign as an Independent candidate. The take-over of the state party by this combination of Ron Paul and Joe Miller supports has appeared to leave it in in a state of disarray.

And this is not the first time that a Ron Paul takeover has left a state party in disarray.

Nonsense continued: http://www.policymic.com/articles/33915/ron-paul-supporter-t...

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This article demands a much more transparant title...

Such as:

Local Alaskan GOP Cronies Hire Radical Leftist Obama Peon As Their Mouth ... their propaganda attempts to defame Ron Paul's resuscitation of Alaska GOP!

That's not all we did.

I tipple dog dare anyone in the MSM to discuss in depth what happened here and the implications if this action;

Alex Jones Caller Ron Paul Revenge Voters For Obama 11/09/2012


Demolay if you could alter your post

to let everyone know that the author was an intern for the Obama Campaign and a member of the college Democrats.

Edit the wisdom of a rampant Obama supporter?

For shame!

ummm no bro

you edit your post which came from an Obama supporter which is fake news or trying to be news.

So somewhere in your post should have a disclaimer.

You mean like stating "Nonsense continued"?

It is what it is. Just because someone posts something does not mean they wrote it nor endorse the ideals contained therein.

Would you recommend we edit Dr. Paul's material? It is called 'freedom of speech' and should not be so easily dismissed. Should I edit everyone's comments also?

When I originally posted this article I also added the 'disclaimer' of "Nonsense continued". Sorry that was not obvious enough.

Maybe that explains why this

Maybe that explains why this is one of the most awkwardly worded articles I have seen in quite a while?
Of course I am also not sure we could trust very many people from either side to write an unbiased article to begin with.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

From the byline

"...interested in behavioral economics"

In other words: the piece of sh*t is a NWO Change Agent.

info on the Policymic author or hack named Gabriel Rodriguez

He is a major Obama Supporter and was the "principle liason between the Obama campaign and The College of Florida where he graduated.

He is a huge supporter of Obamacare and worked in Medicare and Medicaid offices .

here ya go


What a snakey article! But good job Alaska!

Great comments btw Cynthia :)

"What no mention of Nevada?! We ruined that state too!"
Ha! Beautiful

Liberty is rising.