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Capture Liberty!

Over the past several months I've been teaching my four year old son the importance of understanding what "money" is, what the intrinsic value of our currency means.

My young boy now understands that wheat pennies, rather pennies from 1909-1958 are for the most part 95% copper and 5% zinc (and tin depending on the years) and that pennies post 1958-present are composed of 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. I have explained to him the intrinsic metal value of copper and zinc and that the older pennies are actually worth more than our current minted types.

I know this may seem small to some here, but as a financial consultant and officer of almost 9 years I can tell you that our children hold the key to the ultimate ends of our current counterfeit, unreasonable, unconscionable monetary system (scam). Please teach in every moment what you know is truth and never forget that "they" cannot un-hear what they've heard or un-learn what they've learned...even children have an immense capacity for understanding what adults constantly render counter-productive and inane.

Peace and Love always.

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You are completely correct

You are completely correct that our children absorb so much of what we say and do. It's such a coincidence that you posted this today.

My nine year old son, just made his first coin purchases at a antique mall.

As he was looking at the coins, a cantankerous, but kind man who was a dealer came in; he owned a coin shop down south.

He took the time to teach my son some of the nuances about coins (make sure you can read the word 'liberty' he barked; it's worth more). He also told my son, if he wants to get into collecting, "only collect silver."

It was good for my boy to hear it from someone else. What a gift today.

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Doesn't seem small at all Klinker

This is great to hear, my Dad did the same for me at a young age and I can never thank him enough for it. Keep it up Klinker, I always love your posts.