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My college research paper on drone strikes

I recently had to write a research paper for a college class so I chose the topic of drone strikes. Please read if you have the time and let me know how you liked it

The average American will make $50,000/Yr. if they graduate from college with a Bachelor’s degree. This same American will be forced to hand over twenty five percent of their yearly income to the federal government in the form of taxes. Now these taxes are supposed to help pave the roads, fund the public schools and pay government employees, right? Well in a way they do, but a lot of it is used to fund our ever-growing military and it’s unnecessary escapades. Twenty percent of what the federal government spends yearly is spent on our defense budget. When isolated the defense budget reaches upward to 775 billion dollars per year. Compare this with the 2.2 trillion the federal government takes in with income taxes and you get an idea on where our hard earned money is going.
This would not be a problem if the military were using this money to get rid of “bad guys”, spread democracy and promote peace like they say they do. While a vast majority of Americans may believe this to be true, it is wholly false. The United States government is a heartless instigator with absolutely no regard for human life. To prove this point one need only to address the drone war our government began back in 2001 under President Bush. Drones might seem like weapons out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, but they are all too real. They act as an “eye in the sky” for our military and can track vehicles or people from an altitude of 20,000 feet. They are deadly aircraft possessing the ability to reach cruising speeds of 230 mph, while carrying four hellfire missiles. In short, drones can be killing machines.
With technology as advanced and deadly as this, one can only hope that the person in control of them is righteous and humane. In the case of the United States nothing can be further from the truth. Since 2001, drones have killed over 4,700 people in Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia. It would be one thing if those being killed were important members of terrorist organizations, like Al-Qaeda, but once again that is not true. It is estimated that up to ninety-eight percent of drone strike casualties are civilians.
The other two percent is “suspected” terrorists. Our government’s true colors shine through here. While the men in Washington love slogans like “land of the free” and “innocent until proven guilty”, they do not respect them outside our border. Far too often an innocent Yemeni or Pakistani citizen ends up being vaporized by a drone because they are “suspected” of being an enemy insurgent. Where do our leaders get the nerve to pull stunts like that? Who granted them the power to be god and decide who lives and dies? The hypocrisy of our federal government is sickening.
What’s even worse, are the locations our government decides to drone strike. There have been nearly ten instances where drone strikes have targeted weddings. Funerals are another favorite, having been droned multiple times. Our leaders are so inhumane that they have even targeted a baby-naming ceremony. How sad is that? Our leaders feel no remorse for what they do. They do not respect some of the happiest ceremonies in life, like the marriage of two people or the birth of a baby. When these events are hit by drones almost everyone is there is killed. I’m pretty sure that baby is not a member of Al-Qaeda, but I could be wrong. Anyway Obama could always write it off as “Might as well get them, before they become terrorists.”
Here in the states children are adored. If a single child is killed it can become a national story that breaks everyone’s heart. Where in the world is the love for the children overseas? 178 children have been killed as a result of drone strikes. (This toll does not include Pakistan or Yemen, so the actual count is much higher.) That is not worth killing every Al-Qaeda operative in the world. The lives of children should be untouched by war, no matter what. These kids are like the ones who play on our streets, but because of where they live they are at risk of being obliterated by a drone every single day. Oh and in case you forgot, that is your taxpayer money that helps fund these strikes. So while you are not directly murdering children, you are inadvertently contributing to their deaths. Sad, isn’t it?
What I still have yet to comprehend is what our leaders are actually trying to do. They are currently under the assumption that if they kill enough terrorists, eventually there will be no more terrorists. What they fail to understand is how much hate towards America these drones are causing. When a man’s house is destroyed, who will he blame? When a group of children are brought early deaths by a drone, an entire village of anti-American people is created. When a father of a nine year old is killed in a strike his son will make it his life mission to avenge his father.
One only needs to look at the situation from the point of view of a Yemeni or Pakistani citizen to see how backwards this situation is. Imagine living in fear every day that at any moment a drone could wipe you off the face of the earth. Imagine that multiple friends and family have already met this fate. Imagine that the people operating these drones know nothing about you, for they are thousands of miles away. Imagine that you lost your only child to a drone strike. Imagine that you are afraid to attend your best friend’s wedding because you have reason to believe that it’ll be the last one you ever attend. Would you not hate the people doing this to you? These drone strikes generate nothing, but hate and countless deaths of children and civilians. It is time the government ends the drone campaign and puts our taxpayer money into something that is humane and beneficial to those paying the taxes. Or just eliminate the income tax...

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If a changes can be made still to your report:

define the military as the Military Industrial Complex which better defines the reality that profits are made via the technology used to kill 36-50 civilians on average for every drone strike intended to kill 1 evil-doer.

Also...is drone a verb?

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My professor

Is not very open-minded. We also were not allowed to go over 1,000 words which I did anyway. I really wanted to include how we should repeal the income tax and bring ALL the troops home right away, but there wasn't enough space and my professor would flat out disagree with it. Thanks for the feedback though. I think drone can be used as a verb, at least it sounds like it works

good message

I hope you are allowed to read this to the class,

if its a research paper I missed the citations, it seems more like an essay to me.

either way these messages need to spread. thank you for having the courage to look behind the curtain.

I have

the citations I just didn't put them up on the DP. I can if you'd like, there are a couple of really good and informative articles

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It's packed with a lot of

It's packed with a lot of good information. I think it also depends on the subject of the class. You are discussing drones and taxes; you might want to mention the philosophy behind your argument: NAP.

Skimmed over it, and it appears to be well done but.....

BE VERY CAREFUL when writing college papers on controversial political opinions. Graduating from a Liberal Arts college myself, please understand that there are teachers(or professors) that will disregard the quality of your writing based on their own political bias. Most colleges are Liberal at their core, and don't take kindly to the freedom message. Just my advice. Take it or leave it, and good luck.

Any feedback?