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U.S. nuclear reactors all have irreparable safety issues says former chairman of Nuclear Regulatory Commission

All 104 nuclear reactors currently operational in the US have irreparable safety issues and should be taken out of commission and replaced, former chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Gregory B. Jaczko said.

The comments, made during the Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference, are "highly unusual" for a current or former member of the safety commission, according to The New York Times. Asked why he had suddenly decided to make the remarks, Jaczko implied that he had only recently arrived at these conclusions following the serious aftermath of Japan's tsunami-stricken Fukushima Daichii nuclear facility.

"I was just thinking about the issues more, and watching as the industry and the regulators and the whole nuclear safety community continues to try to figure out how to address these very, very difficult problems," which were made more evident by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, he said. "Continuing to put Band-Aid on Band-Aid is not going to fix the problem.

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The Nuclear Energy program is a money pit.

Even ethanol doesn't waste more money than nuclear power.

At $2 to 4 billion dollars per site to dispose of spent fuel rods and decommission reactors is about $218 billion dollars more wasted with no possible return on investment.

Nuclear power is an idea so stupid that only Congress would approve it.

Free includes debt-free!