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John Stossel goes after Glenn Beck for claiming to be libertarian

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Sometimes I think

Sometimes I think libertarians are like some of my Christian friends I've had over the years. Once they see the light, they forget their past behavior and become very judgmental of others.

What were you like before seeing the libertarian light? I actually believed that the Patriot Act was helping our country. Geez, how gullible.

Sometimes we represent ourselves in such a bad way, people are turned off to the message and have no desire to listen.

It does not serve liberty to constantly tell people they "aren't libertarian enough."

There is a difference

You are not a propagandist who was trained by the CIA and paid to destroy the Liberty Movement. That is his job. That is his task given to him by the GOP/DNC/NWO insiders. He has shown dozens of times he is well-trained to do it. Perhaps you are too young to understand or see it, but the evidence is overwhelming.

I agree people can change. But, Beck is not a person. He is a puppet, a shill, a gatekeeper. He is many things, but not a free-person. I would not care any more about his death than a squirrel run over in the street.

If you cannot see the enemy, then you cannot fight them.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

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Mr. Beck

I hope you're reading this. The Libertarian (Liberty) Movement is REAL - despite what you said in this interview. Additionally there are millions of people joining our movement (not the LP) the MOVEMENT, and we welcome all sincere - and waking people from all walks of life, creeds, colors, religions, etc. Here is the issue I have with you GB (and I think many of us do)... we simply don't believe you. Based on your ACTIONS and even recent statements (and non-statements - lies of omission), we think you are a wolf in sheep's clothing.

In closing I'll say this: Prove us wrong!

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

I say, welcome.

Keep in mind that our ideas do not spread well based on their own strength. They do spread mainly because the bad economy drives desperate people into our direction. The reason our ideas do not spread is that religious and collectivists do not use their rational faculty consistently. And that cannot be changed within few years. Therefore, Glenn Beck's name recognition and populism might be a GOOD thing bringing masses (who are at least fiscal conservatives) into our camp. I say, welcome.

someone send Beck the "Smallest Politcal Quiz"

from the LP site


then we'll see where he lies on the political map.

I have trouble believing his sincerity

especially after the Debra Medina take down. But the fact he is bringing the idea that it is ok for people to be libertarians is nothing but goodness. If only the Libertarian Party would wake their asses up and capitalize on this opportunity!

Wind blows this way, wind blows that way...

which ever way the wind blows hu Flem?

Your grin gives away your real intent.

What about NULLIFICATION, Glen?

Your favorite historian, buddy, pal David Barton is opposed to it
(I was told directly by Mr. Tom Woods Jr. last Friday when I spoke to him on the Peter Schiff Radio Show).

Your right-wing, K-Street Variety, media-intimidation-machine has been working AGAINST the Liberty(libertarianism encapsulated by Ron Paul and his followers) for a PAYCHECK; and with most of us, it's disingenuous and unforgivable now...

You still have a HUGE media presence, oh how we'd love your help; but dammit we don't
TRUST you to take radical stands, as a revolutionary now, because you've inflicted so much DAMAGE upon our credibility over the past 5 years...and you've set us back tremendously, and we believe you did it willfully...

I will make another passionate YouTube today from my car in a few minutes and explain further...but it seems to me that you want to be on television and radio and be seen as some "leader"...to which I kind of want to ask this forum "why are we watching television personalities and radio personalities hoping they'll help us?"

Their loyalty is to their EMPLOYER, and mass media is still manipulation of public opinion! We are the LEADERS of a leaderless movement, we're stepping up and stepping out because THEY'VE let us down....they need to come to us, promote us; not the other way around!

We bear the scars of BATTLE against the Republican Party Glen is now denouncing; he owes us his respect!!!

For now, for the emotion and fervor and positive sentiments this "change of heart" is stirring....my plea yesterday is timely and begs a response!


THIS IS OUR MOVEMENT!!! we need to OWN it ....

I honestly suspect, at the behest of the PTB, Glen Beck, Stossel, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, millionaire media personalities and celebrities are PAID to buffer & contain us....they really are! This GRASS ROOTS movement has the talents, wisdom, understanding, determination, and righteous indignation that has severely impacted the national conversation and brought OUR concerns and demands, disgust and intolerance for king-making and perpetuating cronyism to the desks of those in power and their enablers who BUY the public wrongs that benefit THEM....this is their response to pacify us for a time because they're not secure and ready to crash this thing just yet....we have to hold strong and not be deceived, or let our guard down...agree?

My trouble believing him

is that he's been saying he leans libertarian for sooooo long. There's a more typical timeframe between looking into libertarianism seriously and coming around and he's long exceeded it by still managing to justify supporting Santorum and Romney.

He has too many markers of being a gate-keeper, to keep a segment of the population that would otherwise be exploring libertarianism more seriously content to think they won't have to do the scary work of truly questioning their whole paradigm if they just hang onto him a little longer. And then there he'll be, when another election rolls around, to convince them that more of the same is the best they can hope for. When we get through a general election without him shilling for he establishment, I'll take him seriously.

Defend Liberty!

GB many markers of being a gatekeeper

Absolutely right, he has to many marker of being a gatekeeper, If it's any one that understands propaganda and following official government narratives and supports the status quo, It's main stream radio talk show host, they are mainly there to support left vs right paradigm it's their bread and butter.

Don't be fooled Folks...

GB is NOT on our side!

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Problem with Ron Paul still??

Why is it so hard for this man who CLAIMS to be moving towards "liberty" to admit he made a mistake about Ron Paul and the liberty movement? Who the hell does he think he's trying to fool here? If Beck is serious about changing his views (we've all changed our views over time) then ADMIT being wrong about RP and the R3VOlUTION...

Beware the cult of "government"...

I'm with you...

I loved seeing Beck eat some crow, but really, he totally would have had me if he would have said Ron Paul, and admitted now, if he would have been in the same mindset, Ron would be his guy. Thats it man, just say Ron was right!

I seriously believe Glenn Beck has in his contract that he can't speak of Ron in a positive light. I also have a problem with his stance on Israel, although he did say no foreign aid...

You know Stossel loved this, a little retribution. Can we email him so next time he can bring up Ron?

The problem...

for Beck and many others who are making the shift towards libertarianism is that they still can't fully grasp Paul's foreign policy or his pointing out that America is not always the good guy. This was my biggest hurdle, and it is Beck's as well. Because of this they still cannot fully get on board with Paul or even support him. Once he gets over the last hurdle, assuming he ever does, that will be when he admits he made a mistake.

He is NOT making the shift toward libertarianism.

He is a hatchetman for the NWO.


so that's all you need to say about someone to prove a lack of credibility? And you don't even need to present any facts? And you probably haven't ever even listened to his radio show either. Do you get all of your talking points from Alex Jones or something?

Seemed more like a civil

Seemed more like a civil discussion between friends. John seemed welcoming of Beck's shift towards liberty and it would seem to me we should be too. If we don't welcome people, even if they still have some learning to do, we will never get anywhere...Ever.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

When he says "I was horribly wrong about Ron Paul"

and "I did a terrible disservice to America by belittling him and dismissing him" and "I'm so sorry. I just didn't understand."

Then I'm start to accept he may have changed.

Hey LIAR Beck

Not a word about Ron Paul, Not a word about 911 and how you back stabbed the rightfull Governer of Texas, Debra Medina. Glen you can not undo the harm. I can forgive but not forget and certianly never ever have you in any group that I am a part of. Glen Beck if your a Libertarian, I am not. Do you get it?

This is only a ploy, Beck is begging for anyone to watch or listen to his lies on his radio show so his puppet masters can give him financial rewards.

A discusting human is Glen Beck.


Minus the obserd things Beck has said over the Years

I was just like Beck 5 years ago before I was introduced into the Liberty Movement. I was against gay marriage, all for the wars, against prostitution, didn't know the FED, etc. so for people that have issue with him just understand many of us in this movement were at that point at some time in our lives and that it can change.

Didn't Ron Paul give a many speeches saying the BRUSH FIRES OF LIBERTY ARE SPREADING ACROSS THIS LAND LIKE WILDFIRES changing the minds of many!? Well I was one of those people and Beck seems to be getting there


Camelean evil red sheild puppet

If Glen Beck's lips are moving he is telling just one more lie. He is not a Republican't, nor a demon creater democrate, and he shure as hell is not libertarian.

Glen beck is just a LIAR. Nothing special a simple liar seen hundreds of em in my life. Not worth listening to liars.


uh what...

No idea if you are even speaking English.

You sumed up your thoughts very well.

You have no idea. I would say you have ideas inspite of your admissions to the contrary. You just do not wish to find truth so instead of doing a little research or asking questions you choose to plead ignorant. Ignorant, realy no idea. Well I can help what part what words do you not understand I will atempt to communicate with you in terms you can understand if you wish.

Meybe you will respond with gramar and spelling corrections to impress that you are smart.

Just put the term you dont understand into a search engine perhaps that will help you to have some idea what I wrote in english.

But you were being insulting and thats childish, instead of responding with some defence of Glen Beck. Telling me how honest he is to counter my claim that he is a pathalogical liar who has been hired and paid to lie, you choose to claim that you just cant understand the written words and dont even know what language its written in. Phony bullship grow up and say what you mean.



I said I have no idea because of your inability to write in English, which makes it hard to understand what you mean, that and the few things I could understand were simply crazy. Please, show me your evidence that he is a pathological liar, and has been "hired and paid to lie." I love how with so many people on this site think everything is a conspiracy.


Do people in the libertarian movement feel the need to degrade those that aren't fully on board yet but are slowly coming to our side? I was VERY early to the libertarian philosophy for people my age(2005 to be exact), but I was never degrading others who could become potential allies. And by being open to people who weren't fully on board prevented them from going into defensive mode and allowed them to eventually come over fully to my side. I was a neo-con before 2005 (and the President of my College's College Republicans, I also started and ran a neo-conservative newspaper, but despite my solid views at the time I was still able to be convinced that I was wrong and slowly developed into the most extreme libertarian you can become (see my Masters Thesis for proof). My point, is be open, be accepting, and stop attacking, it puts people on the defensive and they are far less likely to be open to your line of thinking. We want more people like Beck to come around, not less.

First of all I cant speak for "people in the libertarian

movement" But I can speak for myself. Dont be tricked to think Glen Beck's rejections are about a liberty movement. This is so typical of his ilk to blame the victim, it causes confussion to the victims and the on lookers. Do not be decieved about this guy. I reject him because he is a life long habitual liar. Not only an abject liar but one that has been choosen by the the propaganda Rothschild owned corporate MSM to alter the elections and disrupt any true political anti Rothscild type of candidate. He has done this quite well. So he reframes his rejections to be the fault of those who are in the "liberty movement" saying that they are being closed minded and not accepting newly awakened libertarians and you amplify his lies by your agreements.

You are being tricked by a proffessional liar. I work every day to help people understand the false debt slavery they are prisioned in and how to escape, the people who profess freedom always welcome and want to help educate new (false) debt slaves who are interested in breaking free.

I dont have a grudge and I dont even care enough about liar Glen Beck to think of him. Glen Beck altered the history of Texas and this nation by dirty traitor tactics against Debra Medina. Look it up if you are not familiar. 911 is a turning point in this nation Glen Beck humiliates on the media air waves anyone who wants 911 to be re investigated and punishments to be appropriate for those who really caused it. Beck needs some of that punishment. He is not ignorant as he acts.



Right. It's all the Rothchilds, the Illuminati and 911 conspirators! And everyone is in on it except you and whoever else you deem not to be. F-ing ridiculous.

sir you are way lost

I dont waste my time of goats. blocked you


do me favor

And block me too.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

ahh yes..

If I don't believe every piece of crap that comes out of Alex Jones' mouth I must be "lost" and a "goat". You on the other hand are just incredibly enlightened. I will stick to my intellectual libertarian stream of thought, you can stick with your conspiracy crap and intellectual dishonesty. Deal?